Five facts about Barek and Logan's partnership.

1. Mike actually likes that the snacks she invariably brings on stake-outs are healthy. Not because he's a big fan of fresh vegetables and whole-wheat crackers, even though he will admit that it's nice to have lost 15 pounds because of them. He just finds it charming and neat that his partner is bringing food that she's grown herself, even if he never stops giving her shit about it.

2. Carolyn only really starts liking Logan after the Ansel case. This isn't to say that she disliked him before, exactly. He was a competent detective and funny when he wanted to be, but it was only after that case that she really felt he wasn't putting on some kind of show. Where he let himself relax enough to make jokes and comments that he wanted to make, rather than ones he felt he was expected to.

3. It takes Mike a while to stop noticing how pretty his partner is. This isn't to say that he doesn't know she's a beautiful woman; that knowledge never really goes away, even after the transfer goes through. No, what is startling is how often in the early days of their partnership how completely startled he'd be when he'd turn around to get her input or finish an interview and see just how lovely she was.

4. Mike is much, much more efficient at report-writing than Carolyn will ever be. He blames this entirely on the fact that Lennie and Greevey were raised with typewriters and steno-machines and usually dumped all the longer stuff on the junior detective (him) whenever they could get away with it. Carolyn just smiles and shrugs before admitting that the research angle has always been her favorite, and she'll do the screeners as long as he fills in the forms.

5. He misses her after she leaves. It's a strange situation and transfer that's all bound up in the fallout of Deakins' retirement and several lawsuits pending through the affirmative action laws down in legal, but the result is her transfer out of Major Case. It isn't until a few cases in with Wheeler that it really hits him how much he wishes Barek was still around. It's a strange, sad thing to realize that you've moved on from 'junior detective' and 'equal partner' to mentor. He's not ready to be the old half of the partnership.