Going Drag


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"I beg you pardon?" he did not want to believe the words that his company had just uttered.

There was a minute of an almost deafening silence that went by inside the room. The two not-so-human occupants were keenly facing each other. Kurama, the notorious Kitsune thief that was living as a human, was currently in the Spirit Realm and in front of him was the Prince of the Underworld.

The pint sized Prince slightly shifted in his seat, he was hoping that the redhead would smile and simply acquiesce to his request like he usually did.

"I enrolled you to White Lily Private High School, where some parasitical demons have been sighted. I need you to find out who they are, and discreetly exterminate them without harming the hosts. This is a solo mission for you. However, I will send Hiei, Kuwabara, and Yuusuke for backup if you find yourself in a dire situation", Koenma repeated word-for-word what he had just said a few minutes ago to the teen standing before him.

The demigod then handed him a DVD and a manila envelope, "everything you need to know about this mission is in here and inside the envelope are your papers for school."

Kurama stared murderously at the aforementioned items, not bothering to pick it up.

He clenched his jaws so hard it almost made a sound. "You do realize that it's an all-girl's school, Koenma." Despite the redhead's seemingly calm exterior, his strained voice and golden orbs were not doing a good job of hiding his vexation.

The Prince paled and was almost tempted to take back what he had said. He bit the insides of his cheeks and forced himself to remain adamant on his decision. "Yes, I know that fact very well. That is also the reason why this mission is assigned solely to you."

Even if his insides were shouting bloody carnage, the Kitsune rationally thought about it. Kuwabara could never pass as a girl, and there was no telling what kind of perverted things Yuusuke would do. Moreover, the two human teenagers were not one to be subtle and patient. And Hiei… well, no need to go there. There was just no way in the Nine Levels of Hell would the little Fire Demon do it without killing Koenma or the human hosts first.

He released a long pained sigh, "I do not have a choice on this matter, do I?"

The Prince dived in for the kill, "unless you want to shoulder the guilt of letting helpless teenage girls be prey to demons, no, you do not."

Resignation was clearly written on the teen's fair countenance. Koenma almost felt sorry for him, but at the moment, self-preservation was on the top of his charts. If this problem was not dealt with as soon as possible, it would eventually reach the ears of his father.

"Anything but that", the brunette winced at the though and twiddled his chubby little fingers.

The minute part of him that felt guilty for forcing the mission to the Kitsune said, "I'm sure it won't take long, it isn't dangerous either. They are relatively low level demons. The only problem is that if not handled delicately, the hosts might be harmed. That is what we are trying to avoid."

Kurama knew the moment he heard of the mission that there was no backing out and he would still be forced to do it, either by the oath he made after stealing Reikai's treasures or by his own human conscience. He sighed one more time and gave Koenma a curt nod.

He then grabbed the items and walked out the massive doors of the office. The ogres somehow knew that he was not in the best of moods, scurried out of his way.

When Koenma was sure that the Kitsune was out of his palace, he slumped over his majestic purple chair and breathed out a sigh of relief. He swore never to do anything that would anger the slyest of the Tantei—ever. Just the feeling of Kurama's suppressed youki was enough to give him goose bumps to last at least a month.



Note: Story takes place after the Dark Tournament. In this fic Kurama could switch between forms if he wants to (without needing any potion or dying friends), because I have a feeling that Youko wants to appear sometime later in the story.

I just couldn't resist writing a story with Kurama dressing up as a girl (laughs!). His manly pride will be tortured on the next chapters, I'm afraid. As for pairings, this will eventually be KB.