The Ectoplasmic Arts

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Chapter 1

"The Jumbo Portable Fenton Ghost Zone is sure to be the life of the Ectoplasm Convention." Jack Fenton exclaimed as he and his wife began setting up the device. Meanwhile their children were standing on the outside of the convention building.

"Did we really have to come to Japan for this?" Danny asked with a sigh as he sat down on the stone steps. His eyes looked towards the watch device on his wrist "At least our parents invented something useful for a change. A wristwatch translator to allow us to understand other languages… it has the added effect of nullifying my ghost powers while it's on though." His sister gave the black haired boy a pat on the shoulder.

"Come on Danny; just think of it as a way to experience a little bit of culture for once. Japan is said to be really interesting, and I doubt anything weird is going to happen while we're here." She herself hated it when she got pushed in with a lot of their parents' shenanigans, but she's also wanted to visit Japan for some time. Her response was a half-lidded stare.

"You HAVE seen the news about this place, haven't you Jazz?" His older sister waved him off.

"Oh please Danny. Ghosts are one thing, but super powered martial artist who could fire energy blasts, leap across rooftops, girls in skimpy sailor outfits fighting monsters, aliens women in tiger striped bikini, and all that other stuff is just publicity to get people to visit this place." It took a while for her to believe in ghosts, but after that she figured that it was all the 'unknowns' that she didn't know. Her brother was about to respond when an annoyed voice made itself known.

"Ah come on Akane. Why do we have to visit this stupid Ectopl… Ectoplasu… ghost convention? Haven't we encountered enough of this stuff already?" Both Fentons turned their head to see a bored looking boy of about 18 or so with black hair done in a pigtail style. He was walking next to a girl of about the same age with short black hair that had a hint of blue in it. The girl gave a look to the boy.

"I'M visiting this convention because I thought it would be fun. YOU'RE only here because our parents thought it would be a good opportunity for us to be together. Blame them." She received a shrug from the boy and frowned. "Just don't cause any trouble Ranma. We could do without some insanity for at least one day."

"Why would I cause any trouble?!" It wasn't his fault that he seemed to attract it. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The short haired girl ignored his question as they walked up the steps of the convention building, ignoring the looks of two younger teens as they entered the doors.

"Did the guy just say 'haven't we encountered enough of this stuff already'?" Danny asked with a slight foreboding feeling creeping up his spine. The conversation between those two just didn't sit well with him. His older sister had a slight worried feeling, but waved it off.

"They were probably just exaggerating Danny." Her eyes then turned towards the door. She didn't want to be wrong… she COULDN'T be wrong. It went against every bit of recorded knowledge she had down to be wrong. She has been wrong a few times before though. "Perhaps we should go in just to be sure."


Ranma's eyes scanned the area he and Akane were at. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end, and he wasn't sure why. People were walking around normally, and they looked normal. Well… most of them did. The guys in white suits and black shades didn't look like anything out of the norm. There were also the teenagers with some kind of creature hiding under a table cloth. Ranma made a wild guess and thought it was a dog. There was also a boy and girl dressed as daredevils or something. 'This has the makings of a disaster.' He thought in slight worry.

"I never thought there'd be so much… odd stuff at this place." Akane commented softly as she looked around. She expected some small odd things, but nothing like what these 'ghost enthusiasts' brought to the fray. Her eyes looked towards her fiancé. "You seem to be on edge, Ranma." She received a small look from the raven haired boy.

"We're in a place surrounded by odd crap, odder than the usual crap we've come across. The people here seem more jumpy than the people we know. There's also some strange feeling in the air, and I dunno what it is. Ya sure did pick a weird place Akane. No tellin' what kind of trouble you dragged us into." The short haired girl glared at the boy.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean nothin' at all Akane. It's just that whatever's going to happen will 'cause I had to come with you to this place." His response was a finger pointed at him between his eyes from his annoyed fiancée.

"You know damn well that it's not my fault you had to come here Ranma. You could have just ignored our parents and did whatever it was you were planning to probably do. Probably visit Ukyo and mooch food off of her." She wasn't going to have this day be ruined because of a fight or something else going wrong. Her response was a frown from the boy in front of her.

