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Luffy sighed as he sat by the window in his room. It had been a few weeks since Ace had started hanging out with him. And now, he was surprisingly looking forward to Ace's next visit. Luffy didn't want to admit it, but he had grown to like Ace's company, and it was nice to have something to do before Merry Go House opened for the day.

Suddenly, there was a knock at his door.

"Come in..." Luffy said with another sigh. He heard the door open, but no one answered, then suddenly he felt something wrap around his waist and hoist him off the ground. Ahh! P-put me down! Luffy said as he squirmed.

"Aw but what if I don't want to?" said a playful voice, it was Shanks.

Luffy blushed deeply. "Oh Sorry you surprised me..."

"Usually when I do you're a little more playful...what's wrong?" Shanks asked.

Luffy was quiet for a little while.


Luffy then gave a smile. "It's nothing, really...I'm...I'm just not myself today..."

"I'll say...usually when I surprise you, you squeal like this!" Shanks then began tickling Luffy.

Luffy squirmed helplessly and laughed, he was begging for Shanks to stop, finally the red haired man did.

"That's better..." he said with a smile.

Luffy finally managed to wriggle free.

Shanks then spoke with a slightly more serious tone. "So what's wrong, really? You've been acting a little odd for a while now..."

"I have?" Luffy said with a blink.

"Yeah, people have been mentioning it to me...and I have to admit...I've noticed you've been acting a bit off too..." Shanks pointed out. "Are you okay? You're not sick or anything, are you?"

Luffy shook his head. "No...I'm okay...really..."

Shanks wrapped his arm around Luffy and held him close. "You sure?"

Luffy blushed a little, then nodded. "Yeah..."

"Well then what do you say if we have a little fun today?" Shanks said with a sneaky grin.

Luffy stuck his tongue out. "Then you better give me the rest of the night off...knowing how you are..."

Shanks laughed. "Done! Just gives me more opportunity to have you to myself for a change..."

Luffy blushed and held onto Shanks hand. "...I take it your going away again?"

Shanks stopped laughing.

There was a short silence between the two.

"For a little while...yeah...But I'll be back in the next month...I got go back home to deal with a few things..." Shanks explained.

Luffy leaned against him a little. "It's okay...Don't worry about it..."

Shanks' hold on Luffy tightened a little. "You know...one day, you can come with me..."


"But for now...lets just enjoy ourselves, okay?" Shanks said with his sneaky grin returning.

A smile grew upon Luffy's lips, he then squeaked and giggled when Shanks hoisted him up and carried him off.


"Is Luffy in?"

Robin was seated with her nose buried in a book (as usual) she gave a sigh. Why don't people read the schedule sign up front? "I'm sorry sir, but we're closed, please come back at sunset..." Suddenly a finger lightly pushed the book out of her view, she then found herself face to face with Ace. "Oh!" Startled she almost fell out of her seat.

"Are you okay?" Ace asked with a blink.

"Yes, I'm fine, just please don't do that again..." Robin said with a slight irritated huff.

"Uh...sorry..." Ace said while scratching the back of his head. "Is Luffy in?"

"Oh...well..." Robin knew very well that Shanks wanted to spend some 'quality' time with Luffy. "I'm afraid that Luffy can't really have visitors at the moment...Bosses orders..."

Ace stuck his tongue out with distaste. "Nyaaaah...I don't care about that old man...I just really wanted to hang out with Luffy, I might not be able to stop by again for a while..."

Robin sighed. "Very well..." she then led him to the stairway and up to the second floor.

Giggles and chasing footsteps could be heard through out whole second floor.

Robin couldn't help but give a slight laugh at the two's playfulness.

Ace just gave a confused blink. Suddenly he was plowed over by a speeding kimono clad Luffy.

Shanks came running over when he saw what had happened. "Are you two alright!?"

Robin had to giggle slightly at the fact that the two had landed in a rather wrong looking position.

For some reason, seeing this hit a nerve with Shanks. The red haired man then walked over and scooped Luffy up and off of Ace. "Sorry about that...we were kind of in the middle of something..." Shanks said, his voice was laced with a hint of annoyance. True Shanks was happy that Luffy had a friend, but at the same time he couldn't help but be a little uneasy with how often they had been spending time with each other.

"Geeze..." Ace said as he got up. He then noticed something. "Uh...Luffy...Why are your hands bound?..." Ace asked with a confused blink.

Luffy and Shanks both went a few shades of red.

"Um...You know...now's not really a good time..." Luffy pointed out.

"Yeah...we we're kinda...'busy'..." Shanks finished.

"Oh..." Ace sighed. "Well I was wondering if you wanted to spend the day with me...but...If you're not up for it..."

Suddenly, Luffy wriggled out of Shanks' grip. "Uh Ace, I wouldn't mind hanging out!"

To say the least Shanks was shocked. "Wait Luffy weren't we going to..."

