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"Asuka, Ayanami, are you in position?" fifteen-year-old Shinji Ikari asked as he hid behind a building from a new Angel. This Angel seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, this one was sphere like with white like stripes going around it,' this just like the dream I had last night?' he thought to himself.


In his room, Shinji is tossing and turning. If anyone were to see this, they would think he was having a bad dream. But this was not the case, as he started mumbling some strange words within is sleep,' what is this?' he asked himself in his dreaming state.

"This hand of mine is burning red, its loud roar tells me to grasp victory," a man said whose face was blocked by his glowing red hand. To Shinji, this man seemed to be so familiar, yet he knew he never met the man before," HERE I GO," the view then change to show a red, blue and white mech with gold trimmings the size of an Evangelion. The giant mech's right hand guard sprang out to cover it. He then jumped towards a shadowed figure with its armored hand cocked back," ERUPTING BURNING FINGER," the mech then plunged its burning hand right into the shadowed figure's gut and lifted it up from the ground," AND NOW, HEAT END," the shadowed figure then blew up into pieces.

This whole scene took Shinji breathless,' that was amazing, I wish I was like that guy,' he thought as he belittled himself.

"You can and you will," the mech said as it turned to him, which surprised Shinji," because soon, you will be reborn as the next King of Hearts," it said as it held its fist up to show a heart crest with two swords in it and a blonde bearded head in it, along with a banner saying 'King of Hearts'.

"You can see me," Shinji asked out loud," what do you mean the next King of Hearts, what is that?"

"You will see when the time comes, which will be soon," the mech then faded out to show a man with messy raven hair with a red headband on. His suit was a little similar to the plug suits he wears, but his was black with a red circle in the middle and shoulder guards that had antennas on it. The antennas were also on his wrists and ankles as well," but you will not be alone in this, when you obtain this crest, there will be someone to help you along the way."

"Who?" Shinji asked him.

"You'll just have to find out," he answered as he faded out of existence. After that, Shinji started to wake up, but not before seeing a faint image of a black sphere with white stripes.

When he got up that morning, he looked at his right hand for a second," what was that?" he asked himself.

"HEY IDIOT, HURRY UP AND COOK ME SOME BREAKFAST," a loud redhead called out in irritation.

'What I wouldn't give to shut that mouth of hers…wait where did that come from,' he thought as he surprised himself.


'That dream certainly affected me in some way, I feel different somehow,' he thought as he peaked from the building he was hiding from,' but no time to ponder about that,' he then turned his attention back to his fellow pilots," hey, are two in position yet or not?" he asked in a whisper.

"I am in position Ikari," Rei said as she waited for further orders.

"Hold on, I can't move that fast," Asuka said through he communicator.

After some moments, he decided to see if she was in position yet," you there yet?" he asked in a hushed tone. He didn't get answer, and the wait was making him antsy as he clenched and unclenched his right hand repeatedly,' I guess I'll have to take care of it myself,' he thought to himself, so he got out of his position and shot off three rounds from the pistol in his hand at the floating black sphere. But as the shot closed in on it, it immediately disappeared," WHAT?!"

"Pattern blue, Angel detected directly beneath unit 01," he heard from one of the bridge techs in the temporary base. He then looked down to see a black mass spreading out from underneath his feet.

"Is this the shadow?" he asked frantically, as he shot off more rounds into it, only to have no effect whatsoever," What is this? Something's wrong here," he said as he tried to get away, only to find out he was sinking into the shadow. He then started to hear everyone telling him to get away, but try as he might, he couldn't get out," Misato, what's going on here?! Asuka, Ayanami, what happened to my back up?! Help, Help…HELP!!" but it was already too late for anyone to do anything, as the whole EVA was swallowed up by the Shadow.

'Is this how it ends for me,' he thought as he looked at the endless white space in front him. As moment pass by, he sees that the umbilical chord was just cut off,' better switch over to life support and not move the EVA too much,' he thought as he went through the needed procedure to stay alive in the cockpit.


"'Sigh' I never thought going to sleep could be so tiresome," he said outloud to himself. He then decided to see what it looked like outside again," still completely blank," as he looked at the space around him," no response on the radar or son…" he then noticed something at the corner of his eye,' what's that?' he thought as he turned his EVA head to a glowing red object.

"Is that…" he then started his EVA up again and tried to make it swim over to the glowing object," it is," he answered himself as he looked the small glowing red heart crest," this shouldn't even be possible," he said to himself.

As he touched the crest with the EVA's hand, the crest bursted out into flames and blasted around the EVA," what's going on?!" he asked himself as he was afraid he did something very wrong.

