Sex, Lies, Love and More Secrets.

Part Two Of Hidden Secrets;

"Sir, sir, sir!"


"I have messages for you and you need to call Mr Vanner about his shoot"

"Thanks Francine"

Sebastian Valmont took the papers from his assistant's hands and walked into his office, he sat his hot cup of coffee on his desk and threw down the papers.


"Jesus Christ!" He jumped from his seat and looked over to the couch in his office.

"Blaine what the hell are you doing here?"

"Thanks Valmont it's definitely nice to see you too"

Blaine Tuttle got up from the couch and made his way over to the ever growing handsome Sebastian.

In Sebastian's years away from New York, not much had changed. He had aged a bit, but to his advantage, his hair was a bit longer and scruffier, as work mostly occupied his time he didn't really do much to up keep it.

If possible Sebastian's blue eyes had gotten bluer and he'd grown more muscle on his thin build.

"What are you doing here?"

"Is it possible that maybe I just wanted to see you?"

"Well considering this is the first time you've visited me in the years I've been away I don't think that's an option"

"Okay, okay, I need your help me with something"

Sebastian presented an awfully familiar smirk to Blaine, one he hadn't seen in such a long time that he had forgotten what it looked like of Valmont.

"What do you need help with Tuttle?"

"Well it's more of a favour then help"

"Just come out and say it"

Blaine pulled a cigarette from his expensive jacket pocket and lit it up. Sebastian snatched it from him and put it out. "No smoking"

"Fine. I need some photos taken…"

"Fuck! Fuck! Oh fucking…ohhhhhh" Kathryn screamed.

Kathryn was on all fours in her luxurious bedroom in her New York townhouse with a very handsome and very much younger guy. The guy being an 18 year old Manchester Prep student whom Kathryn had bumped into on her way to donate some money to the school.

"Jesus….f…fuck" She stuttered.

The boy who's name was Sydney was a transfer student from Australia and was quite good at doing what Kathryn liked, he was also very wealthy and had a good name behind him, which made him all the more irresistible to Kathryn.

As Kathryn climaxed, sweat dripped from her pale skin and she collapsed onto the floor, Sydney following behind her. She breathed in and out heavily, trying to catch her breath and recollect her thoughts and herself.

"That was…" Sydney started.

"Fantastic" Kathryn finished.

Sydney got up and started collecting his scattered garments from around the room. Kathryn watched him carefully as he re-dressed himself.

"What are you doing?" She asked.


"I'm not done with you"

He leant down on his knees next to a beautiful and naked Kathryn who looked about his age at the present moment.

"For someone my age you sure do have a lot of stamina"

"Your age? Who ever said that I was 18?" She smirked.

"So what? You're like 17? 16?"

She got up onto her feet and pulled him up along with her.

"Oh sweetheart you've got me all wrong"

"You're 15?"

"Try 26"

She pulled him in for a long kiss that lasted for a minute at least as she grabbed at him in one last attempt to keep him with her to play.


"Okay get going, you'll miss your next class if you don't hurry"

"Thanks for…thanks"

"No problems"

Sydney left Kathryn, who re-dressed herself and went back out into the main room of her house. Life was quite boring right now, Lincoln was always working and if he wasn't working he claimed to be, but was really fucking her mother and when he wasn't doing that he was too tired to satisfy her.

Kathryn picked up her cell phone and dialled Blaine Tuttle's number; it rang a few times before anyone answered.

"Ice bitch"


"You love me"

"I know"

"What did you want princess?"

"Where are you?"

Blaine looked to Sebastian who was wondering who was the phone, he mouthed Kathryn to Sebastian and Sebastian turned up his nose.

It had been some years since the step-siblings had gazed upon one another, after that afternoon at the party in where Sebastian revealed the truth behind Sarah. Since Kathryn had denied Sebastian's accusation he left for California, he could make a new start.


"Why the hell are you there?"

"Visiting an old friend"

"I guess that means there's no chance of me getting some coke tonight"

"Doubtful sweetheart"

With that Kathryn hung up, she really couldn't be bothered with the queer right now, she had just needed a quick energy boost and something to help her mellow down for awhile.

She sat back in a comfortable chair in the main room and watched the fire glisten red in the darkness, before too long Lincoln came home.

"Hey babe" He kissed Kathryn's cheek.