"I don't mooch food off of her."

"Well she DOES give you free Okonomiyaki at times."

"Well yeah, but…" A hand stopped him from continuing. Akane looked at him with annoyance in her eyes.

"Just drop it Ranma. Let's just try to get through this without any of the insanity you usually bring when things are NORMAL for once. Can't we at least TRY for once?" The pigtailed youth was about to snap back when he saw the slight pleading look and hope in the bluish/black haired girl's eyes. He had to give a mighty sigh.

"Alright Akane, I'll at least TRY ta keep from ruinin' this convention. That doesn't mean there WON'T be anything that could go wrong. You know me after all." Akane just gave him a small shake of the head and slight smile.

"That's all I really ask. Now come on idiot, let's see what's going on over there." Ranma gave a glare at the 'idiot' comment, but miraculously held his tongue as he followed his tomboy fiancée, unaware of a couple guys in white suits are examining a small device.

"I'm sensing an odd reading that doesn't appear to be Ectoplasmic activity." The white one stated.

"Then what else could it be?" The black one asked in interest. It wasn't often you encountered something other than ectoplasmic activity in this line of work.

"I'm not sure at all. The device has been acting up since we arrived in this district, although now it's going haywire with a signal that's the equivalent of a Level 8 Ectoplasmic Entity without being one." His finger pointed in the direction it was coming from; a youth with black hair in a pigtail style. "That youth there is the cause of the readings. If he has the power of a Level 8, then he is a danger to everyone around here." The black one adjusted his shades before responding.

"Then we have to stop him right now before he proves to be a danger to any innocent people." Both mysterious men quickly followed after the target of their readings, unaware of two teens who listened in on them. The older clasped her hands on the shoulders of her brother.

"Danny! They're going after boy even though they said that he WASN'T a ghost. You have to do something." Danny's response was a groan as he left to find a good place to remove the Fenton Translator from his wrist and transform.

"I can never get a break. I wonder if Superman ever has problems like this." He grumbled as he ran outside and around the corner.


"BEHOLD! The latest invention from Jack and Maddie Fenton to grace the public's eyes! The Fenton Portable Human Sized Ghost Portal!" The man in an orange jumpsuit announced with his arms in the air. "One could now enter the Ghost Zone from anywhere, and anytime, with this creation. All I have to do is put these two cables together." He held up to unconnected cables for the crowd to see.

"Great, now we can expect to have ghosts pop up everywhere." Ranma grumbled to himself as he stood next to his short haired fiancée. "It's bad enough that we have ta encounter ones that ar just wanderin' around places, now we have to encounter them through this." He received an elbow to the side.

"Quiet Ranma, I'm trying to listen. Besides, I bet there are precautions set in place to keep them from coming out." It all felt so exciting. Standing here and watching a new invention that could bring forth an entrance to a new world.

Little did they both know, there were two Guys in White agents behind them holding a scoping plasma blaster aimed for the back of the pigtailed boy. "Procedure White Swan Vanquishing Red Cat is a go." The black one said taking aim.

"The names of our procedures are so stupid."

"Yeah, but we don't name this stuff." The black one said with a shrug. "Target locked, taking aim…"

"Wait, I'm getting a Level 7 Ectoplasmic Entity reading similar in structure to the Ghost Boy." White said while glancing around the area. He was too slow to act when said Ghost Boy flew through the rear wall and in their direction. "There he is!" Black turned around and was about to fire when the Ghost Boy's fist came in contact with him.


Danny cursed when he noticed he put too much behind the punch. He just wanted to act quickly to prevent any damage to the convention hall. He watched as the black Guy in White agent sailed towards the very pigtailed boy that he was trying to prevent from getting zapped.


"Huh?" Ranma asked as he turned around at the sound of commotion. He was too late to act when a body dressed in white collided into him and knocked the black haired boy forward into the round portal-like thing just as the man in the orange jumpsuit connected the cables. The next few seconds to Ranma felt like an eternity of pain as his very being was lit afire.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" The martial artist screamed as he felt his insides twist and turn, as if his whole body was trying to come apart. It was the worst pain he had ever experienced, and if someone knew of a pain even greater, then he felt sorry for that individual.