The flames then started to form a sphere of its own around the EVA and Shinji started to feel his right hand burn for some reason," AAHH," he cringed in pain as he started to clutch his wrist with his left hand as he started to see the back of his right hand glow red.

As it pulsed each time, he started to get images of places and people not of his own world. He remembered the man who had talked to in his dream and watched the images of the man go around the world searching for a man, who turned out to be his brother. He watched as he fought other mechs from different countries who later became his allies and teammates, a team that was called the Shuffle Alliance. He remembered his master and how they trained together, how he betrayed him in Neo-Tokyo, how they both fought each other one last time, and how he remembered the pain of killing him. He then remembered the finals of the so-called Gundam Fight Tournament. But the one that caught his eye was the woman that almost looked like Rei, but was almost the total exact opposite of the stoic girl as she was very outgoing and playful. Plus, she had beautiful jade green eyes with healthier pink looking skin and little bit messier aqua hair.

As all this was happening, his EVA started to go through a change in its armor; he didn't even notice that the cockpit was changing and that the LCL was being dumped out and that his plug suit was starting to change black with a red circle in the middle of his chest and back. All of this was happening within the flaming sphere that was within the white space of the Angel. The Angel, of course, had not expected this and was trying to crack its way through the flaming sphere, but nothing was working at all.


"Compulsory salvage of EVA…?" Misato asked in an angered voice to the fake blonde in front of her.

"That's the only method we could come up with for now," she said in a cold professional tone," dropping all existing 992 N-2 bombs in its center. Taking the time into account and letting the two A.T. field protected EVAs to infiltrate the imaginary area for only 1 millisecond. Focus the explosive power right before that moment and destroy both the Angel and the Dirac's ocean."

"But the EVA's body won't…we don't know what'll happen to Shinji," Misato argued as she didn't want the young boy who grew on her, to die," we can't even call this a rescue operation."

"Recovering the body of unit 01 is the top priority in this operation. Even if it's severely damaged, it'll still be fine," she replied in the same tone as before. Misato really started to think she didn't even care for the young boy's life.

"NOW WAIT A MINUTE," she yelled out at her.

"In this situation, the pilot's condition can't be taken into account," the fake blond said with a straight poker face. This pissed the purple head off as she gave a hard slap to her face. When it connected, the glasses on Ritsuko's face flew off, she then got a hard scowl on her face," losing Shinji is your fault, don't forget that."

"Why are you and commander Ikari so concerned about unit 01?" she asked as she gave a hard glare to the fake blond in front of her. She then stepped up to her and grabbed her collar," what is the EVA?"

"The information I gave you is everything," she answered, as it felt hard to get out of her grasp.

"That's a load of bull," she replied in a pissed off tone.


As the images seemed to stop for a moment, Shinji finally felt he could move. Once he got up, he saw he was in a open field of grass," HELLO, IS ANYONE THERE?" he called out as he looked left and right to see if anyone is in the area.

"Shinji," a feminine voice said behind. He turned around slowly to see who it was, only to come completely frozen in shock at who it was," it's good to see you Shinji," the woman said in a sweet voice.

"M-m-mom," he said in a stuttering shocked voice.

The woman known as Yui Ikari stepped up close to the unit 01 pilot and embraced him in a warm hug," yes, its me Shinji."

"But how? You're supposed to be dead, how are you here?" he said in a muffle cry as he returned the hug.

"I am dead, in a sense Shinji," she answered as she pulled away from him. She saw the sad questioned look in his face and answered it as well," my soul is still alive, and I have always been with you ever since you started to pilot unit 01."

After some moment of trying to figure out what she meant, his eye went as big as saucers," you don't mean…"

"Yes, I am unit 01, or more importantly, within unit 01, Shinji," she said as she finished his question and sentence.

He then held his head low,' no wonder why I always felt so warm whenever I entered the cockpit, it's because she was always there with me,' he thought as he looked up to see her warm smiling face. He then ran up to her and gave another hug to her," I've missed you, I've missed you so much mom," he said as he cried once again.

"I know you have Shinji, but now is not the time for us to be catching up, we can do that later," she said as she pushed him back a bit to look at him," you have received a power from another universe that can help you get out of this Angel's prison."

"And it is up to you to use that power for either good or evil," a male voice said behind him. He turned his head to see the man who was in his dream," nonetheless, you are the next King of Hearts," he said as he held up his hand to see the crest on the back of his right hand.

"Who are you?" Shinji asked as he composed himself.

"I am the soul that is within the crest of the King of Hearts, my last bearer was a man who won the last Gundam Fight Tournament, Domon Kashu, which is why I look like him," the soul said as he stepped up to the young man," and now it seems that my power has called me over to this dimension to aid you in this fight against these creature you call Angels," he then ruffle the brown hair Shinji had.

