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Asuka sat in a hallway, by herself, waiting for Misato to come out. It wasn't that she was here to talk to the higher ups about what happened when Shinji left, because that was what Misato was talking about with them herself, she was just wanting to find a place to think for herself for awhile, in quiet. Reason being, she was trying figure out why Shinji left so suddenly.

She then remembered the report Misato got about a mech that fit Shinji's Eva description. What she had heard from Misato, more like eavesdropped that is, was that Shinji had landed in Italy, rested with some mysterious lady with him, fought off the MP Eva type Nerv had there, and escaped into the dead of night with the mysterious lady in her own mech.

Just as she was about to try and sort out the situation more, Misato comes out of the meeting. As soon as the door closes, Misato's calm exterior changes into a bitter rage. As soon as that happens, she turns and kicks the pop machine close by, sending her boot right into the machine itself," dammit," she exclaimed.

"Mien Gott, calm down Misato, what's wrong?" Asuka asked, though it felt weird to have the table reversed when she was the angry one and Misato or Shinji had to be the ones to calm her down.

"Those pompous asses are making Shinji into a worldwide criminal without any good authority," Misato said with her teeth gritted together. She then took a deep breath and tried to regain her composure as she took her boot out of the machine," I mean sure, he took the Eva, a multi-billion dollar piece of equipment that is the only thing that can save us from the Angels, but that doesn't mean he didn't have a good reason to leave with it."

"Misato, are you stupid, of course they're going to say that, I mean I'd be pissed if I lost something that expensive too if I were them. And that idiot just had to go and piss off the wrong people," Asuka slowly turned from talking to Misato, to herself, wondering just what was going on with Unit 01's pilot," just what was he thinking?!"

"I don't know, but from the way he looked, I don't think it was a good thing," Misato said as she looked out the window and gazed at the Geo-front from her position,' there must be something going on and I bet Shinji found out what it was,' Misato quietly thought to herself as she made a mental not to try and contact Shinji to find out what he knew.

Wanting to get rid of her headache for thinking so long, Asuka turned to Misato with tired look on her face," anyways, please tell me you aren't cooking tonight, let's just get some take-out again, please?"

"And what are you implying?" Misato snapped back at her," are you saying I'm a bad cook."

"That's the understatement of a lifetime," Asuka deadpanned to Misato, who just fumed at the German girl," let's just go out and eat," she said as she walked ahead of purple head woman.

Misato continued to fume at the girl who kept walking before she let out a predatory smirk,' oh I'll make sure you have good ride too, though I'm sure you won't want any take-out when I'm done driving,' she then giggled a bit as she took out her keys and with evil smirk on her face.

The next dty found Misato beside Ritsuko in her office, who was working on some theories on to what happened to Shinji's Eva, including the mysterious mech and pilot he held with its changes," so, what are you so serious about?" Misato asked her supposed best friend.

"Well, aside from the big mystery of our young Third Child," Ritsuko started as Misato started to get a scowl on her face," the U.S. are transferring their Units 03 and 04 over to us for testing."

That made Misato raise and purple eyebrow at," but I thought Unit 04 was due for testing on the new S2 Engine?"

"It was, but the test was a failure and almost blew up right in their faces," Ritsuko replied as rolled away from computer, took off her glasses and rubbed the base of her nose for a bit," luckily, they got it in control before it went off. Unit 04 is on it way right now, while 03 is still prepping for launch over there," she said as she took her mug of coffee and sipped some of it.

"But who's going to pilot them, we only have two pilot and their already occupying two of our current unit?" Misato asked.

"We've already found the Fourth and Fifth children," Ritsuko as she looked out the window of the building.

"Since when?" Misato asked as she got a suspicious look on her face.

"Yesterday," the fake blonde answered simply.

"I haven't received a report from the Marduk Institute yet," Misato said as her eye looked at her with more suspicion.

"The official document will arrive tomorrow," Ritsuko said as she got back on her and tried to figure out about Unit 01's changes again.

Misato turned her head away from the doctor at the moment. There was a bit of silence before she spoke again," Dr. Akagi, are you keeping secrets from me again?" she asked out of the blue.

"Of course not," Ritsuko answered robotic like fashion, which didn't convince Misato much really.

"Well, alright, let's see who these two are," Misato said as she got up from where she was to look at Ritsuko's computer. Just as she got close, the fake blond pulled up the files of the two children. She gasped a bit as she two recognizable faces on the computer," these two, isn't there anyone else?!"

