Note: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender. If I did I wouldn't have time to write slash about it (I would be making episode slash).

I got this idea one night while I was bored. I was scanning the internet, looking at random Jetko pictures (for my own amusement), when I came across a few that included a pregnant Zuko and a happy daddy Jet. I could not get the idea out of my head. I loved it, and found out soon that there aren't many fanfictions matching the subject. I was shocked at this, but considered the fact that it would be hard for Zuko to get pregnant. And he would be freaked out/ pissed. But hey, I live in the real world, he doesn't, so a boy can get pregnant! Woooo! And, I have a explanation why.



"I hate him!" Zuko thought, stomping his way to his room in the Earth Kingdom palace. "Who does he think he is? He doesn't own me!" When he reached the door he opened it, stepped in, slammed it, and fell on his bed.

Zuko had good reason to be angry. He was currently under the occupation of bitch for two people who he really did not like. The first, his sister Azula, was his least favorite. Since they had conquered the city she had been treating him like her own personal slave.

"ZUKO! GO GET THE DOOR!" "ZUKO! GO GET MY LUNCH!" "ZUKO! GO SEE WHAT THAT WAS!" It was enough to drive Zuko wolfbatty. He had been having many day dreams about the day of black sun.

He could imagine his sister crying out to the heavens when she realized that her bending powers did not work. He envisioned a big boulder hurdled by an earthbender smashing down on her, crushing her. If that did happen he was sure he would run over to the earthbender and kiss them, female or male.

The second, Jet, would have been the worst had Zuko not preferred taking it up the ass to keeping his sister happy. Why Zuko had saved him, he would never know. He did remember the day he found Jet, lying there, helpless.

"Uncle, we have to leave this place!" Zuko called out to his Uncle Iroh as he ran down the halls of the underground chamber. They ran through tunnel after tunnel, finding no exit. However, they did find something, or someone else.

The boy was lying there alone, bleeding. Iroh was kneeling before the boy, trying to get a pulse. "It's weak." He whispered to Zuko. Zuko recognized the boy. "Jet..." He was dying. There was nothing they could do. "We should go, there is nothing else we can do." Iroh said, rising. "I'm sorry Zuko, I know you knew him." Zuko nodded. "I'm going to stay, just for a minute." Iroh nodded, understanding. He then rose and left. Zuko stood over the boy, thinking. He had heard of soldiers who had survived serious injuries when they were close to friends or family. They had a reason to live, and they forced themselves to survive. Mind over matter.

"Jet?" Zuko whispered, leaning down to the boy and cupping his chin in his hands. "Jet, listen to me." Jet opened his eyes. "You were right, I am a firebender. I am a prince in fact. Prince Zuko, son of Fire lord Ozai. You were right."

Jet's eyes widened. "You have a reason to live, to punish me. Punish my family by hurting me. I am the heir to the throne. Hurt me and you'll hurt the whole nation." Jet gave Zuko a malicious smile, one that sent a shiver down Zuko's spine. "You will live." Zuko said plainly. "You will live."

Suddenly Zuko heard someone running down the corridors, and he sat down Jet's head and left. Jet was smiling at him the whole time.

That had been the second biggest mistake of Zuko's life. The first was siding with Azula in the first place. He just wanted his father to love him, but if his father ever found out about his "relationship," he would kill him. "I must be a masochist." Thought Zuko.

It had been less than three days after the conquer of Ba Sing Sa when he had heard the footsteps on the balcony to his room. He took no note of them, the Dai Le had a habit of checking everyone's room at night.

Suddenly, the footsteps came close up to his bed. That was when he jerked up. "What the he..." He was cut short by a familiar face. It was Jet. "Hello Lee, or should I say Prince Zuko?" Zuko was surprised. "Your alive..."

"Yes Zuko, I'm alive, and it's all thanks to you."Jet smiled. "You gave me hope, you gave me a reason to live, and now I'm here to fulfill that reason." Zuko thought back for a moment. He then remembered what he had told Jet. "Punish my family by hurting me..."

Zuko then became angry (as usual). "What do you want? A fight? Even if you win the Dai Lee will come and kill you." Jet smiled. "No, it's not a fight that I'm after, it's something much more satisfying." When he said that Zuko got a chill up his spine. Jet had a way of doing that to him.

"Yeah, and what did you have in mind?" Zuko said with firmness, trying not to sound freaked out. "Why a fuck of course!" That was it, Zuko was officially creeped. "WHAT?!" he said. "Shhhh, the Dai Lee might hear you!" Jet replied with a whisper. "You just told me you're here to fuck me and you just expect me to keep my mouth shut?!" Zuko replied.

"Ok, even if I didn't think you were completely out of your mind and SICK, why the HELL would I ever give in to you, especially with something like THAT?!" Zuko asked quiet irritated. "Because my love," Jet whispered, leaning into Zuko's ear, "I have this on you..." Jet then took out the Blue Spirit mask that Zuko had thrown into the lake. Zuko fell silent, and any color that stained his pale skin left it.

"Where did you get that?" He whispered. Jet smiled, but Zuko could not see it since Jet was still pressed into his ear. "Why Lake Laogai of course! Just where you left it. It surfaced after you threw it in, and I took it. I thought it would be useful."