"How are you going to help me?" he asked once he straightened his hair a bit.

"I will transfer all the knowledge and power of my two previous bearers," the soul said as he held up his red glowing right hand," but even with this power, you will need the help of another, and I know just who to send to help you," he said with a smirk.

Shinji only had a second to look confused when a pain shot throughout his whole body. His right hand once again started to glow red. His body's muscles started to bulge a bit, his hair started to get darker, and he also started to get a bit taller. He clutched his head in pain as he felt vast amount martial arts knowledge, the School of the Undefeated of the East to be specific, start to fill his mind, memories flowing in, and experience filling his mind.

Outside of his mind, the cockpit finally stopped changing and showed it to have a 360-degree man sized vid screen. The EVA itself was now blue, red and white in armor color. The head no longer had the single straight horn but now had four smaller gold horns that spread out upward that were separated in the middle. The head itself was more man like with its eyes colored green, two separated lines in the middle of its face, and red like chin. The back of its body had two fin like wings that were colored red and white. The shoulders were no longer straight like, but not were more like shoulder armor pads that are red and white. The arms were also changed as they became with an blue arm guard that had two gold claws on them. The chest plate became blue with a gold trim going across it. (Basically, I just changed it into the Burning Gundam. But don't worry, there is still some things that still makes it an EVA, just not that many.)

Outside the EVA itself, but still within the flaming sphere, a bright light appeared in front of it, showing a large, but faint thin feminine image within it. The same light was happening within the cockpit of the EVA. Shinji looked up from his pain, and slowly stood up and caught the figure in his new, athletically strong arms. The EVA did the same for the large feminine image that was in front of it.


The two EVAs were now about to commence the operation under Ritsuko's orders, who had taken command over Misato's operations," alright you two, get ready to release you're A.T. Fields," Ritsuko said over communicator.

"ROGER," they both said as they took their positions.

Just as they were about to commence the operation, the sea of Dirac was cracking all over," what's happening?" Asuka asked as she looked at the destruction that was being caused on the Angel.

"Status?" Misato asked the bridge bunnies.

"We don't know," one of them said.

"All gauges are off the scale," Maya said as she looked at the data.

"We haven't even done anything yet," Ritsuko said as she looked at the scene from a monitor.

"Could it be Shinji?" Misato asked in a hopeful voice.

"Impossible, unit 01's power is zero," she answered as she remembered what its last power output was.

The black sphere in the sky was rumbling a bit, until a smaller flaming sphere shot out from the top. It flew all the way to the other side of the temporary command center.

"Unit 01 signal is being emitted, it's out," Maya said as she tried the trace the signal," it's coming from…what??"

"What, what's wrong?" Misato asked in a worried tone.

"It says it's coming from what shot out of the Angel," she answered as she pulled up the flaming sphere on the monitor. The flames around it started to die down and everyone was on the edge of their seat to see any hint of the purple EVA, but what they saw confused them as an equally sized mech painted red, blue and white with gold trimmings stood in place of the flames. It was also holding a mech with the same colors, but it had a feminine body and had long blond and gold metal hair, all of this making it look like some mechanical looking sailor moon scout," the signal is coming from the male mech."

"Can you patch us to its signal," Misato asked as she was now getting even more worried about her charge.

"It's the same signal as unit 01, so it's already open," she answered as she opened the channel to the purple head.

"Shinji, do you hear me, Shinji," she called out in worry.

In the cockpit, Shinji started to come to and started to take in his surroundings,' hmm, I guess I made it out, somehow,' he thought as he then started to feel the weight in his arms,' huh?' he then looked down to see a woman in a mostly blue, red and white like plug suit with a yellow ribbon in the middle," Allenby," he voiced out loud to himself,' wait how do I…' he then started to remember what the soul of the King of Hearts said to him,' I guess I remember her because she met Domon, when he had the King of Hearts crest at that time,' he thought as he looked at the beautiful seventeen year old woman in his arms.

"Shinji, do you hear me, Shinji," a vid screen then popped up in his cockpit to show his purpled head roommate. When she saw him, she gasped a bit and gave a glare to him, which confused him," who are you and what did you do to her and Shinji?" she asked angrily.

Taken back a bit by her angered question, he wondered why she was acting like this until he gave himself a look over. He saw that his body had grown a bit and was now more muscular, athletically muscular. He then saw that his plug suit was black and had a red circle in the middle of his chest. Then he looked at his hair for a bit, he notice it was draping over his eye since it became longer, but it was also bordering between being brown and black. Now he knew why she didn't recognize him.

