Title: Diplomacy
Claim: Ino/Temari
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: Ino lets slip something she probably shouldn't.


Temari tastes like roasted coffee beans and the sugared plums Ino had brought her earlier that day in a small paper bag: sweet and just a bit spicy against her tongue. Their kisses are slow and languid, and Ino takes her time exploring the soft walls of Temari's mouth.

Ino thinks she probably tastes waxy like her lip gloss, and she likes the shiny, sticky film she's leaving on Temari's lips and chin. Sometimes she wishes she wore a stronger shade of lipstick so she could leave a perfect imprint of her mouth on Temari's white neck. A hickey is just as good, though. Teeth marks are better.

After a while, they break apart to catch their breath. Ino lets Temari pull her down on the carpet and links their arms and legs together in a jumbled, sweaty mess of limbs and fabric and mesh. She plays a while with the brittle strands of the Suna girl's windblown hair before pressing a kiss to her forehead.

"That was nice," Ino says.

"Mm." Temari smiles and runs her fingernails along the hem of Ino's skirt. "Do all Leaf diplomats give such warm welcomes?"

Ino laughs and parts her thighs just a little. "You should ask your brother what he gets up to with Sakura when he comes to town," she says.

Temari's hand pauses and her eyes widen. "Gaara is with—"

"Oh please," Ino interrupts. "Only Naruto would be stupid enough to try anything with the Kazekage. It's your other brother who's been spotted climbing into closets with a certain pink-haired medical resident lately."

"Hmm, so Kankurou has himself a girl," Temari says, her fingers diving back under Ino's skirt, a mischievous grin on her face.

Ino squirms and then starts her own assault on Temari's robes. "Hey, if you're going to tease the guy, don't tell him I was the one that told you. Sakura would kill me, then bring me back to life and kill me again."

"Don't worry," Temari whispers. "Your secret's safe with me as long as you give me something to occupy my mouth."

"I'm sure I could think of something…" Ino gives her own provocative smile and pulls the other girl closer for another kiss.

This time they don't separate for hours, not even to catch their breath.