Hidden secrets.

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This is my first FanFiction, be kind, it's not that good but I hope you enjoy it.

Kathryn Merteuil stepped out of her limosine and entered the large Valmont townhouse in New York city. Kathryn's mother Tiffany Merteuil was having a holiday in Bali and her Step-father Edward Valmont, the father of Kathryn's step-brother Sebastian Valmont was on a business trip somewhere.

"Sebastian!" Kathryn called out for him. "Sebastian?"

Sebastian ran his hands through his short, blonde curly hair. He was sitting in his bedroom writing in another conquest in his beloved journal. Suddenly the door of his room opened, Sebastian stopped writing and looked up towards the door.

"Sebastian, there you are" Kathryn said, wandering over to her step-brother.

"Kathryn, what do you want?" Sebastian said bluntly, looking over to the beautiful brunette.

"Can't a sister come see her brother without wanting something?" She asked, smiling at his sweetly.

"I'm busy Kathryn, what do you want?" Sebastian's blue eyes met with Kathryn's emerald green eyes.

"Okay, okay, I need you to help me with something" She said tracing her fingers from Sebastian's chest upwards.

Sebastian shut his journal and put it to the side, pulling Kathryn onto his lap, his hand gently resting on her thigh.

"Two words" Kathryn paused. "Danielle Stevens"

Sebastian kept his pouty lips as he always did, looking so cute all the while.

"What about her?" Sebastian questioned Kathryn.

"Well she's running for Student Body Presedient this year and I need to make sure she doesn't win" Kathryn's hand slid around the back of Sebastian's neck.

"And you need me why? I'm quite sure sis that your more than qualified for the job" He pulled her off his lap.

Kathryn leaned down to whisper in Sebastian's ear.

"I need your..shall we say special qualifications" She whispered as she grabbed at his groin.

Sebastian let out a moan. "What..what do you want me to do?"

Kathryn sat on his lap, this time facing Sebastian. "I need you to manipulate her into fucking you, then take some pictures, then I can show them to the headmaster and well you can see where I'm going with this"

Sebastian could feel his erection harden ever further as she kissed his neck, he didn't want Kathryn to know that, but he was sure she could feel him beneath her.

"Will you do it for me Sebastian? Will you fuck her for me?" Kathryn placed a gentle kis on his lips and slid her hand into his pants, stroking him.

"Yeah…oh….sure" Sebastian replied, closing his eyes.

Kathryn got up from his lap. "Thanks Sebastian I really appreciate it"

Sebastian's eyes opened quickly, realizing that she had got off him. "What? Where are you going?" But before he could get up and chase after her she had shut the door.

"Oh that's it baby" Sebastian said snapping the camera at Danielle's small but sexy body.

"Like this Sebastian?" Danielle's hand played with herself whilst licking her lips.

"That's right" He waked over to her and pushed her down on her back, reaching over he pressed the record button to film the upcoming show.

"Oh….oh….Sebastian…oh!" Danielle's moans were becoming louder.

With one final thrust at her Sebastian made Danielle orgasm, she breathed heavly and rested beside Sebastian. Sebastian reached over to the video camera and pressed the stop button. "I'm sorry to disappoint you Danielle but I have things to do, so if you wouldn't mind getting your clothes and kindly fucking off" Sebastian said to the perky blonde.

Danielle gathered her things with an angry and confused look on her face and left the Valmont house.

When Sebastian thought he was alone he picked up his journal and began to write. "Well done Sebastian" Kathryn opened the door to find Sebastian only covered up by the thin sheet.

Sebastian smiled at his step sister and put his journal down. Kathryn sat on the side of the bed. "So where's the tape?" She asked, looking around to see if she could see the camera. "What do I get in return?" He asked smugly. Kathryn turned around and sat on Sebastian's groin area, the only thing between them was Sebastian's sheet and Kathryn's panties.

"What do you want in return Valmont?" Kathryn placed small kisses on his neck.

Sebastian grabbed her arse fiercly and pushed her down on his groin causing Kathryn to let out a yelp. "That's what I want" He smiled.

"Oh really?" She inquired rubbing her body onto his. "Can you feel that Sebastian? Can you feel me?" Sebastian let out soft moans. But before he could go anywhere Kathryn located the tape and got off Sebastian.

"Thanks brother dear, you've been a real big help" She smiled at him and waved.

"Oh blow me Kathryn" He yelled at her before she left.