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"I hate weddings."

Simple, straight to the point and completely random words, just like the woman who uttered them. One flick of her wrist to the bartender and just like that another cosmopolitan was in front of her and with ironic grace she lifted the crimson liquid to her equally crimson lips. Must've been her eighth or ninth serving, discounting the two bottles of beer she downed when they had dinner at some off-road steakhouse earlier that evening. Kirisawa Fuuko can definitely hold her liquor.

"I would've never guessed," Mikagami Tokiya remarked without intention as he smirked into his own drink.

"What makes you think I'm having fun?" she asked.

He eyed the three empty stemmed glasses in front of her the bartender was yet to clean up in answer.

"I drink to numb the pain," she replied with a mocking laugh.

"And they say I'm the surly one," he said with a snort.

Fuuko swung forty five degrees on her barstool and looked at him disbelievingly as she held the thin stem of her glass precariously between her thumb and index finger. "Don't tell me you're enjoying yourself?"

Tokiya turned to face her. "They're our friends, and even though I find their choice in China completely detestable and tacky, I can't help but be happy for them." He ended his sentence with a smirk, sometimes he thought that they spent far too much time together if they could manage to completely switch personalities on occasion. Still, turnabouts like this were few and far in between and he relished them every time, it was fun being friendly, happy and caring.

She slapped a hand on his thigh and exclaimed, "That's not what I meant! Of course I'm happy for Recca and Yanagi, it's just that I hate weddings, on principle."

"And what principle would that be?"

"The principle that everyone I know is getting married and I'm going to die alone," she deadpanned.

"That's not a principle," he stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh, leave me to my self-pity," she said with another whack to his thigh.

Tokiya looked over her head and spotted the blissfully happy bride and groom coming over to them. "Well, can you manage looking all perky and jovial for a few minutes as the newlyweds are coming over?"

No sooner had the words left his mouth did the couple reach their side, with matching shit-eating grins on their faces.

"Hey, you two missed dinner!" Recca greeted.

"No shit, Sherlock," Fuuko answered.

Tokiya pointed to his purple-haired companion. "She wanted steak. All you had was this vegan bu--…buffet." He was about to say bullshit but remembered the vegan bullshit was all Yanagi's caprice. He can truthfully say that he was no longer in love with her but he still held a soft spot for the girl.

"I feel like steak right now, all that broccoli left a bad taste in my mouth," Recca said. Still can't get the foot out of his mouth, Tokiya thought.

"You didn't like the food, Recca-kun?" Yanagi asked with a pout.

"Of course I did, princess, I just wish there were more dead animals included in the menu," he kidded.

They must've matured vastly in the years Tokiya and Fuuko were away from them because in the next few seconds Yanagi did not kick Recca in the shin and the boy did not end up whining like a spoiled little swot. Instead she just playfully pinched his nose and he placed a light kiss on her temple as they sweetly smiled at each other.

Fuuko rolled her eyes and said jokingly, "Oh gods, you two are still acting like high school sweethearts, please get out of my face."

"You're just jealous," Recca retorted.

"Pfft," was her only response.

"I'm about to throw the bouquet, I expect my maid of honor to be out there and fighting to catch it," Yanagi said before turning her back and making her way to the floor, Recca closely behind, a hand on the small of her back, still acting like her ninja.

"How much is she going to hate me if we get out of here right now?" Fuuko said as soon as the two were out of earshot.

"She probably will not make you godmother of her first child, which isn't too bad an idea since you proved to be the most useless maid of honor in history," Tokiya offered.

"Am I a pain?" She looked truly perturbed.

"Honestly? Yes. It's not like she's asking you to perform an interpretive dance to the tune of 'Fixing a Broken Heart' while wearing pink taffeta and a tiara made of a variety of colourful vegetables. Just smile a bit and act like you're attending her wedding, not her funeral," he advised.


"Don't apologize to me, go catch that fucking bouquet."

