A/n: Okay so its taken me forever and a day to update this story. I've had writer's block. But bare with me I've lost my way and I'm slowly finding it again. Hope you enjoy it.


"Where do you four think you're going?" Serena asked when she came out of Michelle and Amara's room. She had just come from waking Michelle. They had moved into their new apartment and Xena often brought everyone down to their new apartment. She hadn't heard from Darien in a long time and she was worried about him. All the same her check came on time and she left his messages on how Dari was fairing. He seemed content with just this.

"Oh we're just going for a little walk," Amara replied. "No big deal."

"With helmets?" Serena asked as Michelle came up behind her.

"Amara!" Michelle exclaimed. Amara sighed.

"Okay, okay you caught me we were going for more materials for soap box derby."

"Amara," Michelle and Serena said.

"What, Dari doesn't have a car and the race is in less than a month. If we're lucky we can still get him registered."

"Honey, you don't even know if Darien Walker will even allow his son in soap box derby race."

"So what it's not like he's around to object." Amara hadn't spotted Darien, and had been banned from his office by someone she was told was his father. She never mentioned the incident to Serena or Michelle.

"But if he were I'm sure he'd object," Michelle said "Besides I had a day planned out at the pool for them." Serena sighed as they bickered as the children watched the argument flow back and forth.

"Dari, Rini what do you two wanna do?" Serena asked.

"Derby!" They exclaimed.

"Okay, it is settled than you'll go with Amara today and tomorrow you'll swim its hot here in Tokyo and it'll be a nice change of pace." Amara and Michelle continued to argue. "Guys." They kept going "Guys!" They stopped and looked at her surprise.

"Nice way to raise your voice dumpling," Amara teased. Serena blushed at the pet name that was not reserved for Michelle when they were in their room. In fact dumpling was all hers, and not even Michelle was called that, Serena figured it was because she didn't enjoy pet names as Amara did.

"Amara stop teasing her, what is it Sere?"

"The children have decided they want to build a car today and swim tomorrow, we're all going including you and than Amara will join us at the pool tomorrow." They looked at each other.

"Okay," They agreed. They waited for Michelle to eat and dress before they bought parts for Dari's car and more parts for Rini's. Amara decided they would build Chibi Chibi a smaller version she could pedal around in around the apartment, in the hall or at the park. She was very pleased.

"Aunt Amara I want pedals too."

"Me too," Dari cried. The man suggested they put pedals they could take in and out of the car inside." Amara immediately grabbed a handbook and pedals.

"To the garage," Amara declared. They all trooped to the garage where they had fun joking with each other and building Dari's car. Amara had already started on a frame. Michelle and Serena shook their heads at her.

"What? He has less than a month." They went out to dinner and returned home. Amara worked a while longer knowing they had so little time for Dari to be ready. The next day they swam in the building's pool, which was very relaxing. Serena spent most of her time fearing for Chibi Chibi who liked to dive into the water without her wings, but thankfully she couldn't get the floatation suit off and Serena worried she'd figure that out soon enough.

"Come on into bed," Serena ordered as they all finished taking turns in the bathroom except Chibi Chibi who had on a clean diaper. The phone rang and Serena picked it up expecting Darien.

"Hello?" Serena asked. There was heavy breathing on the other end. "Hello, guys stop playing on the phone…" The line went dead. "Well that was odd."

"Was that daddy?" Dari asked. Serena shook her head.

"No, sorry, but the line was messed up so maybe it was." Dari nodded as she carried off to bed.