For Death Angel's Shadow, because she requested it, wrote me Thrill Pair, and is now part of my online family as my Japanese Fighting Fish. Once again, I luff you -heartheartheart-

"Tch. Why the heck do /we/ have to camp outside while Mukahi and Oshitari get to stay in a hotel?" Shishido asked, apparently very annoyed. But who could blame him? He was stuck in wilderness. With bugs. He hated bugs.

"Well...Atobe-buchou wanted the doubles pairs to have bonding time..." Ohtori replied, busy setting up the tent.

"That still doesn't answer why those two bastards get to /spend time/ together in a hotel while we're stuck outside here in this jungle!" He waved his hands at the jungle, exasperated.

"Oshitari-senpai is good at convincing Atobe," the younger said, "And it didn't help that you decided to call Atobe that name that he hates."

"What? Monkey King? It fits him."

"Now don't say that Shishido-senpai! It's not nice to talk behind peoples' backs. Look, I finished setting up the tent."

"It's small." Shishido commented.

"Then we'll just have to squeeze together," Ohtori said with an innocent smile.

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