"We had no choice, the candidates were collected together in one place for their protection," the doctor said as she kept on a straight face.

"I don't know about this," Misato said as she sat down on a chair," Asuka is okay, she proud to pilot Eva and Rei is, well, Rei, if it doesn't concern Eva or the commander, it doesn't matter to her," she then leaned back and looked out the same window Ritsuko was looking out a while back," if Shinji were here, he'd know the situation best, but I probably wouldn't have told him, so as not to hurt him anymore than he already is now."

"But we need children like them if we are to survive," Ritsuko said as she swiveled her chair over to Misato's direction.

"You're telling me, 'don't avoid complications'?" Misato asked her best friend.

She never got answer to the question.

At the School Shinji attended, class has just ended as Touji was just about to leave when Hikari came up to him," Suzuhara, you're one duty today, do your duty," she said right of the blue.

"What're are you talking about," Touji asked when all of a sudden, she shoved a bunch of papers in front of his face.

"Printouts," she said simply," the teacher said to deliver these to Rei Ayanami."

"Oh come one Class Rep, there must be someone else," Touji complained to the pigtailed girl.

"She was absent today," she noted to the jock.

"Rei and me, huh? Then I have no choice," Touji said as he slung his bag over his shoulder. Just as he was about to leave, he noted one thing," but I can't go to a lady's apartment alone."

"Then I'll go with you," she suggested happily before she settled down with a blush, and calmly said," if you feel that uncomfortable about it Suzuhara, I'll go with you."

"Uh, you sure?" he asked as he got a bit of blush himself at spending the time who he had a crush on, but wouldn't openly admit to himself of course.

"Yeah, come on," she said as she took his hand and left to go Rei's apartment.

When they got to the apartment building, they were wondering if they got the right address," you sure this is the place?" Touji asked.

"Yes, the address I got from the school is not mistaken," she replied as she looked at the paper in her hand, but then she cocked her head in confusion," but why would Ayanami live in a place like this, surely she has made some complaints about the living quarters she is occupying in."

'Please don't start talking smart now,' Touji pleaded to her in his thoughts," well, seeing as how she is, I doubt she complains about anything much really," he noted to her.

"I guess you're right, I just wish she would open up to people," they then started to walk up the stairs of the building, not trusting the elevators of the old building at all. As they walked together in silence, a thought came to her," have you noticed lately that she's been a bit off."

"Hmm, what do you mean?" he asked as he raised an eyebrow at her as they both ascended the stairs of the building.

"She seems to look the same, but the look in her eyes," Hikari then remembered back in her class as she saw the look in Rei's eyes," they seemed sad to me and she's also been dozing off, she doesn't do at all in class, plus the way she keeps mumbling something about 'bro' or something in her sleep is one thing I didn't think I'd hear from someone as collected as her."

"Hmm," Touji thought as he looked alongside her. That did sound peculiar from someone as stoic as Rei, so it did need some looking into. But he couldn't help but feel her dreams and his might have a connection. Lately, he's been having dreams of giant mechs the size of an Eva fighting another mech of equal size. The mech seemed to also fight like some sort of boxer, too, which was close to his style of fighting as well, so he couldn't complain much about it. It also was red, white and blue, with the look of a boxer and a football player put into one," well, I don't know what to tell you Class Rep."

"Hikari," she said to him.

"Huh?" he asked in intelligently.

"Just call me Hikari when were out of class, okay?" she asked with a bright smile on her face.

Touji blushed at bit at her smile as he thought it made her look real cute," s-sure thing H-Hikari," he stuttered as he scratched the back of his neck. Just as he said that, they came upon Rei's apartment number," this the place?" he asked as he looked over her shoulder to see the number on the paper.

"Yes," she answered as she rung the doorbell of the apartment. After a minute of waiting, they got the impression she wasn't home.

"Well, you think we should go in," he asked her. It took a minute for her to think, but she nodded as she opened the door and walked in. As they took off their shoes at the front of the door, they noted the apartment was dirty and really dull looking," is this how you girls live?" he asked in surprise, only to get an elbow to his ribs," oof."

"No," she snapped as she bent down to the floor and started to pick up the trash on the floor," well, don't just stand there, isn't a man supposed to help a lady when she needs help."

Touji straightened up a bit at her comment and quickly started to help her out, although not as enthusiastically as her. As they finished putting all the trash in the trash bag, Touji sat on a chair that was in the room.