"RANMA!!!" Akane shouted as she was held back by a few people, so as not to harm herself as well. After a few more seconds, the Fenton Portable Human Sized Ghost Portal exploded and sent an unconscious Ranma towards a wall. He was saved from more pain however from Danny in ghost form.

'Great, I really messed this up.' The white haired ghost youth said to himself as he set the boy on the floor. He looked up when he heard several forms of gadgetry aimed at his ghostly self. 'Oh crap… well I guess I overstayed my ghost welcome.' He quickly proceeded to phase through the floor before anything could be fired, just as Akane ran up to the spot next to the downed Ranma.

As she looked at him, she noticed he looked slightly paler and charred, but otherwise completely fine. "Ranma?" Not getting a response, she began to worry. Her eyes then caught sight of the two Guys in White trying to make their retreat. "YOU!" The girl shouted in fury as a blood red aura appeared around her as she zeroed in on them.

"Err… Miss… we apologize for the slight mishap that… wait! What are you doing?! Ouch! That doesn't even GO there! GAH!"

"The girl's got energy, I'll give her that." Jack simply said as he watched the carnage ensue between an 18-year-old girl with fire around her twisting a couple of 30-something grown men in odd angles. His wife waved him off and kneeled next to the unconscious young man.

"Not now Jack. This boy needs medical attention. It looks like he has severe burns and ectoplasmic infection to a degree I've never seen." In all of the commotion, a black haired 14-year-old boy was holding his head in one of his hands and groaning.

"Great, now there'll probably be ANOTHER ghost-person around here. I just hope this one doesn't decide to fight me." His sister gave him a pat on the shoulder.

"Don't worry Danny. Maybe he won't become half ghost. If he does, then hopefully he won't become an enemy… I hope." Her brother only proceeded to groan into his hand more.


Ranma's eyes fluttered open slowly as he came to. He noticed he was lying in a hospital bed and covered with a pure white blanket. 'I KNEW no good would come of that crap.' He thought with a growl as he attempted to sit up. The pain in his body felt like he was being skewered by millions of needles laced with poison, but he managed to at least sit up. His body was then racked with even more pain as a pair of arms were thrown around him. He looked to see that it was his mother with tears streaming down her face.

"My poor son's alive, thank Kami-sama. When I heard about what happened and arrived, you were just laying there. Hardly breathing, pale, and were burned so bad that I thought you had died." Ranma figured the best thing to do would be to hug her back.

"Jeez mom, I'm fine. I wasn't out that long."

"You were out for three days." The Saotome matriarch said between sobs. "Akane stayed by your side for two. Ukyo and Shampoo attempted the same, but had their restaurants to run. Although I couldn't leave you without the thought of you lying there almost lifeless going through my mind."

A gruff voice sounded behind her. "No need to coddle the boy, Nodoka." Both pairs of eyes turned to see Genma with his arms crossed in front of him. "You'll make the boy weaker than he currently is." The large man walked up to the edge of bed and stared down at his son. "He's not so weak that a little brush near death would kill him, at least I sure as hell hope not. Otherwise all my time training him would be wasted." Ranma gave a glare to the man.

"Whatever old man. You'd probably have …"

"I'm glad to see that you are alive though." The father of Ranma said in an odd voice that actually seemed to sound like it had a bit of concern behind it.

"Wha…" The charred boy was then interrupted again.

"You heard me boy!" Genma said in his gruff voice as he turned around to leave the room. "I expect you to be back in shape soon. I'll need to get you back in shape after your small incident that made you forgo three days worth of training." With that, Genma Saotome left the room, leaving a bewildered Ranma to look after him. His father actually concerned for him? The hell was up with that?

"Are you feeling alright dear?" Nodoka asked with concern at seeing the spaced off look in her son's eyes. Shaking the look out of his eyes, the boy saw a pitcher of water on the table.

"Mom, could you hand me some water? I'm a little thirsty."

