Story: Disinegration

Author: Ani

Number of Chapters : Short in the 3-5 chapter range, or possibily more...

Genres: AU/Romance/Horror/Other...

Rating: M, for disturbing sequences, language, violence and sexual content.

Characters: The Teen Titans and a few scattered others

Summary: He could never explain it in a way she could understand, but none of that really mattered when his lips caressed her own because then she didn't need to think, only feel as the fire coursed through her veins.

"Dark times have befallen the city once known for it's sunshine and relative quietness"

"Shirley Anderson for Channel Seven news, yet another victim has been discovered in a killing spree that shocked"

"Another body has been found murdered in jump city where …"

"cause of death, asphyxiation according to the preliminary reports however a full…"

"Autopsy revealed that lethal traces of cocaine and"

"Sarin ,at toxin which affects the nervous system in excruciatingly"

"Painful death which has the community in mourning and"

"On high alert, as the killer has not been caught and their killing has"

"Yet to stop and continues to grow ever more"


The moment he stepped in doorway, she knew, she knew and her heart sank. Just like the time before. Usually Garfield wasn't the one to break the news, but the anguish in his eyes as he entered, and the sickly green skin in place of his dashing emerald, spoke volumes.

As always, the optimist in her searched for a spark of light, but everything was dark and chaotic now, and she was in over her head. When he opened his mouth to speak, all light was shut out and the fire dampened.

She let her head fall against the cushion, her head was throbbing again and she closed her eyes in preparation.

"There's been another one"


She peaked an eye open to look at Cyborg, he had been the most contained throughout all of this and his use of profanities should have surprised her. But nothing really did anymore. She let her gaze slide over to Raven , the small girl was staring , unfocused at the floor, she thought she saw a tear, but tears were last months vice, now it was just numbness, a trait which Garfield embodied as he held himself, shuddering violently.

It was sick, she was sick. She was sick for caring about the wrong things and not giving a fuck about others, it was sick, absolutely nauseatingly sick. She leant across and vomited over the side of the couch. No one made a move to clean it up.

A deathly quiet crept over the room, interrupted only by the sounds of her retching, and the occasional splash this evening's dinner hit the floor, no one batted an eyelash. Eventually that died out, and all four figures were left shuddering, anticipating; silence tended to smash things, and deposit dark tension and unrest until they were left silently searching for their last trace of humanity. She closed her eyes again, and desperately tried not to think.

It was Cyborg who broke the silence again, but his words had already been anticipated and truly no one wanted to hear him speak, and once again set it into motion.

"Who was it this time?"


Inwardly she tensed, surprised, no, no that's not right, it wasn't Kitten last night. Outwardly however she remained motionless, her eyes closed and her ears reluctantly open for more.

Raven spoke up now, a slow drawl to her words.

"How did it happen this time?"

There was a pregnant silence for a moment before Garfield answered, and she shuddered, this was not good, silence was never good.

"It was bad, worse than the other times"

His voice was quiet and reluctant and she felt a sense of dread creep over her, more alarming though was the sense of curiosity that accompanied it.

"I couldn't get much from the chief this time, her dad is a pretty high profile guy and their not giving much away, not even to us" not anymore anyways "From what I heard, a maid found her in her bedroom around three, multiple stabbings …half her…"

He trailed off, his voice quivering.

"I didn't get a good look a at the crime scene photos but from what I was it was bad, really, really bad. The sicko absolutely mutilated her, half her face was sliced off".

She hugged herself, she felt the bile creep up her throat again, she pursed her lips tightly and tried to feel something, some form of terror at the images he had conjured.

"The worst part is, she's gone now"

Just like the others, She pinched the bridge of her nose, the headache was unbearable, and puke was threatening to spew out the corners of her mouth.

"Every time, every fucking time, someone dies; it's reported long enough to get the police and the media involved and then poof! – There were even guards posted beside her body and then boom- gone, the body, the guards, all gone…"

Silence enveloped the room once more, cascading threateningly over the room while its occupants sat frail and trying to cope.

A sigh escaped her, despite her confusion she knew what was coming next.

"Someone has to tell Robin the news"

Garfield's small voice interrupted Cyborg's deep rumble.

"We can't leave him in the dark forever, not after last time"

Even with her eyes closed she could feel them looking at her.

She let another sigh out before sitting up and opening her eyes. She felt her self nodding to them even though every fiber of her was screaming no, no for once your break the fucking news to Robin.

Instead a small "I'll do it" escaped her and she was greeted with surprise etching their faces.

Had it really been that long since she had spoken?

Slowly she padded out of the living room to wards the east wing of the tower, she had always thought of it as spacious and inviting, now it's was too large- you could lose yourself here – the titanium walls were too cold and the city lights reflected blood red against it's smooth surface.-

Kissing was something she loved feverishly, whether it was a peck on the cheek or an open mouthed caress from one set of lips to another. The first time he kissed her, she had felt elated, and giddy, the type of kiss that reminded her of true love, bold sunsets and fields of gold. The first time he had kissed it had been a rush that set her veins on fire, and it was addicting, and wrong, it made her mind wander to places she had never dreamed of, adrenalin filled touches, nails scraping down her back as he fucked her in an alleyway; the first time he had kissed her, her lips had surfaced dripping with red.

Quite a change from my usual, but I was experiencing extreme writers block with Undoing , so I decided to try my hand at this . Its dark, yes but I just got my ass dumped so I feel dark at the moment. ( and aparrently melodramatic too hehe).

I'm not going to give much of the plot away, but it wont be a very long fic, ( because I can't really handle updating a ton of chapters ...)

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