"Suzuhara," she said as she got the jock's attention, while she sat down on the bed," do you know what happened to Shinij, all I got from Asuka and Ayanami was that he left to go somewhere," she asked him.

"Hmm, I don't know, I've been wondering about that myself lately as well," he then got a thoughtful look on his face before he just shrugged a bit," I don't know, he hasn't even called me or anything," he then got an idea," maybe Kensuke knows, he's always seems to be able to find out things when it involves the Eva and Nerv."

"That sounds like a good idea...considering it came from you," she teased a bit in the end.

"Hey," he protested to her. They both sat their in silence before they laughed a bit with each other. Just as they finished laughing, they heard the door open. They looked and saw that Rei just got home," sorry to disturb ya."

"What?" Rei asked as she looked at Touji.

"We brought the printouts from school for you," the jock said as he thumbed at the papers on her bed.

"And we also helped pick up the trash in you apartment," Hikari said as she gave smile at her and pointed at the trash bag in the corner. Rei nodded to them at the moment," come one Suzuhara, were done here," Hikari said as she started to leave.

"Yeah, yeah," he said as he got up from the chair and started to leave with the Class Rep," see ya Rei," he said as he waved at her, but didn't get one back from the stoic girl.

As soon as they left, she picked up the print out, set them on the chair nearby, and laid down on the bed. After a sometime, she started to wonder about the dreams she's been having lately. Normally, when she slept, she would just blank out and just wake up afterwards. But now, she was having dreams of a mech that was similar to that of Unit 01 description, only it was green, yellow and white, with arms that resembled that of dragons heads and necks.

But aside from the dreams, she was feeling tinges of sadness each day. But she could not find out why though,' could it be that because pilot Ikari is gone?' she asked herself at the moment as she turned on her stomach and laid her face on her pillow,' why do I feel saddened when I think about his departure?' she asked herself again. She kept continually question things on what she felt, until she got fed up and fell asleep, once again dreaming about the battle of a certain dragon type mech.

As Rei slept, Gendo and Fuyutsuki were discussing things in a train. As soon as they were done talking about the why they're having the two units of 03 and 04 coming, the elder of the two brought up a piece of conversation that should be brought up.

"Ikari, just what are we going to do about the Third Child?" he asked as he the ever stoic Gendo Ikari," we've received the report about him, along with the women he had with him, being in Italy. It said that he not only defied the branch of Nerv there, he easily took out their unit 14. He also seems to have already gotten to know how to cloak his presence from our radars somehow."

The commander of the Nerv Japan didn't say anything for awhile as he gathered some thoughts on his 'son'. Just as Fuyutsuki was about to ask if he was paying attention to him, Gendo opened his mouth to reply," we will deal with the problem accordingly, first, we'll find out where he is located, once we do that, we'll set up search party to gather information on them. Then, we'll plan for an ambush to capture him and our mysterious guest. Afterwards, we'll find out what they know so far about our plans, if they even know at all, then we'll ask both of them about the mechs and how and why unit 01 changed, lastly, if the Third Child turns out defiant to our orders, we'll send him along with the girl to be dissected to see how they came to their changes and abilities and see if we can implement them onto our remaining pilots in order to further our goals," he finished as he kept all he said in a monotone voice and stoic face as he looked out the window to the Geo-front.

"But how sure can you be that we'll even be able to find them?" the old man asked as he raised an eyebrow at him," from what we can tell, he's doing a good job of keeping himself hidden for now, and Italy didn't get a chance to get a picture on him when he was there, for all we know, he got a hair cut and change of clothing, along with any other unknown factors we can't account for. Then there is the girl, we only got her appearance, we don't know her behavioral pattern, IQ, skill, age, nothing, she's a definite wild card in this, we might not even find them at all. Then we've got the reports on how skilled in hand-to-hand combat your son has become, we even got a report on how even dodged bullets from two of the best marksmen they had guarding the woman when Shinji brought her in the hospital and how even used a piece of cloth alone to beat them as well. Lastly, their mechs have abilities we don't even know all about and that unit 01 somehow got a S2 organ in it as well, that wasn't supposed to happen yet, Ikari, until he fought the Fourteenth Angel, Zeruel."

