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"DEIDARA, STOP IT DAMMIT!" The usually calm and collected Sasori shouted.

On Kisame's last mission. He 'confiscated' a water gun from a little boy in Konahagakure village, to give to Deidara. Deidara thought he did it to be nice. Kisame really did it to see how much 'destruction' he could cause with it. So Deidara's been sitting in a chair across from Sasori who was 'trying' to read a book. Squirting him for the past five minutes.

Kisame who was sitting on the couch next to Itachi, and across the room from Deidara and Sasori, smirked to himself.

"..." Deidara stared, lowering his gun untill Sasori went back to reading, giving Deidara one last warning glare...

'...Squirt...Squirt...Squirt...Squirt...' The water from the gun hit Sasori in the face, all over his clouded cloak, and the last burst of water landed right in the middle of his collector's edition book, sinking into the pages, and smearing the ink. Sasori looked up ever so slowly, death glare directed straight at Deidara. For a second Deidara actually looked scared. But being who he was, he couldn't resist.

'...squirt...' The water hit Sasori square in the forehead. Deidara would of been proud of his work, if Sasori didn't look like he was ready to kill him.

"DAMMIT! THAT'S IT!!! NO MORE SEX FOR A WEEK!!!" Sasori shouted, glaring dangerously at Deidara. who presently looked shocked beyond belief that Sasori even 'went there', and so soon!?!

Itachi who was trying to enjoy his orange juice, spit it out all over his clothes, but he looked to shocked to care. Kisame trying his best not to laugh, covered his mouth, and Hidan who was walking by, and heard the 'unneeded' information, hurried off to his room, pretending he didn't hear anything, and trying to destroy the mental images that kept popping into his head.

"And give me that damn toy." Sasori reached over to take it, but Deidara held it protectively against his chest.

"Not until you take what you said back... un."

"I'm not taking it back, now hand it over." He reached a little over the table that was inbetween them.

"But.. But Sasori Danna..." If all else fails puppy dog eyes should do the trick.

"No, it's not working this time Deidara." The red haired puppet stated 'matter of factly.'

"But, you'll just torture yourself as well... Un!!!" Deidara flailed his arms up and down rapidly. Obviously panicking.

"...I'm a puppet, I think I can manage. Now give me that damn gun."

The blonde nin twitched. "I'm sorry Sasori Danna... I won't do it again. He said trying to sound as innocent as possible. Of course Sasori knew that Deidara wouldn't apologize unless he was desperate. He only did that as a last resort.

Sasori just reached over further, snached the gun from Deidara's hand, turned around, and stormed off. Completely ignoring the desprate pleas he got from Deidara. (Who currently looked like a kicked puppy.) Right when he almost reached his room, he felt something... and that something turned out to be Deidara, holding on to his leg for dear life, sprawled out on the floor. At this point Kisame wished he had a camera.

"Let go Deidara." Sasori started to try and shake him off.

"No, Sasori i'm sorrrrry... un."

"Let go." Sasori coldly shoved Deidara off of his leg, and slammed the door in Deidara's face before he could crawl in.

Deidara started banging on the door as hard as he could. "Sasori Danna!!! I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." There was complete silence from the other room. "DAMMIT SASORI, OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR!!!"


"That's it!!!" Deidara stated happily, clasping his hands together. "You know you can't resist my charms... So why don't you open the door... and let me in...un. He said suggestively.


"FINE! HAVE IT YOUR WAY... BUT I GURANTEE YOU'LL SEX ME UP BEFORE THIS WEEK IS OVER!!!" Deidara banged on the door one last time, before he left for his room. Mumbling things that sounded suspiciously like 'Damn puppet' and 'He can't resist this sexy beast... un.' as he walked.

The only one's in the room now were Kisame, who was laughing uncontrollably, and the still wide eyed Uchiha.

"...Puppet...Sex?...Puppet..." Itachi mumbled as he got up, and headed toward his room to get a change of clothes.

"I am so taking bets!" Kisame laughed to himself.


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