Semi-incest ahead, if you count stepsiblings. Just so you know.

"I miss Casey," Lizzie declared sullenly as she and Edwin ate their cereal early one Saturday. No one else was up; no one else would be up for a few hours. Being "morning people" was just one more way that Liz and Edwin were alike (though quite different from the rest of the family).

"Get her to come visit. I know she loves to study, but it's only her first year. University can't be that tough," Edwin reasoned.

"It's not, and I've tried. She's always got stupid dates. Every weekend. What's so great about boys, anyway?" Lizzie's frustration was evident in the question, and Edwin was slightly taken aback.

"Well, Derek says kissing is the best thing about girls," he offered. He had always suspected that when Derek said "kissing," he actually meant "kissing and everything that stems from it," but Edwin appreciated his brother's somewhat uncharacteristic efforts to preserve his innocence.

Lizzie rolled her eyes. "Well, I sure wouldn't know."

The pair finished their breakfast in silence. It wasn't exactly awkward, but it wasn't exactly comfortable, either. Edwin couldn't be sure why Lizzie no longer felt like talking - perhaps it was her generally less-than-great mood - but he was suddenly afraid of saying something inappropriate. He had been about a moment away from admitting that he'd never kissed anyone either and suggesting they try it. Just for curiosity's sake, of course.

As he moved to head upstairs, Lizzie grabbed his arm. "Edwin, we're not related, right? I mean we are, but not really."

"No, I guess not."

"So do you think it would be weird if... if we..."

"Just think of it as research," he offered, not wanting her to change her mind now. Assuming he was right in guessing where she was going with this, at least.

She nodded. "So do you want to...?"

"Not here," he said quietly, leaning closer. "The potential for negative outcome is too great. Game closet."

Moments later they were avoiding each other's eyes in the tiny room. It wasn't really the way Edwin had hoped this would happen; he was a fan of the authentic and organic. Nor did it meet Lizzie's ideal of a romantic first kiss, but here they were. When she could no longer bear the silence and anticipation, Lizzie summoned the courage to ask what was, for some reason, a terrifying question. "On three?"

Edwin nodded and licked his lips. "One, two..."

"Three" turned out to be unnecessary. Both Lizzie and Edwin had been far too nervous to wait out the entire torturous countdown.

As his lips met hers, Lizzie felt a rush unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. It was a greater feeling than scoring a last-second winning goal, better than breaking a board with her foot.

Edwin relished the sensation of Lizzie's soft, warn lips. He made note of his rapid heartbeat, wondering if this would happen every time and vowing to further study the phenomenon. It was amazing, wonderful, incredible...

And then it was over. Lizzie jerked away suddenly, and before Edwin could ask why he had his answer - Martie, in search of Candy Land. Edwin held his breath. Had she seen? No, she hadn't. She was oblivious. The older two left the closet as nonchalantly as possible, exchanging relieved glances as Martie hummed to herself.

"That was close," Lizzie whispered as they climbed the stairs. Edwin agreed and sighed, knowing that the near disaster had probably ruined the chances of any followup "research." But his disappointment was short-lived; Lizzie went on to utter the most glorious phrase in the history of the planet.

"Better try to find a better hiding spot for next time."