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Chapter Ten

Yami and Yugi got home that evening and they went to get dinner started not wanting to bother their father till it was done. When it was finished Yami to Yugi to go get cleaned up for dinner and he went to tell Solomon that dinner was ready.

When Yami opened the door he knew that something was very wrong and he hurried to his fathers side to find that Solomon was barely breathing. Yami called 911 and when the Ambulance got there they had Solomon stabilized enough to get him to the Hospital. Yami and Yugi got into the car and Yami drove to the Hospital. When they got there the Nurse said that the doctor was with Mr. Motou and as soon as he had examined him he would be out to talk to them.

Yami then called the only person that Solomon would of wanted to know, he called Ishizu and she told him that they would be there as soon as they could then he called Gozoboro and told him about his father. The door to the waiting room opened and there stood Gozoboro, Seto and Mokie and Yami went to Gozoboro and he held Yami as he cried. Seto went over and held Yugi and they all sat down to await any news about the man that they all considered their best friend and father.

It had been four hours since he was first brought into the Hospital and Yami was getting really worried when Gozoboro went to the desk and "demanded to know what was wrong with Mr. Solomon Motou?" The Nurse paged the doctor who came right out and talked with him about Solomon's condition, and that's when Gozoboro hit the ceiling "why the hell didn't you come and talk to his sons who have been here since he was first brought in and that Nurse has known about it all this time!!!" Gozoboro yelled.

"I apologize for the mistake but I wasn't informed that he had any family at all" the doctor told him as he looked at the Nurse and all she did was shrug her shoulders. Gozoboro then yelled "I give thousands to this Hospital every year and what would happen if I forgot to do that, you tell me?" Then he grabbed the doctor by the arm and marched him over and said "start talking to these young men and let them know how their father is."

When the doctor was through they were in tears. He told them that Solomon probably wouldn't make it through the night that his heart was just worn out and they could keep him alive by putting him on a machine but that is when both Yami and Yugi stood up and said "Hell no, that isn't what our father would want."

"Just let him go peacefully please" Yugi said.

"I understand" the doctor said. But when he was ready to leave Gozoboro then said "if these boys wishes aren't carried out and I find out that some idiot puts him on some damn machine then heads are going to roll starting with yours is that understood?"

"I understand complete" the doctor said as he hurried away from the room.

The door opened and there stood Ishizu, Odeon and Malik and both Yami and Yugi ran to her and as they collapsed into her arms they told her about their father and they all sat there and cried.

It was later that night when the doctor came and asked "if they wanted to see their father one last time?" They both nodded and so as Yami, Yugi, Ishizu and Odeon walked with the doctor he took them to see Solomon who was barely breathing. He opened his eyes and gave them his bravest smile and whispered "my sons I love you so, then he barely got out about the letters and that he was tired and wanted to go to sleep" that was the last thing that Solomon said because he died in his sleep with his family all around him. What I mean is that his wife and son were there to take him to heaven.

Gozoboro drove everyone back to the house and the boys went to find these letters and as they each one by one read the letter out loud there wasn't any dry eyes in the room. Then Yami said "we want to bury him next to our mother and brother." Gozoboro then said "I will see that it is done."

Today we lay to rest the body of Solomon Motou loving husband and father. He loved his family and they loved him even more. Then Yami and Yugi stood up and they both read a letter that they wrote to their father together.

To our loving father:

Without your love we wouldn't be here, we'd probably be dead. You took us into your heart and then into your home and never asked for anything except a little love. You showered us with everything that two boys could want, you gave us a home, clothes to wear, food to eat and lots of laughter so that our souls could fly and soar. You gave of yourself and kept on giving without saying a thing. So this is our way of saying thank you for being our father. We will make you and our mother and brother proud of us and one day we will all be together in heaven. We love you daddy.

We will always love you,

Your sons,

Yami and Yugi Motou….

Ishizu stayed there to be there for the boys till Yugi was at least nineteen and then if they wanted they could come back to Egypt or stay there in Domino.


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