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This is my first fanfic – I told myself I was just happy reading it but that was until I was handed a plot bunny I couldn't pass up so bear with – quality is likely to be… sketchy at best.

Rated for later chapters there will be citrus I swear

This is Yaoi and ShounenAi – you have been warned, flames because of the aforementioned will be ignored!

Some OOC ness but necessary and only in early timeline which you will only see in flashback

Plot summary:

AU For refusing to fight in the Battle of the Heavens, he had been banished to live on earth, a mortal life, but cursed with immortality and mortal emotions, until the day he finds redemption. But Millennia have passed since then, and the angel is no longer angelic. Can he ever find redemption?


Wait and see (I know I am a meanie)


I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh!, the characters are merely borrowed for the purpose of entertaining myself, I make no money from this yadda yadda yadda etc etc.

I shall be explaining character roles later as we go, but it would spoil the fic to do so right this second. Enjoy!

The hunting party crept through the undergrowth slowly. They had heard a terrible cry not so long ago. A cry that spoke of great pain, and poured fear into their hearts. The clan leader pressed forward, wiping sweat from his brow, determined to show strength before his younger fellows. He could almost smell their fear, and could see their weapons tremble in their grasp as they crept forward. What manner of creature had uttered that cry? A twig snapped under his foot, the sound loud in the night causing the other to freeze behind him. He almost froze himself, be was determined not to show that kind of weakness before these younglings. Now only a few branches separated him from their target. Slowly, quietly he parted the branches to see the creature.

It lay in the clearing, still, barely breathing. It lay in a thick pool of liquid, inky black in the moonlight. As he took in the sight he realised the creature was a man, not unlike himself, that lay naked and vulnerable in the night. Feeling bolder he stepped out into the clearing, ignoring his companion's clawing hands trying to hold him back. Coming closer now he approached the man's back, seeing now that black liquid had stemmed from two deep wounds where his shoulder blades were. The skin round the wounds was tattered and torn, a stark contrast to the milky paleness of his skin.

The sight of those wounds made him sick to his stomach and he had to turn from the broken creature before he retched. He lay in a pool of blood, blood from those awful wounds, and there was so much. He turned back as he heard a pained groan form the other, how could he be alive! He stood aghast as he watched the wounds heal, missing flesh rebuilding itself, knitting together, new skin growing stretching and sealing the wounds. Now the flesh of the other's back was smooth, flawless, as if the holes had never been. Once again the fallen man groaned, beginning to move. He found himself creeping back to his fellows, his hands tight on his weapon as he backed away, watching in silent horror as the man began to sit up.

The fallen one placed his hands in the wetness to give himself leverage. Peeling himself from the sticky mess of his own blood he managed to sit up in the fetid substance, his blood stained snowy locks falling down his back, blood dripping from the ends onto his back in a fresh flow. He sucked in breath as the pain began to dissipate, the feeling new, alien to him. He could hear that he was not alone, turning towards the sound in the undergrowth. He opened his eyes for the first time, unaware that in the eyes of his watchers, they were the very colour of the blood that lay pooled around him.


Okay okay, I know it is short, but I am setting the scene okay. More will be explained later. This is a Prologue all. I hope it has set the tone for what is to come. I shan't be waiting for review to write the next chappie. I shall submit this one and get right on it. Though reviews would be nice folks! Ever onward!