I wait for him everyday

I sit by the edge of the quiet river that hides between the lush, green forest

He doesn't realize the picnics we have on weekends nor the dates we spend on Fridays holding hands

To him our Monday dinners are nonexsistant, but to me they mean everything

On Tuesdays we count the stars until sleep takes over

And on Wednesdays we have karaoke nights filled with sappy love songs and laughter that rises from the warm humiliation of messing up sweet lines

My Thursdays are empty without you

Those are the days we never meet

Those are the hours of the night we don't spend together and in love

But at least I have the rest of the week to laugh and pretend during those hours we spend together

You with your milky white skin reflected to me by the moonlight as you take your usual seat by the river and me hiding atop of the trees dreaming of your days with me.