Zuko turned to face Jet. "You could never pin that on me, it would never work." He said. Jet lifted his eyebrow. "Oh really? Well let me tell you some funny stories. Story one, you say no, I go to your sister, she finds a new excuse to kill you, and her and the Dai Lee end your sad life. Story two, you kill me right now, the Dai Lee hear, come in, and find me and the mask. Now they know that the Blue spirit isn't me because I was under their control when he ran the streets of this city, so the only other option is you. Oh, and there is no way that you could burn the mask before they come in because it is fire proof! Something you probably knew when buying it, comes in handy around firebenders, doesn't it? Anyway, that story has pretty much the same ending as the first. Ok, third and last story. You give in to me, fulfill my every desire, I am satisfied, I leave with the mask, and you live another day. "

Zuko was petrified at just how much Jet must have thought about this before telling him, and just how right he was about everything. "How do I know that you wont just go to my sister after the...thing?" He asked, mostly trying to buy thinking time.

"Because, my reason for living is to hurt you. It is my life, my breath. If you are dead, I wouldn't have any reason to continue on." Jet replied. Zuko was shocked. "But why? You like women, I saw you hit on that watertribe girl, why do you want me?"

Jet thought for a moment, then replied "there are so many reasons why I'm not sure if I can give you a strait answer. First, you are so beautiful." Zuko blushed at this. "You are more beautiful than any woman that I have ever met, more seductive. The way you move, breath, do anything, it's better than a geisha. Second, I'm infatuated with you. You saved me. When I opened my eyes, I thought I was looking at an angel. I thought I was dead and in the spirit world. You were perfect. Third, it will hurt you. Not just the physical pain, but the emotional pain of being used like a doll. Having your body touched by someone whom you don't want it to be touched by. Being owned. That will give me life."

A tear ran down Zuko's eye. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, or that it was making him cry. No one had ever made him feel so good about himself, but so bad at the same time. "No...I just can't..." He said weakly. He cursed himself inside for his weakness.

"Then you will die." Jet said firmly, then got up off Zuko's bed as if to leave. Zuko grabbed his hand and stopped him. Jet turned around and faced him. "Anything. Anything else. I will do anything but that." Zuko said. Jet shook his head. "I don't want anything else from you."

"Please, not that! I...I've never...never done it before..." Zuko begged. "Would you rather live, or stay a virgin?" Zuko felt sick. "I...I...yes...I want to live." Jet smiled at him. "Now, where do you think we should get started?"

Jet was right, it was painful. It hurt pretty bad physically. Jet had been intent on making Zuko's first time memorable. He didn't want it to be "stained" by the use of any lubricant or loosening. He simply wanted to shove it in, no preparation. Of course it had hurt him on the inside. He bleed pretty bad, and used the excuse of a bad nose bleed to keep the cleaning lady from getting suspicious, though it was unlikely that she cared anyway.

The worst though, was the way he felt afterwards. He felt dirt, defiled. He felt used, and worthless. He wanted to disappear, to become invisible. He felt so bad that he threw up, as he had been every night since that first. He hated Jet, and Jet knew it. Jet feed off of it. He loved it. "I love you, I'll be back tomorrow," was his reply with his infamous smile before he jumped off the edge of the balcony, using his hook swords to keep himself from falling.

Zuko had wished that the swords would break and Jet would fall to his death, but they hadn't. It was evident when Jet returned the next night, and the next, and the next. He had returned every night since then to collect his "keep my mouth shut" pay. Zuko hated him.

Now here Zuko was, sitting in his room, waiting for the perv to show up. As usual, Zuko spent the minutes before his arrival cursing him. "Sick bastard, pervert, rapist. He forced me, I don't like it, I have no choice." Zuko told himself. "No one came blame me."

The noise at the balcony told Zuko that Jet had showed up. "Hello beautiful." Jet said, greeting his play thing. "Hello perv." Zuko replied, not looking up. Jet shrugged it off. "How is my love been doing today?" Jet asked politely. Zuko turned his head to look at him. "If your going for four-play I'm not interested. Let's just get it started and get it over with."

Jet frowned."I own you. I am in control. You do not speak unless spoken to. You reply with respect." Zuko glared at him. "Yes, I am sorry." He said through clenched teeth. Jet smiled. "Yes I am sorry master." He was pushing it, but he knew this. Zuko hated him. "I have no choice." "Yes, I am sorry master." Zuko hissed. Jet's smile grew.

"Tell me you're a whore." He demanded. Zuko cringed. "I'm a whore." "Tell me I own you." "You own me." "Tell me how much you like it." This really pissed Zuko off, considering how much he hated it.

"I love it," he lied, "I've never felt anything better. It's like nothing that I have ever felt before." Jet was getting really aroused by now. "Tell me how you like it." "I like it in the mouth." "And where else?" Zuko couldn't bring himself to say it. "And where else whore?" Jet was getting impatient.

"I like it up the ass. I like it when your inside me." Jet was satisfied. "Very good. We can get started. Take off your clothes, slowly." Zuko sighed, and began to slowly disrobe.