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The hallways of Hogwarts School were dark, and little noise could be heard in the deep dungeons. However, the lack of noise was deceiving for there was plenty action to be found. Hermione, in her seventh year and Head girl, of course, now stalked the dungeon hallways on night duty. Her mind was not quite caught up with her doings though, as she was thinking of her sinful daydreams earlier that day. To Hermione's horror and to her thorough enjoyment both, they involved Slytherins. First, the dreams were of faceless Slytherins. To Hermione, Slytherins had so much experience. They were so darkly intimidating and… and sexy!

Then, Hermione discovered that she could easily fix faces onto the Slytherin bodies. Only two faces came easily into her mind, and still upheld her notion of them. Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini.

Hermione was pulled out of her fantasy. Speak of the devils…

She peered around a corner where she heard hushed voices. A group of four boys stood around a much smaller boy, who seemed to be trembling. All were Slytherins.

"Thought you could play a trick on me, did you?" one said rather nastily.

"I-I-I…" the small one stammered in fright.

"C'mon, Draco," said another. "It was just a prank. You don't really want to hurt him, do you?"

"Blaise!" Draco said in angry exasperation. "He dyed my hair GREEN! My HAIR, Blaise!"

"Y-Yeah, but… it's f-fine now…" said the second year nervously.

"I don't know; it still looks a little green on the tips…" Crabbe said. Goyle grunted in agreement and Hermione heard Draco swear angrily. She decided it was time to step in when Draco pulled out his wand. She had hers raised also when she stepped around the corner.

"Little late for you boys, isn't it?" she said, smirking at them. "Now let's see… There are five of you, that's 50 points from Slytherin. And threatening a boy five years younger than you? That's another 10 points off."

The Slytherin boys stared at the sudden intruder as if she grew a second head.

"You can't just—" Blaise began angrily.

"Yes!" Hermione said loudly to cut him off. "I can!" She tapped her Head badge. They stared at her some more.

"Where did you come from?" asked Goyle.

"Venus," said Hermione with a mockingly serious expression.

"I knew it… Alien invasion…" she thought she heard Goyle mutter under his breath. Draco gave him an annoyed look and hit Goyle on the back of the head. Then he turned scorning eyes to Hermione.

"Watch your step, Mudblood, you just might," Draco paused, "plummet." Hermione saw his wand twitch, and she expertly protected herself from his hex with a wave of her own.

"Be careful, ferret. I'm capable of handing out detentions also," Hermione growled at him.

"Fuck you," Draco sounded out the words slowly and clearly, and made a very rude hand gesture.

"You never could," Hermione said with venom. Then, for good measure, she added, "Needle dick."

Draco's mouth dropped open, as well as the rest of the boys', and the second year turned bright red. Blaise was grinning as if he was trying not to laugh. Hermione saw the second year then very quietly slip away when no one was looking, and she smirked.

"Looks like your gang rape victim got away," she nodded. Draco spun around and cursed in realization.

"He'll get it later when you're not around to protect him," Draco threatened.

"Yes, I'm sure he will," Hermione grinned at him. Draco closed his eyes in annoyance when he realized what he just said.

"We'll go find him, boss," Crabbe said, taking off after the boy. Goyle followed in his wake, and left Hermione, Draco, and Blaise alone in the hallway.

"Er…" said Blaise, looking unsurely between Hermione and Draco's hateful stares at each other. "Heading back then, yeah Draco?"

"I still think we should teach the Mudblood a lesson," Draco said, raising his wand again. "You up to it, Blaise?"

Hermione raised her eyebrows at Blaise, who smiled good-naturedly back at her and shrugged. She smiled in amusement before she could stop herself then glared again at Draco.

"You aren't man enough to beat me, ferret," she sneered.

"I'm more man than you can accommodate, Granger," he retorted. Hermione blushed at his obvious suggestion before she could stop it. Draco chuckled mockingly at her embarrassment.

"I suppose that's why you're getting it up the ass then?" she said smoothly. Draco turned red this time. Blaise let a laugh slip past his pursed lips. When Draco glared at him, he merely coughed and shrugged, looking around like someone else had laughed.

"Furnunculus!" Draco yelled, snapping his wand toward Hermione.

"Protego!" Hermione yelled, just barely in time.

"Who's down here?" The new, harsh voice came from around the corner.

"That's Filch," Blaise whispered.

"Over here!" Hermione yelled. "Students out of bed! Here— Hey!"

Blaise had grabbed Hermione's arm and tugged her a few steps down the hallway to a hidden door that was made to look like the wall. Hermione continued fighting to escape Blaise's grip, but he was entirely too strong for her. Draco hurriedly pressed a certain stone and the door opened to reveal an extremely small, black room.

"Hurry, in!" he whispered to Blaise, who dragged Hermione in the room with him. Once the three of them were in, Draco shut the disguised door.

"Let me go, you faggots!" Hermione screamed and kicked. Blaise turned her forcefully so her back was pressed against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her tightly to trap her arms against her sides. Draco uncaringly pressed a firm hand over her mouth to deafen her screams and placed his ear to the door. Hermione wriggled against Blaise's captive embrace, but froze when she suddenly felt his hot breath on her neck.

"Be still, pet. You're entirely too beautiful to tease me like this," he said. Hermione leaned her head to the side and stared up at him in alarm, and Blaise gazed back at her, not unkindly. Hermione realized then how different Blaise and Draco were.

Blaise was kind and sensual. He would even go as far as to call himself lustfully driven, although he never liked to be cruel to moral women. Girls like Pansy Parkinson just got under his skin and he felt the need to vomit every time she came onto him. Hermione, however, was the picture of a perfect woman to him. Smart, in both books and commonly, beautiful, fiery, and held a sense of decency. Oh, there was no romantic love held for her, but there was respect and physical attraction for now.