"Its me Misato, Shinji," he said in a casual tone, as he set down Allenby on the floor of the cockpit, which the newly formed EVA did to the Gundam it had in its arms as well," but now is not the time to be questioning on who I am. I have an enemy to take care of right now."

"No way that's Shinji, he looks…" Asuka said quietly to herself as she looked at a vid screen of him,' he's definitely gotten a little bit more attractive, no, no, that's spineless-no-confidence Shinji. There's no way I'm starting to get attracted him…am I?' she asked her self as she battled through her thoughts.

"Are we sure that signal is coming from that mech?" Misato asked the doctor who was trying to see what was going on herself.

After some moments of checking, she then turned to her colleague," yes, that signal is coming from that mech, and it's even sending us a sync ratio to us…impossible!!" she said as she backed up from the console.

"What, what is it?" Misato asked her shocked friend.

"His sync ratio is climbing up to at least 150 percent," answered as it shocked everyone at the score on that mech that seemed to be unit 01. Their attention was then diverted back to the monitors as they both looked at the mech.

In the cockpit, Shinji locked his sights on the floating, but wounded sphere,' now is my chance,' he thought as he lifted up his fist to his face. At that moment, the King of Hearts crest then appeared on his fist," here I go," he said as the armguards on the EVA's arms shifted up to protect the right hand," this hand of mine is burning red, its loud roar tells me to grasp victory," he called out as everyone heard his voice. He then blasted off in the air, as he did the wing like fins opened up in three directions from their position and formed a ring of fire, the back of his legs open and seemingly started to build up energy, and the plate on his chest opened.

Misato then heard the doctor gasp," What is it this time?" she asked as she was getting tired of asking that question.

"That orb in its chest…it's an S2 organ (like I said, it's still an EVA)," Ritsuko answered as this piece of information shocked them even more.

In the air, Shinji blasted off toward the wounded sphere with his armored hand cocked back. As he neared, the hand bursts out into flames," ERUPTING BURNING FINGER," he called out as he plunged his burning hand into the sphere. Once he took it down from the air, he used his available strength and lifted it up from the ground and had it over his head," AND NOW, HEAT END," he called out again as the sphere exploded out into gory singed pieces. Everything on the EVA then went back into its place.

"Now that that's done…" he trailed off as he flew back over to the Noble Gundam. Once there, he then picked it up in its arms bridal style. Shinji did the same as he picked up Allenby in his cockpit. Shinji then looked over to the temporary command center and opened up a channel to them," hello, does anyone read me?" he asked through the communicator.

"H-Hello," Misato stuttered, as she didn't want to piss off this new guy as he easily took out the Angel and made into plain burning ashes.

"Misato, don't worry, it's me, Shinji," the pilot said as he gave her a smile.

"And what proof do we have that you are, sir," Ritsuko asked in a business type tone, though she was feeling just as scared as Misato.

"Well, I know that Misato is a slob, a terrible cook, even if its instant food, and that she constantly drinks herself beyond any normal human means," Shinji deadpanned, as he still held an unconscious Allenby in his arms.

"Okay, that's definitely him," Ritsuko said as she smirked at Misato's twitching eyebrow and comically angered face.

"Are trying to make me look bad you little brat," she called out to him, but to everyone's surprise, they didn't get a 'I'm sorry' from him. Instead, they got a big laugh from the unit 01 pilot.

"No wonder you liked teasing me so much Misato," he said as he tried to shake of the tears of laughter off of him. He then got a serious face," more importantly…I'm quitting."

It took a few moments for them to let those last two words sink in, until everyone just said," WWWHHHAAAATTTTT?!"

"Why are you quitting now Shinji," Misato asked in mix of anger and sadness in her voice.

"That is something I can't tell you yet Misato…Oh and I'm taking the EVA with me," he then turned his back to them," goodbye everyone," he said as he blasted off with Allenby and the Noble Gundam in his arms.

"He won't get that far, will he?" Misato asked the fake blond.

"I'm afraid that he most likely can, that S2 organ can most likely power that new mech for quite sometime," Ritsuko said as she rubbed the base of her nose,' the commander is not going to like this,' she thought as she can already feel the bruises she'll receive from him.

"What the hell is that idiot doing?" Asuka asked everyone through the communicator, only to be met with silence,' what are you seriously thinking Shinji? Why are you leaving now?'

'I need to get Allenby to a hospital,' he thought as he blasted off outside of the country,' I wonder how my life is going to change now,' even though it was a serious and dangerous situation, he couldn't help but smirk,' this is going to be fun.'

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