Chapter 23:

Natsume Hyuuga is watching Mikan Sakura and his best friend Ruka Nogi playing on the snow. And you can bet he's getting jealous.

He then decided to make a move. He walked towards them. They were laughing and laughing and having fun. How come he never had fun? "Ruka." He said when he finally reached them. The two immediately stopped their snowball fight and straightened their clothing. "Natsume." Replied Ruka for he doesn't know what to say.

After that, Mikan's sight was full of swirling. She just then found her self staring at some closed eyes with some raven bangs blocking it. She tried to make things out. First: her back is cold. Second: she feels wet. Third: Her lips have something on top of it.


HER LIPS HAVE SOMETHING ON TOP OF IT!!! And suddenly, that something was pressing on her lips harder. Soon, she realized that it too were lips. Someone is kissing her. For Mikan, things are unclear. Unclear as the gray sky above her. But it's simple. She and Natsume were lying on the snow, which was slightly thick now. Natsume was on top of her. His arms are wrapped around Mikan's almost perfect figure (for she is somehow fat for her small height. Well, not really fat. Just a slightly huge stomach. Sorry for those who think Mikan is perfect. But how can she be when she eats like a pig?). His right hand was supporting her head and his left was gripping her right waist. And he was enjoying every second of it.

Their kiss was torn apart by a very jealous Ruka. "You son of a bitch!" Ruka said as he punched Natsume on the face. Which caused him to fall just beside Mikan and whimper in pain.

Ruka took advantage of the moment to grab Mikan and wrap her around his arms. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Ruka said between his gritted teeth. "Claiming her! You fucker!" Natsume replied as he wiped his mouth that was bleeding, punched Ruka, and then lounged for Mikan.

Mikan was so shocked on what is happening around her. She wanted to do something badly. But her body doesn't seem to function. She was shaking all over. All she could think of is Natsume. Natsume. Natsume. Natsume. Natsume. And nothing more. She was staring at him. Even if he has that very red mark on his lips, he was still gorgeous. Crap, she thought. I should not be thinking of things like that! Well, atleast not at this moment.

She just figured out that Natsume had grabbed her right wrist while Ruka was grabbing the other. WHAT THE HELL!!! She just stared at the angry face of the two most popular boys in the academy. Two boys that were fighting over her.

"Let her go." Natsume said calmly but you can sense anger in his voice. "No! You. Let. Go!" Ruka replied in the same manner. "No way! I want her. I NEED her." He said putting emphasis on the word need. "Well, I need her too!"

"Didn't you say you'll help me get out of this darkness?" Natsume asked as if it was pointless as he pulled her closer to him. "Well not this way." He replied angrily.

"Why not? You said it your self. You would do anything to help me. And it would help a lot if you let go of her." Natsume said as he pulled Mikan closer to him.

"No way!" Ruka said as he finally pulled Mikan towards him. "You let go. You'll just make her suffer." He said.

"True." Natsume Admitted. "But I know, she's going to help me out without entering there." He said as he gave one last pull and Mikan came cascading in his arms. Still shocked, she wasn't able to move. Her body was as stiff as a metal lamp post. She's wrapped around Natsume's arms again. And he was warm. His body, it's so comfortable to be with. She wanted to hug him back. Badly. She can't believe what Natsume just said. He needed her. Then, she remembered her healing alice. It was suppose to help her choose, right? Does it mean she should heal Natsume's hurts away?

"Natsume." Mikan finally uttered so softly. Her arms were slowly making its way on hugging Natsume but then, Ruka grabbed her. "I say we make her choose." Ruka dared him.

"You sure?" Natsume asked. He's really doubting it. He's still his best friend after all. He doesn't wanna hurt him. He was the only person he turned to during those years of agony. "May the best man win." Ruka replied back. As he let go of Mikan. Making her stand between the two of them.

"D-d-d-d-do I r-r-re-really ha-h-have t-too?" she stammered. She hates choosing. She really liked both of them. But who did she like more? The one she had a crush on because he was so cute while playing with Giant Piyo when she was ten or is it the one she always ends up being with? The one she always follow. For some reason her feet always seem to go to that cherry blossom tree.

Who should she choose? She closed her eyes. Tears were falling. Natsume and Ruka could do nothing but stare at her. "Mikan." Natsume whispered as the wind added to the serenity of her crying face. She looked like an angel. With that hair going the wind's direction and that tear falling down. Even if she's beautiful when she cries, she's a lot more beautiful when she smiles.

Oh God, I pray that I could be the man that she deserves. Natsume prayed. He rarely does it. But whenever he does, it always involves this angel. She really is breathtaking. Her face, her lips, her eyes, it always wanna make Natsume cry. She was so fucking special.

I really hate to make her cry, Ruka thought guiltily. She's crying because of him. If he didn't make her choose between them, she wouldn't be crying.

She finally opened her eyes. It was filled with tears. She ran to Ruka and hugged him tightly. She was crying her eyes out. He is happy, did she finally choose him? Natsume was left staring at them. He was, hurt. She didn't feel the same way towards him.

