Title: The Fans Say No

Rating: K+

Summary: Parody of Aussie "Australia Says No" ads, using Doctor Who characters.

Disclaimer: I don't own a thing.

Author's Note: Finally, the stupid site's working! This is just a really random thing I thought of when I was on holiday.

The Fans Say No

Jackie: My daughter went swanning off with this alien bloke, then came back a year later. So I gave the guy a slap, just to put him in his place … That's assault.

Rose: My ex boyfriend's gran used to hit him, like, all the time. But it was okay, we all had a laugh about it afterwards … It's never okay.

Random Cyberman: My companions and I were just following orders, then all these people started shooting at us. Just because I have skin of steel and no emotions doesn't mean it didn't hurt … You should report it.

Random Reaper: Well, there was a wound in time, and in order to fix it I had to devour everything in sight. I didn't do anything wrong did I?… Yes, you did.

If you've experienced or caused violence, call us on our confidential helpline on 1800 112 9653 for help and support. Because to violence against Doctor Who characters … the fans say no.

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