VTM: For those who don't know, 30 kisses is a challenge to write 30 stories for a pairing with 30 different themes...they must involve a kiss weather it be an actual kiss or someting metaphorical...They don't have to be in order or anything so yeah...Now...done with my blabbing it's showtime!

Rating: G
Pairing: Ace x Luffy (Er...well more cute brotherly fluff to be honest...)
Theme: # 22 Cradle

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.


"Goodnight boys…" Garp said as he left the room.

Four year old Ace merely blinked and watched as his grandfather left, he didn't really care much for the man. With a small sigh he tried to get a little more comfortable in the oversized bed he and his baby brother had to share. They were just recently given to Garp by their parents, right before they left he remembered being told to protect little Luffy.

Ace looked at his little brother, he didn't seem to be all that comfortable. He squirmed a bit and made noises that made it clear that he was getting ready to cry. Ace slowly reached over and gently wrapped his arms around the baby and held him closer.

Soon Luffy's whimpers calmed and he looked up at his older brother with big, curious eyes. Ace smiled a little, he then planted a soft kiss on his brother's forehead, making the baby giggle a little. Luffy then yawned, snuggled into Ace a little more, and slowly fell asleep.

Ace began to drift off into sleep himself, and as he did he thought to himself: 'I promise…I will protect you…'