"Sara, go home." She looked up from her microscope, surprised to see Grissom stood there, a sour look on his face. She glanced at the clock and let out an annoyed sigh. Shift had ended 2 hours ago and she was supposed to be picking up something for dinner. She swore, quickly packing away her evidence and dashing off to the locker room, throwing her lab coat into her locker and grabbing her coat and purse.

Grissom just smiled as he watched her. Over the past few years Sara had become a lot easier in persuading in going home and not working doubles. She now regularly kept to her shift and she had also had moved to Days. Both she and Nick had, about 6 months ago.

Catherine was back on Swing Shift with Warrick, and he, Grissom, was still on the Night Shift.

After being badly shot, Greg had transferred back into the lab, taking up his old position as head of the DNA lab, but he too had moved shifts due to his young family; wife and twin boys. The Sanders twins occasionally visited the lab, and they were just like their father, right down to his strange hairstyles.

Some of the old gang meet up for breakfast every now and then, plus cases ran into each other, they still saw quite a bit of each other.

But as Grissom watched Sara leave the lab, it made him realize how much the team had changed.

Greg was still a big child, but he had grown up a lot since being in the field and since becoming a father, he had matured, though his sons did occasionally encouraged some of the old Greg to come out.

Warrick, too, had become a father. His little girl, Amelia was just like her father kind, caring and musical. Things between Tina and Warrick had become a lot more stable and Grissom was proud of them for not giving up on their hasty marriage, for making it all work out.

Catherine was still Catherine. She seemed to be the only one of the old team, apart from himself, who hadn't changed much. Lindsey had grown up into a beautiful charming young woman and gotten an early acceptance to Princetown. She'd left 5 months ago and from what Catherine was saying, the girl was loving every minute of College life. She was studying English and swore to never go near any hopeful CSI. Catherine didn't care, she was proud of her daughter.

Nick was still the Texan gentleman he had always been; only it was no longer Nick on his own, it was now Nick and Sara. The whole lab had been surprised when the two of them had eloped while on holiday. Since then, 2 children had been born with Nick's eyes and Sara's gentle smile.

Sara didn't fly off the handle anymore, Nick seemed to have found a way to calm her down and both of them seemed happy.

That left himself, the only member of the 'old gang' still where they had all started, where they had all been.

Sure he still saw them about the lab and when ever Catherine dragged him out for a drink, but they were all moving on, had children, families and it was like he was stuck in time, watching them all move away from him, leaving him. Even Sara had left, but she was happy he could see that whenever he saw her with Nick and her family. Though he had wanted her to be happy with himself, he was glad that she was happy and had a loving family.

"Dr. Grissom, you ready to start shift?" he looked around, startled out of his thoughts by one of the new Graveyard shift CSIs. He nodded, taking one last look at where Sara Stokes had been, before following the young CSI to the start of shift, memories remaining, found memories, in the halls of the Las Vegas Crime Lab.