"Of course dear." The redheaded Saotome matriarch poured a glass of the clear liquid and went to hand it to her son, only to trip and spill the water onto the bedded youth. "I'm sorry Ranma, I just…" Her eyes widened in shock at what she was seeing.

"What? What are you…?" Ranma then noticed that his voice was still the same. When he looked down, his eyes went wide when he saw that he was wet, but still a he. "How in the…"

"Ranma, you're cured!!!" Nodoka yelled in astonishment and glee. Her son no longer turned into a girl… although somewhere deep in her mind, she would slightly miss that aspect of her son. It reminded her so much of herself when she was young. The door to the hospital room slammed open, and Genma charged in.

"You're cured boy?!" Genma shouted in disbelief. Why couldn't it have been him that was knocked into that machine? The question, however, was if he himself would have survived such an ordeal.

"Yeah, I guess I am." The raven haired boy stated in astonishment. He was finally cured, and to think it took having your body being set ablaze by some weird and possibly defective portable ghost portal that was suddenly turned on as you got tossed into it.


The doctors at the hospital still thought that Ranma should stay for a little longer. Just long enough to not feel pain across his body whenever he moved. Oh he protested alright, but his mom convinced him otherwise by showing him just how much pain he was in. So here he was sitting in a hospital bed and propped up into a sitting position watching the wall TV. An eyebrow suddenly rose when he saw some white haired kid fly into the room.

"So… care to tell me who the hell you are and why you are here?" His body was tense. He knew he would be in severe pain, but he would fight if he had to. He watched as the white haired kid floated there.

'''Can you speak English?''' The strange boy asked.

'''Does this answer yer question?''' Ranma answered back, '''I'll ask again.Who the hell are you?''' His response was a nervous scratching of the head.

'''Well… I'm kind of partly responsible for the accident you had a few days ago. The Guys in White, a secret government organization dedicated to hunting ghosts, figured you were some kind of threat since you emitted energy signals they had no idea what to make of.''' Danny waited for the older teen to get angry, but was surprised when he just sighed and gave a small slap to his head.

'''Par fer the course for me I guess, although the whole secret governmental organization thing is different. At least whatever happened cured me of my curse.''' Ranma finished with a lopsided grin. His odd guest looked at him curiously.

'''Curse? You mean a MAGICAL curse?'''

'''You got it. I… well… turned into something with cold water.''' The floating kid gave him an odd look. '''Well I did.''' The former aquatransexual said with raised hands. '''What are you doin' here anyway. This can't just be an 'I'm sorry you got fried' visit. It's never as simple as that.'''

Danny hated to give him this news. Who knows if he really did become half ghost, would take it well, or how he would USE the powers if he got them. '''Well after your little adventure with the ghost portal, you might have become half-ghost.'''

'''Wha?''' Came the intelligent response from the pigtailed martial artist. How could one be 'half-ghost'?

''It's someone who has the ability to transform between a human and ghost form. If you CAN go ghost, I'll explain a little bit more.''' His green eyes watched as the older boy slowly got out of bed and stood weakly on the floor. '''Now I'm no good at explaining this, but I want you to feel out for some strange energy you probably never felt before. When you find whatever it is, release it.'''

The minutes seemed to droll on for Ranma as he searched around inside of him for something he had no clue about. After several long minutes, the pigtailed boy thought he found what he was looking for. Reaching out for it, he attempted to 'release' whatever it was. He suddenly felt a strange tingling sensation that felt like a full body tickle as his body seemed to change. '''What the hell?!'''

Danny's eyes widened to the size of saucers. What the hell just happened indeed? He watched as the new half-ghost ran into the bathroom of the hospital room they were in to look into a mirror. '''Seriously, that was positively the weirdest thing that I have ever witnessed in my 14 years of life.''' He said to himself as he followed.

'''I thought I was done with this crap!''' Ranma snapped as he, now she, looked into the mirror at her new form. The girl form that he always knew was no more. This… ghost form was completely different. Oh hell this sucks.