"You put up a good argument Fuyutsuki, but the best we can do now is trying to locate them, in the mean time, we need to prepare for the unit 03, as I am sure that is the one that the next angel will possess, as it is predicted in the Dead Sea Scrolls," said the ever calm Gendo, he then turned to his thoughts,' you can't keep this forever Third Child, I will find you and get back my unit 01. Once that happens, either you comply with my will, or I will be forced to find another compatible pilot that will pilot it and force Yui to accept the pilot,' he thought darkly, thinking this was what's best in order to get his wife's body and soul back together, with him, as it should be. (COUGHwackoCOUGH)

As the two continued to talk, Misato was walking around the base, looking for a certain person. When she found him in the lobby area, she found one Kaji Ryoji flirting with Maya Ibuki and was just about to kiss her," am I interrupting anything," she asked in an angered tone with her right eyebrow twitching at the same time.

"Oh Misato, hi," he said to her with a grin and a wave, not at all oblivious to the tone in her voice, but just as well trying to further it for the fun of it.

Maya on the other hand got up and started to scoot away from the two," I'll just be going now," she said meekly. As soon as she got enough distance she rushed off to get back to work and get her mind off the player, Kaji.

"I know you work here, but I'd appreciate if you didn't try to hit on the young female workers here, I don't think those girls would be able to stomach your lecherous needs," Misato scolded him.

"Only you would know about those needs, wouldn't you my dear Misato," Kaji said as he wiggled his eyebrows a bit at her. Seeing her about to go the handle when he made that comment, he decided it was enough," so, what is you came to see me about? I know you wouldn't come and see me willingly unless it was something important."

Cooling herself down, she held a firm stare at the man in front of her," what do you know about the Marduk Institute and ADAM?" she asked straight out.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he said ignorantly.

"Don't bullshit with me Kaji," she snapped at him.

"It's not like you to ask for help, let alone let your anger get to you like this," the player commented.

"Things are getting out of hand since Shinji left, I need answers, and I have a feeling he knows what you know and that is the reason he left when he destroyed that last Angel," Misato said as she stepped up to the man.

Kaji rose an eyebrow at her at the moment," and how you do you figure that?"

"The look in his eyes at the moment," she said as remembered to when he left" along with the reports of his last appearance, I believe he found out something and now he's fighting to get the truth out himself now."

Kaji sighed a bit, but then nodded to himself," alright," he then got a serious face, one that actually fitted him," the Marduk Institute doesn't exist, it's all Nerv."

"Nerv, you mean the Commander?" Misato asked as things were starting to at least make some sense.

"Code 7-0-7, investigate it," he said simply.

She ran the numbers in her had and then it popped," Shinji's school," now things were starting to piece together for her on one part, now she just had to figure out the rest for herself," thanks Kaji, I'll see you later if I'm stuck on anything," she said as she started to walk away.

"Oh I hope you call when you're stuck in your bedroom, that way I'll come to your rescue and..." he never got to finish as he got punched, hard, in the head by Misato. The said woman just huffed away from him with him having a big lump on his had, knocked out on the floor with swirly eyes.

When Misato got to the sync testing area, she went up to Ritsuko," so, how are the two of them doing?" she asked as she looked at the screen of Asuka and Rei.

"Well, they fine right now, but their sync ratio has been starting to declining lately," she said as she stopped typing for a minute and pinched her nose a bit," I think Shinji's sudden leave has gotten them shaken a bit, I understand Asuka a bit, but Rei is someone I thought would stay vigil to her duty in keeping her sync up."

"Well, what do you expect, Asuka may seem scornful to the kid, but she seemed to draw some kind of strength from his kindness and Shinji was the only one to try and connect with Rei, so she may feel a little empty after leaving so suddenly," Misato summarized for herself.

"Since when could you read peoples thoughts and feelings," Ritsuko commented dryly.

"Hey, I can have my moments every now and again, can't I?" she snapped as she huffed a bit at the fake blond.

"Yeah, you can, but you do give a good point on them," Ritsuko said as she looked back to the two girls," I guess I would feel the same if I knew Shinji as much as you three you, maybe that's why you know how they feel, since you're feeling a little lonely after he left so suddenly as well," Ritsuko thought out loud and was rewarded as the purple haired woman stiffened a bit before the said woman sighed and nodded a bit," don't worry, we'll try to find him as soon as possible and get him back on our side."

'I'm not sure if I want that though,' Misato said as she continued to watch the two girls,' I'm not even sure I'm on the right side at all either.'

The next day, at Shinji's school, Kensuke, along with Touji and Hikari, were hacking into Nerv to find out what has happened to Shinji," are you sure you should be doing this, I mean, we could get caught and be arrest for our entire lives, or even worse, killed?" Touji asked a little worriedly.

