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Chapter One

Solomon Motou was a lonely young man whose wife had just passed away while trying to have their baby. He sat in his home looking out the window watching the children playing in the Park across the street from where he lived, he closed his eyes and whispered I wish that I had someone to give my love to. Later that night as he was getting ready for bed, he knelt down and prayed "Dear Lord watch over my beloved wife and child. Amen"

It had been a month since he laid to rest his wife and son. He would go to the Cemetery and lay flowers on their graves and talk to them and tell them all about what he had been doing. It was a terrible shame that a man with so much love didn't have anyone which to share it with. That was about to change because from up in the heavens someone had heard his prayer and was sending down a child who needed love and would become the son that Solomon would love for the rest of his life.

One afternoon walking home from visiting his old friend Arthur Hawkins, Solomon noticed something moving in the grass by the side of the road. When he went to see what it was he found a little baby boy. As he picked up the child and held him to his breast the baby smiled and cooed and reached up and grabbed hold of his hair. Thinking to himself, I'm going to keep you and raise you as my own son. He hurried home and went into the room that he and his wife had fixed for their own child, Solomon laid the baby in the crib and went to prepare a bottle to give the baby.

As he was waiting for the bottle to warm Solomon thought to himself, I wonder what I should name my son. They he smiled and said to himself I will name him Yugi Motou. Solomon wondered what everyone would think of him raising this child, would they come and take him away from me and make me suffer not knowing if I would ever see my son again so he did the only thing he knew to do, he packed up everything that he would need for him and the baby and left town in the dead of night and went back to Egypt. There he would write to his friends telling them that he was adopting a son and when he could he would come home an no one would know the difference.

As he drove to the Airport and after buying a ticket to Egypt he sat with his son in his arms and sang an old Egyptian Lullaby and soon little Yugi fell fast asleep. When he arrived in Egypt he went to the only person who could help him carry out his plans and that was Ishizu Ishtar.

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Chapter Two Coming Up... Will she help Solomon?