Fuuko smiled up at him in thanks and kissed his cheek before bounding off towards the dance floor where ladies of all ages had flocked to. She stood out in the crowd, purple tresses glistening underneath chandelier lights that illuminated the room with a candle-like quality. Of the bridal entourage, she was the only one to forego the ubiquitous chiffon shawl and sanguinely sauntered around in her bare-backed and provocatively low necked red gown. She had never been shy about her body and there really was nothing to be shy about.

He walked closer to where the main action was. Yanagi looked once over her shoulder and he didn't miss the small smile on her face when the bride saw her maid of honor in the crowd. He watched on as Fuuko made pathetically fake attempts to catch the bouquet and the exaggerated sigh she made when a tall woman in a lavender gown claimed it. She turned around and he knew she was searching him out; it didn't take long before warm brown eyes met cold blue ones. She smiled and waved as if to say, 'There, I did it,' and he just winked in response. Years ago this would've been an odd occurrence. But everyone who knew them now would tell you that it was just normal. They were after all, friends. And well, Tokiya was admittedly fond of her. Living with someone for the last eight years, you tend to develop a fondness for them.

Kami, had it been eight years? It certainly didn't feel like it. Whatever little quirk of Fuuko's that he learned to hate over the years, it didn't erase the fact that having her for a roommate meant never having a boring moment in his life.

It all started out eight years ago, a year after he graduated from Tokyo University and settled into city life, when he received a phone call from one Kirisawa Fuuko. She mentioned something about an interview at a PR firm in Tokyo and wondered if she could crash on his couch for a day or two to save on hotel expenses. He initially acted as if he would rather ingest poison than allow her to stay over but the truth was he missed his friends and even having the one who constantly tortured him visit for a while would be, well, nice.

She got the job and he had an extra room. It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement but then both saw the benefits of having a roommate, financially it was ideal. And she was fun to have around. Three years later, after they had promotions and more comfortable salaries they moved into a more posh apartment with a working heating system and a sup that didn't smell of falafel. In the eight years they lived together, neither expressed desires nor plans of moving out. It's not like he had plans of marriage, he never had a tryst that lasted more than a month and she…he never really believed she ever loved any of the men she had those long-term relationships with. She was just so tepid with them and he always pictured that when she fell in love, it would be scorching.

He was jolted out of his trip down memory lane when he felt a strong pat on his back.

"Domon." He didn't have to turn around to figure out who it was. It was the strong smell of pepper that gave the bundle of muscles away.

"Mikagami," the other returned.

"How's life treating you?" Tokiya asked nonchalantly as if he'd seen him just yesterday and this wasn't their first meeting in almost two years. They were that kind of friends.

"Been busy with the wrestling tour; hope I could take a break in the winter and come home for a while, I kind of miss it here, all peaceful and quiet, away from all the lights. You and Fuuko have plans of coming home for a long break?"

Tokiya shook his head. "Not for a while. There's a lot of work at the firm and I know Fuuko just got assigned a new account by her PR Company; maybe next year."

Domon took a sip from his bottled water. "Yeah, you two always say that." His view traversed the crowd and landed on Fuuko who had her back turned to them. She was talking to a mousy-looking brunette who looked somewhat familiar to Tokiya. He shrugged; he figured she was an old classmate from Nashikiri.

"Say," Domon interrupted his thoughts once again, "Fuuko's looking hotter and hotter every time I see her. Still single?"

Tokiya smirked. "Yes, and you still don't have a chance."

Domon snorted. "Never said I did, man. Just wondering why you two still aren't together."

Tokiya raised a well-arched eyebrow. "Now why in the world would you ever think that?"

Domon looked at him as if he were retarded. "You're living with an extremely hot girl who has an affinity for wearing short and flimsy negligees; don't tell me you never wished you could bend her over the kitchen table and fuck her into oblivion."

"Of course not, she's my friend. And don't be crude."


"Why don't you scream louder, I don't think the Prime Minister of Japan heard you," Tokiya returned with a sneer.

