Title: Arson
Rating: T
Pairing: Ace x Luffy
Theme: #18 'Say Ahh...'
Type: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.

VTM: This is a preview for an upcoming fic, I want to see the reaction it gets, it's my second attempt at a thriller fic, ('Dark Intentions' is currently on hold for lack of reviews, the poor thing is malnurished! lol!) so please be kind.


"…..Twelve O'clock pm., case number 236, Portgas D. Ace…"

Setting her tape recorder aside with a sigh, Kaya looked across the desk to the young man sitting in the chair opposite of her. Giving a somewhat nervous smile, she brushed some stray blonde strands on hair from her face, and cleared her throat. This was a bit unnerving, here she was, on an intern and they give her someone like this? But then again, this one was a lot better behaved than a lot of the other patients.

Across the table from the doctor sat a young man, who has shaggy somewhat unkempt hair, and almost childish freckles. His eyes was once mischievous and playful, were now empty, and miserable. He was much more pale than he was six months before, when he had arrived, but was even then was quite broken. Kaya looked at his picture in the file. In it he was a healthy young man, grinning and giving a younger boy a noogie. It was a bit hard to believe that the boy in the picture and the boy across from her were actually the same person.

Realizing that she had been staring, Kaya shook her head and took up her tape recorder once again and spoke. "Now Ace, just so you know, our conversations will be recorded…" After receiving no answer she sighed and turned on the recorder once again. "Subject suffers psychosis, depression, and pyromania…and is also narcoleptic…"

Ace stared down at the table before him, hands on his lap, he looked almost like a child ready for a scolding. But scolding or not he simply didn't care. He shifted slightly in his chair, it was really uncomfortable, and the room was freezing.

Kaya bit her bottom lip a little. How to start this? It's so different in class, but dealing with these people face to face, no text book could prepare you for it. "Now let's see…it says hear that you lit your own house on fire, correct?"

Ace didn't answer. He stared at the table, the only way to tell he was even alive was that he moved slightly with each breathe he took.

"Then after that incident, you moved on two burning two more buildings…" Kaya continued, Ace's unflinching silence bothered her. Didn't he feel guilt? He caused so much damage. "Okay…then um…let's get a little acquainted! I'm doctor Kaya, nice to meet you." she said with a forced smile. "So, tell me about yourself, how are you today? What are things that you like?"

Ace still remained silent, he seemed to be somewhere else, too deep in his own little world to even acknowledge Kaya's existence.

Doctor Kaya's smile faded. "Um…Okay….then…how about…" She looked over her notes. "Okay, how about this…'Why do you start fires?'"

Finally, Ace looked at her, almost like he just noticed she was there, he looked tired, and rather sad for some reason. "I start fires…cause…I love fire…"

Kaya nodded as she wrote it down in her notes. It was a start, at least he finally spoke, right? "Okay…and why do you-"

"But…" Ace continued, he wasn't looking at Kaya, or at least not right at her, he was looking past her, as though he was confessing something to someone she could not see. "…There's something I love more than fire…"


"Oh, really? What is it?" Kaya said. Now, maybe they were getting somewhere.

Ace was silent again, he closed his eyes, he remembered the thick smell of burning wood, and the loud rumbles of the flames.


"Ace, could you tell me what it is?"

"But the fire got jealous…" Ace said finally, he then bit his lip a little before he continued. "…and took him away from me…"



"Ace!" called a rather lanky boy. He had messy short black hair and a scar under his left eye. He pouted after not getting a response. "Ace! Come on, wake up…I'm bored! Play with me!"

Ace opened his eyes and looked at his little brother and gave a yawn. "Hey kid…"

The boy gave a small pout, he hated it when Ace called him 'kid'. "Miss Alvida and Mr. Kuro are out…"

Ace smirked. "Is that so…?" He then gave a yawn. "So that's why there's no bitching…the quiet is pretty nice…right, Luffy?"

"Play…with…me!" Luffy said almost commandingly.


"Oi! Don't fall asleep!" But it was too late, Ace had slipped back into sleep. Luffy slumped, now what was he going to do? All of his friends were busy, Zoro had to go to a tournament, Nami is busy with her part time job, and Robin was on a trip to study ruins in the Americas. With a sigh he prodded Ace with a finger, but didn't get so much as a mumble out of him. Luffy pouted again, and watched Ace as he slept. "Stupid 'narco-whatever-it's-called'…"

Ace's chest slowly rose and fell with each breath. Luffy watched in an almost curious manner. The younger boy's eyes wandered from Ace's chest to his freckles. He always liked Ace's freckles, they were, dare he think it, cute. Luffy quickly tried to shake the thought from his mind. Boys weren't supposed to say things like 'cute', especially about other boys.

Soon Luffy caught himself staring at Ace's pinkish lips. He blushed and looked away. Luffy could feel his face warm up as color rushed to his cheeks, and he could feel his heart now pounding in his chest. Luffy remembered when he asked Nami about why he'd sometimes feel so odd like that, she said it was a 'crush'. When she asked who he had felt that way around, he dared not say.

Even though the two weren't really related, both their parents dead, but were raised together through request by their final wills (both Portgas and Monkey families were close), it was still, embarrassing.

Luffy bit his bottom lip, these feelings had been eating at him for a while now. But where as most boys were attracted to girls, Luffy couldn't quite see the big deal, sure, girls were very pretty, but, he wasn't as crazy for them as his friend Sanji was.

Luffy poked Ace a bit more, he seemed almost unnaturally warm, but then again, Miss Alvida did keep the house freezing, she said heat makes her hair frizz. It was then Luffy noticed the cold more, his red hoody wasn't going to cut it, so he crawled onto the couch and snuggled against Ace. So warm, it was nice here. After a while of listening to the steady pace pf Ace's breathing, Luffy almost dozed off himself.

Suddenly Ace stirred, with a small groan he opened his eyes and gave a confused blink when he saw Luffy. "Oi…what are you doing…?"

Luffy blushed a nice shade of red. "Um….it was cold…so I just wanted to get warm…" He knew it sounded stupid, but it was the truth, right?

Ace a smirk tugged at the corners of mouth, he then wrapped his arms around Luffy and held him close, causing the younger boy to blush even deeper.

With this closeness, it wouldn't take much effort for one to kiss the other, but neither dared to make such a move, for fear of how the other might react. The two just laid there, enjoying the comfort of each other's presence.


"Ace…? Ace? Can you hear me?" Kaya asked. He hadn't spoken since what he said about the fire taking something from him. 'I guess that was just some random babble…probably just one of his delusions…maybe this is just a bad time to be talking with him…' She closed her eyes and gave a sigh. "Okay, we're done for today, thank you for your time…"


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