Two of a Kind


Lady Razeli

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon.

Violence: Hell yes!

Language: Mild until we get to the VIOLENCE!


Sex: Of course this is an abuse story. Warning if you don't like rape turn back, I plan to be graphic when I get to it.

If I'm forgetting anything its probably a yes.


Serena Mason was smart, brave, and charming. All men were attracted to her. It didn't help that she had legs for days. Of course her beautiful figure was always slightly hidden under her modest dresses that her abusive father insisted she wear. For the longest time it had been her father, her daughter Rini who was fathered by her father, and herself. Serena's brother Sammy had been killed in a car crash a long with her mother. For awhile her and father had managed to survive, but when she was thirteen he had become abusive. Once the authorities were after him in America for raping her, he quickly moved them to Japan their native homeland. She ran away with Rini first chance she got. They lived in Kushiro and here is where she met Seiya, who turned out to be no better than her father. He hit her more than her father and threatened to rape Rini. Serena's father had never in his life threatened the child he had fathered with her and unlike Seiya never once touched her when she became pregnant. Soon Rini had a sister named Chibi Chibi. Lucky for Serena one night Seiya got caught messing with a thirteen year old. While he was in jail she got the hell out of Kushiro and moved to Tokyo. Serena swore she would never trust a man again.

Darien Walker the most handsome, richest, and generous man in Tokyo, Japan had sworn off love ever since Raye Hino broke his heart. She had only been after his money. He had many lovers and one of them Beryl, a hot super model who he couldn't even imagine why he was with her. Beryl had fucked her way into his life and charmed her way into his abusive father's. He couldn't wait for his father to die, so that he could be free of him and his constant beating. He was tired of being his punching bag when things didn't go right. He had run away a few times, but he always ended back at Walker Industries living in the penthouse so his father could keep an eye on him. He was almost ecstatic when Rei came back to him with a dark haired child in her arms. He'd take her over Beryl any day no matter how many times she'd broken his heart. Unfortunately Raye had the misfortune of contracting aids after their child's sixth month in the world. She died a year later. Now he had a son to protect and he never once let his father touch him putting his foot down to both him and Beryl about giving him away.