One of the bigger changes was her hair, which was now a light silver purple color. It was also loose from its pigtail confinement and flowed freely. Her eyes had also changed color to a dark purple and seemed to glow eerily. What disturbed her even more was that her clothes had changed to a dark purple sleeveless Chinese dress, with elbow length black gloves and knee length black boots. '''Shit, are those fishnet stockings and arm thingies?''' The clothes would be something to definitely change if she figured how.

Her body also seemed to have changed. It was no longer the smaller form she had known, but was about the height of her male form. Her figure, to her disturbance, changed to fit her modified height.

'''Huh… Sam would probably love an outfit like that.''' Danny said offhandedly as he looked at the form of the newest half-ghost to grace the world. It was then that a pair of gloved hands grabbed hold of him and started shaking him.

'''What the hell is up with this ya bastard!?''' The white haired ghost boy felt like he was going to get sick from the shaking. '''This is worse than my original female cursed form!''' She stopped shaking and glared at the dizzy 14-year-old.

'''I don't know! Jeez… maybe my parents' ghost portal just scrambled your DNA of both your male and… female forms or something. I'm not a scientific genius.''' His eyes grew wide when he found out he accidentally let slip that it was his parents' device that did it. If eyes could turn one to ash, the glare he was receiving would have done just that.

'''Your parents? Fine, we'll go get them to turn me back to normal.'''

'''Err… you can't.''' Danny said in a small voice.

'''Well why the hell can't I?'''

'''They are ghost hunters, they shoot first and ask questions later, get enthusiastic about their job, and they don't know I'm half-ghost and turn into this form.''' The hands that had a hold of him released the half-ghost boy. With a mighty sigh, Ranma walked over and sat on the hospital bed.

'''Lovely… I had actually come to accept my curse form, not that I fully liked it; I just came to grips with the possibility that I'd probably have it for a long time. If there was a cure, I probably would have taken it. Now I have a whole new female form that's half-ghost and looks more attractive than my former female form. At least it doesn't seem like I transform by water anymore.''' Her eyes then turned back to the white haired ghost boy. '''So… what do half-ghosts do?''' She asked in reluctance. If it involved scaring the hell out of people, she was out.

'''Well I mostly use my powers to protect people.'''

'''Like a martial artist then.''' Ranma said as her head perked up. Danny gave her a shrug.

'''Something like that I guess. Although it took a long time for many people to actually trust me. Before that, I was mostly thought of as a trouble making ghost that deserved to be captured. Well I still am hunted, by both ghosts and humans alike. I do my best with what is thrown against me though.''' His fear was actually starting to ebb away. It seemed as if the new half-ghost would actually be an ally and not an enemy. The girl gave a small chuckle.

'''So I'll probably have other ghosts who'll come after me then with my luck.''' It's not like it would be much different from how things usually are. '''I'm curious about something. What are some of the abilities for a half-ghost?'''

'''Well there's the transforming between human and ghost. There's also walking/passing through objects, going invisible, possession…''' He was then interrupted by the older teen.

'''Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did you say possession? As in jumping into someone and controlling them?''' She ended up shaking her head at seeing the boy's confirmation. 'I'm suddenly feeling the whole 'Kasumi possessed by an oni' incident again.'

'''There's also flying…''' Ranma's eyes fully lit up at that ability. Jumping to her feet, she looked at the ghost boy in front of her.

'''How do I do this stuff?'''

'''Um… just concentrate and you'll be able to do it .'' He watched as the silver purple haired girl closed her eyes and concentrated. A couple seconds later she was hovering in the air with a 'kid in a candy store' look on her face. After floating around for a bit to get comfortable, the new half-ghost floated over to the window and concentrated a little more. She pushed her hand through the glass, and then her whole body.

"WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!" Shouted the human boy turned ghost girl as she started speeding off. After a few seconds, she was doing loops and other tricks in the air before taking off from sight.

'''Oh man… what have you gotten yourself into Danny?''' The white haired boy asked himself as he took off after the wayward boy turned girl.

This is just an idea that's been running through my head for a while now. I just needed to get it written down.

I have a slight thing to wonder though. What could a special ghost power of Ranma's be?