"I'm so sorry Ruka! I know there's someone out there for you. I know I don't deserve your kindness. I'm so so so sorry. But I choose Natsume." She said as she slowly walked back and turned her heels around. Natsume face was filled with shock. Next thing he knew, she was hugging him tightly. "Natsume." She said. "I think I love you more."

He was so happy. But his face didn't show it. For he was staring at his best friend as he wrapped her around him. "Mikan." Was all Natsume could say. He was out of words. "Congratulations Natsume." Ruka said as he wiped the tears in his eyes using the jacket he wore. "Thanks a lot, Mikan." Ruka said as he ran away. "Ruka." Was all Natsume could really say as he watched his best friend go deeper into the Northern Woods.

Ruka ran away from the place as fast as he can. He went straight to the barn and talked to his bunny. "She choose him." He said as tears went rolling down his face. The barn door opened, revealing his blackmailer. "You look ridiculous. Crying your eyes out and talking to your bunny." She said as she showed him a picture she had taken just moments ago when Ruka was running and crying. "Hey! If you're here just to make fun of me, I'm sorry but you need to do it some other time." He snapped irritably. Then a tear rolled down from his bluish-gray eyes.

"There's someone out there for you. Or maybe Mikan just wanted to be with Natsume for the moment. You'll never know. What if she decided to like you when we are out of this place? Maybe, just maybe. There is still hope for you two. But I advice you to move on. I think that's the best choice." She said as she walked out.

Ruka turned to look at her retrieving back. He didn't know why but she managed to make him smile. And also stop sulking. "Thank you, Imai." He whispered when she was gone.

While Ruka is smiling, Mikan is crying. "Natsume. I feel so bad." She said as she clutched his sweater tightly. "If you feel so bad for him, why did you choose me?" he asked annoyed that Mikan is crying. "Because I love you." Was her simple reply. He was so happy. She loves him. Sigh, he sighed in an in love manner. She loves me, he thought. "I love you more." He said as he lowered his head behind her shoulders and hugged her. "Ruka, he bet that he's wishing you won't avoid him." Natsume said. "How can I? He's so cute! Unlike you!" she said as she jerked his arms and grabbed a hand full of snow. "Well, If you like him that much, why not choose him instead of me?!" he said now angry. His girlfriend thinks his best friend is cute! Who wouldn't be mad? "I'm not your puppet, Hyuuga!" she said as she created a snowball. "You choose me. It means we are together." He said as he grabs a hand full of snow. "I didn't say yes. All I said was that I chose you." She said as she threw him a snowball. But he ducked it and threw her one, which hit her square in the face.

"OW!" she said as she brushed the snow off. Revealing some red nose. "You're not my girl?" he asked calmly. "NO!" she said as she stuck out her tongue and crossed her arms in her chest before she moved her body side ways. "Don't think you're someone special just because I love you." He said as he grabbed her and kissed her. She just looked at him wide eyed and standing as stiff as a lamp post. While he on the other hand, wrapped his arms around her tightly.

"So, are you mine now?" he said as he pulled back and stared at her face which cannot be painted. "Silence means yes." He said as he carried her in a piggy back manner without her saying a word. After a while, she smiled as they walked inside the school cafeteria for it was almost lunch time. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder while closing her eyes. "Whatever you say, Natsume Hyuuga." She said as she brushed of some snowflakes which were falling on them. "So it's a yes then." He said as he ran to the cafeteria making Mikan sit up straight and grip tighter.

Soon, they were inside the cafeteria. It was noisy before but as soon as the people noticed them, it was suddenly quiet. They just stared at the couple. Mikan flushed with embarrassment just hang her head low.

When Natsume told Ruka about the contract, somebody heard and soon the whole school found out about Natsume and Mikan's relationship. So when they entered in that manner, people didn't believe their eyes. "Natsume!" Sumire suddenly shouted. The fan girls were burning with jealousy.

And soon, there was this angry fan girl tried to touch or may I say hurt Mikan. "Mikan Sakura! You bitch! What the he-…" she didn't get to finish her statement because her hair was burned by the super furious boyfriend of Mikan. He stepped on top of a table, while Mikan is still on his back.

"OKAY! LISTEN UP EVERYONE! NO ONE TOUCHES THIS LITTLE IDIOT GIRL! WHOEVER DARES, WILL DIE, IMMEDIATELY." He shouted to the whole cafeteria, putting Mikan down and placed her around his arms. "She's mine." He said as the walked to the recess lady to grab their food. Well, actually, Natsume walked while he dragged Mikan.

"Really, Natsume. That was embarrassing." Mikan said when they were under a gazebo somewhere in the Northern Forest.

She just found herself in a real weird position. She was leaning on Natsume. She was in between his legs, which are by the way, raised up to her shoulders. His stretched arms were on top of her shoulders while he was reading his manga. "Who cares?" he said as he closed his manga and placed his head on her shoulder. "I don't give a fuck on what they say." He said. "Oh stop cursing will yah!" she said. "And why are we in this position anyway?" she exclaimed. "Nothing." He said as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Is this still a contract?" she asked him. "Nope. It's the real thing." He answered.

-end of story-

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