Draco on the other hand, in Hermione's eyes, was just… a bastard… An incredibly sexy bastard.

"He's gone," Draco announced as he turned back to Blaise and Hermione. He removed his hand from her mouth and she tried to bite him. Blaise chuckled while Draco rubbed the finger she had just nipped. "Barbarian Mudblood."



"Ass pirate!"

Draco moved forward so quickly that Hermione did not fully process his movement. She was still held tightly to Blaise's chest, with her arms to her sides, so she couldn't fend him off. Draco's hand held her neck tightly, his palm below her right ear and his thumb running over her cheek. His other hand ran through her wavy hair, pulling her head back slightly to make her look at him. Hermione's breath quickened as fear gripped her, and she felt Blaise tense behind her. She was pressed tightly between the two for a few stiff seconds. Draco's lips hovered a few inches above hers, and she could feel his hot, angry breathing. Hermione shivered and bit her lip, her eyebrows tightening over anxious eyes. She couldn't decipher the expression on Draco's face. It was anger… and, possibly, desire?

"Um, mate?" Blaise said quietly, looking warily at Draco. "Not this time. Not this one."

Hermione watched in confusion as Draco snapped his gaze to Blaise. He seemed to be struggling with something, but then he nodded slowly. The anger and desire melted off his face, and he smirked.

"All right," he said to Blaise. Then he looked back down at Hermione, who was breathing raggedly. "You're lucky to have a fan, Mudblood." Then he took a step back, and Blaise released his hold on Hermione. She realized he had tightened his grip when Draco advanced on her, because a new shooting pain stung her arms. Without looking at either Slytherins, Hermione pushed her way out of the door and into the empty hallway. She pocketed her wand, which fell to the floor and rolled against the wall when Blaise had grabbed her.

"Leaving so soon, pet?" Blaise asked, moving the door back into place after he and Draco followed her out. Hermione cleared her throat, and squared herself up to look at them.

"Detention for you both. With Filch," she said coldly, but a small smile played at her lips. Then she spun on her heel and walked briskly away from them.

"Told you she's a bitch," she heard Draco mutter.

"Needle dick!" Hermione yelled in a singsong voice back to him, and she turned the corner out of sight, the sound of Blaise's laughter ringing in her ears.


Two years later…

Hermione looked out the window of her taxi as it pulled up to a looming brick building. A single wooden door looked darkly back at her, and Hermione shuddered as she looked around the street. It was not the best part of town; some would even go as far to say the worst. Crime rates were high and homeless numbers were high. The only good thing about it was that Hermione could afford it. Starting out at the Ministry did not bring in as much money as one would like to think, and there wasn't much call for translating Runes of late. It was also only a 15 minute walk to the phone booth that led into the Ministry, so Hermione had decided to take a risk on the small duplex. She would be living in the upper level, and she desperately hoped her downstairs neighbors wouldn't be serial killers.

The nineteen year old girl stepped out of the taxi and waved the moving truck to the sidewalk. It took about an hour for the movers to get her things up the stairs, and then they were gone. Nevertheless, as much as she ran up and down between the flights, she still hadn't seen her neighbors. Hermione was exploring her new flat when she realized she was missing a piece of furniture. She headed downstairs to discover that her antique arm chair had been left on the first landing.

She stood thinking in front of it for a few seconds, and decided it would be too risky to use magic. Her neighbors may walk out, or they could even be watching out their door's peephole. At this thought, Hermione cast their door a wary look. She decided to lift it bodily from the back, so that the tall back of the chair smushed her cheek unattractively. She had gotten only three steps up after five minutes when a loud voice startled her.

"Need help?" It was a man's voice, and a charmingly deep one at that. Hermione couldn't see him though, to her dismay, as she was backing up the steps and the back of the chair was far too tall to see over.

"Uh… Yes! Yes, please, thank you!" Hermione gasped in gratitude. She felt the man lift the front of the chair and they carried it up together.

"Just one more stair," he said. "Be careful." Hermione's weak legs struggled up the last stair and they set it down on the landing.

"Thank you so—" She stopped short. Once she was able to look over the back of the chair again, the man was gone. She heard him jump down the last few stairs and shut the door leading into his flat. "Much…" Hermione finished in confusion. She sighed at the fact that she didn't get to see his face, but pushed the chair into her room and locked her door.


A blonde man blew quickly into a burnt bag of popcorn. He coughed as the smell wafted up into his nostrils, and with an exasperated sigh, threw the bag into the trash.

"Fucking micerwabe," the blonde growled.

"You mean, microwave," another man announced as he came through the door. He dropped his hat on the rack and crinkled his nose. "What's that smell?"

"I burnt the popcorn," said the blonde.

"Again? I thought you were okay with the microwave. No more chemical meltdowns, remember?"

"I was fine! But I heard someone struggling and left to help some girl carry a chair up the stairs. Our new neighbor," said the blonde as he tossed another bag of popcorn in the microwave. "At least I think it was a girl… Nice legs, anyway."

"You think?" said the dark-haired man as he leaned against the counter.

"I never saw her. I smelled the popcorn burning and hurried back down."

"Good. Now I can have a chance at her."

They laughed, but then yelled and dropped to the floor, their hands covering their heads, as the popcorn bag exploded in the microwave with impressive blue flames.

Both pairs of eyes raised cautiously above the counter's edge, peering at the inflamed inner contents of the appliance.

"Wow… That's really something… Seriously, I don't even know how you accomplished that one, Draco."

"Why, thank you, Blaise."


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