"Come on man, I know you want to find out what happened to him, you wouldn't have came to me if you didn't anyway," the geek said as he continued to hack his way through the firewalls Nerv has set up, while trying to go in unnoticed at the same time," besides, Shinji's our pal, it's our job as his only friends to find out what's wrong and help him, right?"

Though he woudn't voice it, he felt compelled to do it, as if it was on his honor in order to find out what happened to Shinji. Ever since Shinji disappeared, he's been getting dreams of some sort of mech. Course, he dreams about that sort of thing all the time really, since his dream is to one day pilot an Eva and fight those Angels. But this mech wasn't an Eva at all. It was the same size as one, but it was white and blue with yellow trimmings, with the mech looking like an old French soldier. The one thing he noted was the weapons it had, it had a saber of some sort and, strangely, flying roses that shot beams from all directions.

Oblivious to the geeks thoughts, Touji just shook his head with a smile," right, right," he said as he laid back in his chair as he lifted his hand up and chewed on a thin piece of stick with green leaves on it that he found outside earlier.

"Got it," Kensuke exclaimed, but quickly quieted down as he started to read the reports on Shinji.

"What's it say Mr. Aida," Hikari said as looked over his shoulder.

Kensuke stayed quiet for a minuted as he continued to read and got wide-eyed at all he just learned," man, Shinji must have done something to piss off some god or something."

"What, what?! What happened??" Touji asked as he was getting impatient.

"Well, this is how it starts out..." he then proceeded to tell them what happened, along with giving them pictures on unit 01's new look with the female looking mech, Shinji's new look (which is before he got his new piece of clothing and new hairstyle), and the young woman he had with him.

'Why is it that Shinji gets all the hot chicks, why?' Touji grumbled in his thoughts as the stick in his mouth pointed up from the pout on his face.

"I can't believe that all happened, it like some crazy anime gone wrong," Hikari said as she played a bit with her right pigtail. Now she knew what Asuka seemed to be so worried about, though the German girl would totally deny it by saying she was fine, but Hikari could definitely see what was wrong, and now she knew why it seemed Rei was saddened nowadays.

"You're telling me," Kensuke said as he closed up the links he had on Nerve before he got caught. Just as soon as that happened, he got a big smile on his face," but you gotta admit it's cool how Shinji killed the last angel, it was like, bam, it then, kaboom, with all the Angel's pieces flying all singed and burned," Kensuke as he made hand gestures about explosion when Shinji used his burning hand to make the Angel explode. The two could only shake their heads at him at how much of kid he was being at the moment.


"I wonder why they would want you two, you haven't done anything wro..." she then got wide-eyed, along with the other two, thinking it might be about them hacking into Nerv or something similar, and that they might be arrested for it. The two could only gulp at the moment.

"We could always run," Touji suggested with a shaky voice as the stick threatened to fall out of his mouth.

"And go where, Section Two Agents would get us in mere seconds before we even try to escape, of that I know," Kensuke argured with an equally shaky voice.

"The only thing you two can do now is go and see what they want, I'm sure it's not...so bad," Hikari said, only to hesitate a bit at the end, meaning she wasn't as sure herself as well as the other two.

Touji sighed and looked up as if he was resigning himself to his death," if we don't come back in an hour or so, call my parents and sister and tell them I'll see them up in heaven," he said as he got up to leave, with Kensuke not far behind, who just kept quiet, silently crying about not being able to pilot the Eva at all.

Back at Misato's apartment, Asuka was silently laying down on her bed as she remembered when she tried to surprise Kaji and seduce him to her charms, only to find out the extra two pilots they were going to receive now. To say she was pissed was one thing, not only would she have two other losers deal with, but it felt like they were already trying to replace Shinji. That thought really pissed her off to no end, even thought he was a spineless man, he was still a valuable part of their trio, the great pilot Asuka, the spineless Shinji, and the wonder-girl Rei. It was perfect like that, but the idiot had to go and leave on his own, why?

That was the question going on in her head now and it really bugged her, not to mention the dreams she's been having lately after he left. They weren't really dreams to her though, they felt like they were visions of some sort, of her in another mech. This mech was the same size of the Evas and it was mostly black and white with its choice of weapon being a iron ball being flung around by some energy like chain while looking like a massively muscled man.

The dreams, the two new pilots, along with Shinji's sudden departure, it was starting to get on her nerves that she couldn't take it anymore and drifted off to sleep, once again dreaming about a black and white mech that looked like a bulky man.

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