"Please Kathryn, act a little more…happier when I come home"

"Why? So you can feel good about our fake marriage after coming home from fucking my mother? Doubtful Linc"

"Let's not fight Kat, I'm tired, you're probably tired, all I want to do is go to bed and sleep"

"Goodnight then"

"Goodnight baby" He kissed her forehead and left her in the darkness.

"Hello is Mr Vanner there please?" Sebastian asked the lady politely on the other end of the telephone.

He was sitting in his office, the darkness of the night had fallen and most everyone had gone home except him. Sebastian had forgotten to call Mr Vanner because Blaine had been here so he decided to do it now.

"Hello?" The guy on the other end spoke.

"Hello Mr Vanner? It's Sebastian Valmont here from Emerald photography; I'm calling about your shoot"

"Oh Sebastian, hey, please I've told you, call me Louis"

"Sure" Sebastian laughed. "Francine, my assistant passed on a message for me to call you about the shoot. Sorry for getting back to you so late, but I had an unexpected appointment and couldn't find time"

"That's quite alright Sebastian. Yes the shoot, well as you know the shoot for my wedding was being held in California. Well as women are they always like to change their plans, so Clarissa has informed me that she'd like to wed in Rome instead"

Clarissa Redding was a young 26 years of age and came from a wealthy background of old money. She was getting married to the much older 41 year old Louis Vanner who was extremely rich. Thus being Sebastian's job to photograph their wedding.

"Oh I see"

"We don't expect you to pay for flights or anything, we can cover all that, we'd just like you to fly over with us a day before the wedding and stay for the day after for some photos. Of course we'll pay extra and your meals and accommodation and everything will be on us"

Of course money wasn't anything to be worried about; in fact Sebastian could quit his job right now and never have to work ever. He had enough money in his trust fund to last him more then 4 lives living on expensive townhouses and wearing expensive clothing, so paying for this trip wouldn't have bothered him.

"I don't mind at all Louis, in fact I think the Italian sun will compliment Clarissa's skin perfectly. So when's the flight and what date?"

Sebastian finally got home from work at 3am; his house was cold and dark. He walked into his home darkroom and placed his briefcase down on the bench and pulled out some recent photos.

He wasn't tired and as he barely slept anyway he knew there was no way he would be able to climb into bed now, it would only disturb his girlfriend and he had no intentions of waking her up right now.

When he opened up his briefcase to take the negatives out, two developed photos fell to the floor, two that he always kept in there, always kept with him.

One was a picture of Sarah, his late daughter when he, Kathryn and Sarah had gone to Greece; in fact it was the last photo of her before she had fallen over board and died. It was quite a pretty photo, Sarah's blonde hair shined in the Greek sun.

The other photograph was of Kathryn, a picture taken on her 17th birthday. Kathryn was wearing a beautiful, extremely expensive and one of a kind Chanel dress and that was probably the time she looked her best. Although Kathryn always looked good.

He studied the photo, the way her skin looked so much more paler in the moonlight and how her brown short hair hung so perfectly around her shoulders, without a kink or a curve in it, Kathryn was pretty much perfect.

He placed the photographs on the bench next to his briefcase and pulled out some negatives, he always brought work home to finish just in case he couldn't sleep. The negatives were of a party he had been payed to photograph.

"Sebastian" A whisper pulled him away from his thoughts.

His girlfriend stood at the door in all her beauty, her brown curly hair hanging down the back of her silky nightgown. She wore a beautiful white pearly smile on her face when she saw Sebastian was home.


He kissed her smooth, pale cheek and held her by her waist, breathing in her glorious scent.

"I'm sorry I'm home so late, I got caught up at work" He told her, burying his head in her hair.

"It's okay" She whispered.

She ran her hands through his curly blond hair and kissed his pink pouty lips. The taste of alcohol upon them.

"You've been drinking" She stated.


"Why? Something bothering you?"

"No, an old friend from New York came to visit me"

"Who? Kathryn?"

He cringed. The mention of her name hurt him more than anyone really noticed. It's not because he had loved her once, no it was more than that. Sure he had loved her, but he had also loved Sarah and he didn't know what type of person could lie about the father of her own child to everyone.

"No, Blaine"

"Oh, come to bed Sebastian, you look tired"


He turned off the red light in his dark room and held his girlfriend's hand as they climbed the stairs. Every few steps he would stop her and kiss her lips softly and gently and then tell her he loved her.