Domon looked at him sheepishly before continuing, "Come on, man, it's just that every male in here is jealous of you because they think you two are doing it, couple or not. I just can't believe you never even thought of it."

Tokiya sighed. "They can believe what they want to believe, she's my roommate and my, correction, our friend. I try not to think of her that way."

"Try?" Domon prodded with a curious eyebrow.

"You know those white, linen, button-up shirts I used to favor in high school?"


"She loves to lounge around the house wearing those with only her white cotton panties underneath. Plain torture, I tell you."

"I pity you man, really," Domon said sarcastically.

"Shut up."

"Can the muscle brain and the beanpole please proceed to the front of the ballroom?" Fuuko's high pitched tone reverberated through the microphone. Domon and Tokiya simultaneously turned and spotted the she-devil they were speaking of waving manically at them to come over. Recca and Yanagi were behind her and an all-grown up Ganko was walking hand in hand with Kagerou towards where they were.

The two men walked across the ballroom and came to a halt in front of the woman who had so rudely summoned them.

"What do you want?" Tokiya asked tersely.

"Hokage group picture," she explained simply and without further ado dragged an arm each of the two men as they stood behind Recca and Yanagi, sitting on a long bench with Ganko ang Kagerou flanking their sides.

"Smile, bitch," Fuuko playfully reminded Tokiya.

The flash of the camera promptly came at the count of three.

"I don't do that, remember?" he whispered near her ear.

"Can't blame a girl for trying," she joshed.

Tokiya was about to open his mouth for a retort when Domon interrupted him to tell everyone, "I booked the penthouse for all of us tonight, what do you guys think about an kicking it old school and pulling an all nighter, just like old times?"

"We never had sleepovers in the old times," Tokiya reminded him humorlessly.

"Shut up freezeboy, I was just trying to say it's rare for us to get together like this, might as well make the most of it, right?" Domon said.

Fuuko chimed in, "Um, Domon, it's Recca and Yanagi's wedding night, so I'm thinking they'd want to be alone? You know, wink wink, nudge nudge?"

"No, I think it's a wonderful idea!" Yanagi happily countered, "We're leaving for Phuket tomorrow for a week-long honeymoon anyhow and I really missed you all so much! I'm sure Recca-kun won't mind."

"I would, actually," Recca offered futilely.

"You wouldn't, honey, don't you miss your friends?" Yanagi said through clenched teeth.

"Of course I do honey, I would trade in a passionate night with my lovely new bride for a sleepover with two men and an extremely volatile tomboy any day," Recca answered with a stiff smile.

"I knew you'd see it my way, darling," Yanagi answered as she slipped her arm around Recca's.

Fuuko couldn't help but giggle and Tokiya showed the slightest signs of being amused.

"Don't forget about me!" Ganko squealed. And even though she's all grown up and filling out her bridesmaid's gown nicely, Tokiya still can't think of her as anything older than eight.

"So, we're all in?" Domon confirmed.

Tokiya shrugged. Fuuko answered for him, "That would be a yes."

Recca and Yanagi walked away to make a thank-you round for their other guests while Domon went to make arrangements for their little Hokage reunion later that night. Ganko went back to her table to chat with her school friends.

Tokiya gently placed a hand on Fuuko's back and guided her towards the elevator. They decided to go up to their rooms first and change into something more comfortable.

"Did you know that everyone in this room thinks we're sleeping with each other?" he whispered to her.


"Really. It's all speculation though."

"Our friends?"

"Domon at least thinks we should get together."

She stepped into the elevator and pressed the button marked '14'.

"What did you tell him?"

"I told him about how hot you look wearing my old shirts."


"And how much of a torture it is watching you sashay around the house practically naked."

"Is it that much of a torture?"

"Yes, and Fuuko…"


"Stop it with this coy bullshit, we're alone now."

And with that he pushed her up against the wall and crushed his lips against hers.

To be contnued...