Note: Yet another song of Rohan. This tells the tale of Folcred and Fastred, the sons of Folcwine King of the Mark, who went to Gondor to fight against the Haradrim in answer to the Steward Turin II's call for aid.

Disclaimer: Folcwine, Folcred, Fastred, Turin II, the Haradrim, Gondorians, Rohan, the Poros, Harad, Gondor, and a whole bunch of other things belong to J.R.R. Tolkien. No mumakil were harmed in the writing of this song.

Folcred and Fastred
-by Elwen Aiwelinde

Hearken now, hear me, how it began
"Folcwine, foul news," spake friends from the south.
The Steward, Turin, was sending for aid.
Oaths now to honor, oaths to fulfill.
Folcred and Fastred, fain would they go.

Hatred and hunger, Haradrim foul
Black serpent, bloody, blew on the wind
Foul men and fell men, foes by the score
Scores of scores, southrons, surrounding our friends
Folcred and Fastred, fain would they go.

Aetheling and aetheling, oaths did recall
A thousand thanes bold thronged at their sides.
To Poros, wide Poros, pledged to defend
Red wrath arising, rode they to fight
Folcred and Fastred, fain would they go.

From Munburg the mighty, men brave and bold
With Turin the Steward took to the field.
"Hold now the crossings, hold now!" he cried.
With men of the Stoningland, men of the Mark
Folcred and Fastred, fain would they stand.

Wave upon wave of warriors bold
Fell in the fray, foam running red
The black serpent fell, bloodied and torn
Driven, defeated, in dread southrons ran
Folcred and Fastred, fain would they stand.

Where is the rider, where is the horse?
Where are the sons, the sons of the king?
Red is the flood that runs to the sea.
There at the Poros, there at the ford
Folcred and Fastred fast did they stand.

Oaths were remembered, oaths did not fail
Brotherhood bound them, bonds deep and true
Twins at their birthing, twins at their death
High raise their mound, Haudh in Gwanur.
Folcred and Fastred fealty kept.