When they reached the bedroom she helped him with his clothes and then both climbed into bed, Sebastian swinging his arm around her to comfort her. She cuddled in close nuzzling his neck affectionately, closing her eyes.

"I love you" She said.

"You too" He sleepily said.

Yes, Cassidy Merteuil and Sebastian Valmont made quite the couple.

"Kathryn why are you dressed like some whore? You're going to a garden party not a club!" Her mother screamed at her.

Yeah, even though Kathryn was 26 years old, her mother still ordered her around, told her what to do, what to wear, how to act, even how to fuck her own husband, I guess she would know, she fucks him all the time.

"Sorry mother"

It was too late now; Lincoln, Kathryn and Tiffany were on their way to a farewell party at the Rosemond estate. Kathryn and Lincoln were off to Rome for a few months on holiday.

"Are you all packed for our holiday Kathryn? You know we're going straight from the party to the airport"

"I know and yes I am"

"Do you have something nice to wear for the Vanner wedding?"

"Yes Linc I do"


Kathryn turned away and as soon as she did so Lincoln started ogling Tiffany and they started to whisper dirty things in each others ears. Tiffany giggled at Lincoln as he whispered things into her ear and caressed her leg.

When the limousine stopped Kathryn couldn't have jumped faster out of it then she did. She made her way to the cottage near the woods immediately.


It was Blaine.

"Follow me" She said, walking as fast as she could along the damp grass.

They reached the cottage eventually and both were exhausted by the time they got there. It was a fair walk from the house to the cottage, one Kathryn never enjoyed.

"Why are we here?" He asked her.

"Shut up fag and just pass me that bottle"

Blaine passed her the bottle without another question, the bottle being a bottle of bourbon.

"Whoa slow down princess, wouldn't want to get drunk anything now would we?"

"You don't know what it's like Blaine; I'm going to go insane"

He took the bottle from her and drank some himself, then when she wasn't looking poured most of it out into a sink behind the bar. He didn't want her getting drunk and killing herself.


"Lincoln…he's just…so…"


"Please don't tell me you have a queer crush on him?"

"Sorry sweetheart to tread on your turf but that man is hot"

"It's fine, do as you please, I know he sure does"

She turned away and pulled out her crucifix, taking a hit and putting it back away. Blaine watched her with wide eyes, trying to read what she was thinking.

"What do you mean?"

"Him, my mother…even Sarah"

It had been a few years since Sarah passed and no one had ever heard Kathryn speak of Sarah since her funeral. This was the first time she had mentioned her in front of anyone.


"Remember my trip to Greece with Valmont and Sarah?"

He nodded; of course, he had missed his favourite siblings.

"Well, whilst I was away it turns out that my mother and Lincoln decided to get together and fuck, then Lincoln and my mother had Sarah killed to prevent people finding out about her real father"

Blaine was stunned; he sat in silence pondering on his new information. He had always known Tiffany Merteuil was cruel and heartless, but to kill her own grand daughter to prevent a scandal and ruin the family name was just unbelievable.

"You know the funny thing is when Sebastian outed it all I denied it and people believed me. Then I was going to leave Lincoln, but I couldn't and I still can't because the bastard has photos of me and Sebastian…well you know" She smirked remembering that day on the boat.

"I can't believe…oh Kathryn I'm so sorry"

"That's why Sebastian left, that's why he vanished without a word to anyone"

That wasn't completely true, Sebastian had rung Blaine when he was on his way to the airport, but he only told him miniscule details of what he was doing, just that he was going away and wasn't planning on coming back but to stay in touch.

"Anyway Tuttle, how come you were in California? Who were you visiting when I called you?"

Quick make up a lie Blaine.

"Uh…my cousin"

Of course Kathryn knew better, she could read him. Blaine was a fantastic liar, one of the best, but Kathryn knew him and knew how he lied, what he did when he did lie, it was almost impossible to lie to Kathryn.

"No you weren't, tell me the truth"


"Blaine I swear if you don't tell me I'll break that bottle over your head"

"Okay! I was visiting my sister"

"You have a sister?"


Such a lie.

"What's her name?"

He thought for a minute, hurry up Blaine.


"I hate that name"

She poured both her and Blaine a glass of champagne, filling both to the brink.

"Have a great trip to Rome Kathryn"

They clinked their glasses together and skulled their glasses.

I'm sure it would be a nice time; after all she was in for quite a few shocks.

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