"Oh..." Luffy looked a little disappointed.

"Shanks-San..." Robin spoke up. "Being that you and Luffy were going to spend sometime together, I take it he has the rest of the night off correct?"

"Well yes...but-"

"Then why not let him go out with his friend for now?"

"Er...W-well...I guess..." Shanks said with a defeated sigh.

"All right!" Ace then took Luffy by the hand and happily led him away.

Luffy looked over his shoulder at Shanks. "Thank you! I'll see you later!" And with that the two were gone.

Shanks scratched the back of his head and gave a sigh. "Did you really have to do that?"

Robin raised an eyebrow. "I think it's important that Luffy spends time outside of this place...You know how cooped up he is..."

"Yeah, I know...But I..."

"Don't like it when he spends a lot of time with other men?" Robin said with a small smirk.

Shanks went a few shades of red.

Robin's smirk grew a little more. "Maybe he needs a boyfriend..."

"N-no way!"


Ace and Luffy were walking about the city. Although Luffy was very much used to city life, sometimes he couldn't help but stare in awe with Ace. In a way, it kind of reminded him of how he was when Shanks first brought him here.


"Wow! You live here!?" Little Luffy said as he looked up and all the sites around him. Such a lively place! It was amazing!

Shanks couldn't help but laugh a little. "This is Raftle...I own a business here..."

Luffy looked up at him and grinned. "What's a business?"

Shanks sighed and ruffled the boys hair. "Uh...well...It's a...a business is a service that I do for the people..." Seeing Luffy's confused look, Shanks continued, but used simpler words. "Basically I give something to the people, and they pay me for it...Kinda like how I had to pay for you..."

Luffy suddenly looked very worried and clung onto Shanks with all his strength.

"What's wrong?" Shanks asked with a blink.

"Y-you're not going to sell me, are you?" Luffy almost squeaked.

Shanks then realized that he had used a very bad example. "N-no! Of course not! Don't worry, I'm not in that kind of business!"

Luffy gave a confused blink. "Then...what kind of business are you in?"

Suddenly Shanks froze. How the hell was he supposed to explain it to a little kid!? "Uh...well you see...I...well...um...That is...uh...Well you see I..." Shanks then slumped and gave a sigh of defeat.

Luffy raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side.

Shanks then ruffled his hair again. "I'll explain it to you when you're older, okay?"

Luffy blushed, he really liked the warm feeling he got from Shanks. He wasn't like any other grown up he knew. There was just something about the man that he could really trust. "Okay..." Luffy said with a grin.

With that said they then continued on their way to Luffy's new home.

-End of Flashback...-

"Hey Luffy, are you okay?" Ace said while waving a hand in front of Luffy's face.

The two were now standing on a bridge, looking out at the water.

Luffy blinked, snapping out of his thoughts. When he looked up, for a moment he thought he'd see Shanks, but of coarse it was just Ace. Luffy made a slight pouting face.

Suddenly Ace reached out and ruffled Luffy's hair a little. "You kind of spaced out for a minute there..."

Luffy couldn't help but blush slightly. For a brief moment, Luffy felt the same warm feeling he usually got when he was with Shanks. But he then quickly shook it off.

"You know..." Ace began. "Pretty soon I won't be able to visit as much..."

Luffy's eyes widened slightly. "Why?"

Ace sighed. "Well fall is coming soon, so I'll be needed to help with the fields and harvest...And then there's winter...which will be a real pain..."

Luffy stuck his tongue out at him. "Farm boy..."

Ace stuck his tongue out at him back. "...Maybe...you could visit me sometime then..."

Luffy was quiet for a little while.

"You know...there's going to be a festival in my village..." Ace began. "It's nothing too big...well not like here anyway...but, maybe you could join me?"

Luffy found himself blushing again. "Uh...well...I'll think about it...but it's not a promise, got it?" he said with a slight pout, looking rather cute.

Ace laughed a little. "Okay...But I hope you'll say yes...It'd mean a lot to me..."


Unknown to Ace and Luffy, but the bridge that they were standing on was in perfect view of a third story window of Merry Go House, where Shanks had been watching (having nothing else to do since Ace took Luffy). Shanks gave a bored sigh.

"Jealous?" said a voice from behind.

Shanks jumped. "Whaaa!"

Robin pressed a finger to his lips, silencing him. "You're too jumpy..."

"Haven't I asked you hundreds of time not to do that?" Shanks said flatly.

Robin merely gave a slight laugh. "Are you jealous?"

"What? Why would I be jealous of your ability to scare me?"

"All joking aside, sir, you know what I mean..." Robin pointed out.

Shanks then gained a serious air about him. "No, of coarse not...I just don't think he should be hanging out so much with that guy..."

"In other words, you're jealous."

"No! Really I'm not...It's great Luffy has a new friend..."

"As long as they don't become something more?" Robin pointed out.


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