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In the Street

2 months later

"Michael Kelso, if you drop that couch, so help me you will be breathing out of a tube for the next six months." Jackie stood in the entryway of her new home doing what she did best: managing. Hyde and Eric were hauling a brand new kitchen table into the dining room, while Kelso and Fez struggled with the huge couch Jackie had picked out. Donna had carried in the overstuffed armchair with out any help at all.

"Well Jackie, I think this place is going to look great!" WB slung an arm around the petite shoulders of his future daughter-in-law while taking in her handy work.

"Well with out your credit card, none of this beautiful dream would have been possible. I love that you're rich!" Jackie jumped up and down and clapped her hands. WB just smiled indulgently at her.

"I like that about myself, as well, Jackie."

Hyde watched Jackie, standing next to his father, obviously thrilled with the home that they were making together, and he couldn't even bring himself to be angry that she had taken on the role of drill sergeant. Well, not too mad.

After the couch had been moved into place, Jackie threw herself into Hyde's arms.

"Are we done?" He asked her.

"Finally, we're done!"

"Let's eat!" said Fez.

Hanging out, down the street

The same old thing, we did last week

That night Hyde sat on the couch in his own home. Watching his very own TV. Sitting next to his soon to be wife. He had never felt more fulfilled, or more proud of himself. Thinking back to the days when he sat in his mother's abandoned house eating saltines and ketchup, he could hardly believe he had come so far. Apart of him missed the Forman basement, but he knew that it was only a few houses down, and it was pretty hard to miss something you could see out your bedroom window.

Jackie sat next to her Fiancé, trying to concentrate on the brochures she had picked up from Point Place Community College. She had told Hyde a few days after Sam's big announcement that she wanted to be close to home, to help him with his new baby. She wanted to be a part of the baby's life from the beginning. PPCC offered some really great classes, and she had found out that she could do her final two years by mail, earning her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism with minimal time away from the house.

"Are you sure you're ok with going to Community College instead of UW?" Hyde asked her for the hundredth time. He was still inclined to encourage Jackie in her empowerment exercises, and he didn't want his own mistake to keep her from achieving her dreams.

"It's a compromise, I'm still going to earn my degree, and I would much rather play house with you than live in a dorm." She smiled, and pushed the brochures aside. She prowled toward his lap, finally straddling him and giving him a long, lustful kiss.

The phone rang.

"Who ever it is, it's not more important than this." Hyde mumbled around Jackie's swollen mouth, pulling her closer to him. She giggled and pushed herself off his lap. Hurrying to the phone she picked it up on the third ring.

"Burkhart-Hyde residence!" She trilled into the phone. Hyde looked at the ceiling and groaned, knowing she had been waiting weeks to say that phrase.

"Oh my god, we'll be right there!" Jackie rushed across the living room and grabbed Hyde by the hand. "We have to go! Hurry! She's coming, she's coming!" Jackie babbled as she threw on a spring jacket and dug her car keys out of another jacket hanging in the hall closet. Hyde watched her, utter bewilderment all over his face.

"Jackie!" She looked at him, frantic eyes ablaze with excitement. "Who's coming?" Jackie was across the room in two bounds. She threw her arms around her lover's neck.

"You're little girl, sweetie. She's on her way home."

Not a thing to do

But talk to you

Hyde could barely breathe. He felt like every one he knew, aside from Sam, was crammed into one very small, oxygen-deprived room. He felt hot, and tired, and like his heart was working on overdrive. Kitty was talking excitedly to Red, who was making a gallant effort to stay awake. Leo was talking to Kelso in the corner. Fez had parked next to the candy machine, which he was feeding nickels to at regular intervals. Eric was having a panic attack to rival Hyde's own, while Donna tried in vain to calm him.

Of all of them, Jackie alone was calm. She perched next to Hyde, not saying a word. If Hyde didn't know any better he would have thought Jackie was praying. When the nurses came in, they addressed Jackie. They had given up long ago on getting any direct answers from Hyde.

"How can this be happening? How can Hyde have a baby, Donna? A baby!" Eric was still babbling, and it was beginning to fry Hyde's last remaining nerves. He turned to Jackie, hoping against hope to try and siphon some of her strength and calm.

"Jackie, how are you ok?" She smiled at him.

"Steven, I just know that everything is going to be fine."

Steal your car, and bring it down

Pick me up, we'll drive around

WB came running into the room. "Steven! I came as quick as I could, how are you son?" He pulled Hyde into a hug.

"I'm good, nervous, I sort of feel sick."

"I know what you mean, I felt that way myself when Angie was born."

The nurse came into the room and cleared her throat. "Mr. Hyde?" she asked looking at Hyde.

"Ya?" He stepped forward.

"Would you like to come to the delivery room? Your daughter has just been born, at 12:23 a.m. April the first, 1980." Hyde took a step toward the nurse, and then turned back to Jackie. He had never seen her looking so scared and so excited. He held his hand out to her, and she took it. She allowed him to lead her down the hospital hallways.

Once they reached the room, the nurse handed Hyde a little bundle of pink blanket. Jackie let out a huge sigh beside him.

"Oh Steven, she's just perfect. She's so beautiful, she has your eyes." Hyde looked down at his daughter, feeling that this was a moment he would never forget. Sam lay in her hospital bed. She looked incredibly tired. Jackie came to her side to speak to her. In the months following Sam's arrival in Point Place, she and Jackie had forged a kind of weary truce.

"Sam do you need anything?"

"A nap would be good." Sam said ruefully. "She really wore me out."

"She's so beautiful, Sam." Samantha didn't look remotely interested in the child now in Hyde's arms.

"Thanks, but I'm a lot more concerned about my beautiful abs. Do you think you guys could take her out of here, I need to get some sleep."

Hyde couldn't believe that even Sam could be so careless about her child, but to his surprise Jackie was beaming. Once the three of them were in the hallway, she turned to Hyde. "May I hold her, Steven?" He deposited the bundle in Jackie's arms, and was pleased to see the light that the child she was holding brought to her eyes.

"What is it, Jacks?"

"It's a family. We're a family, you, me, and Maggie May. I just think we're going to be really, really happy."

"Maggie May, huh? Where did you get that name?" Hyde asked, barely suppressing the grin on his face.

"You know Steven, the song. It's perfect. She just looks like a Maggie, doesn't she?" And he had to admit she really did. Then something struck him.

"Jackie, when did you start listening to Rod Stewart?" She just smiled serenely at him cradling his daughter in her arms.

Wish we had

A joint so bad

It was a few days later, and Hyde and Jackie were headed to the hospital to pick up Samantha and the officially christened Maggie. When Hyde had given his suggestion for the name, Sam hadn't seemed remotely interested in what the child was called. In fact, since her daughter had been born, Samantha hadn't even held Maggie except to feed her. Jackie, on the other hand, had visited the hospital several times a day, with and with out Hyde, just to be there to cuddle the infant every time she opened her sleepy blue eyes.

"Steven." Hyde could tell that she was going to bring up something serious by the way she was fidgeting with the edge of her jacket. "I was wondering, what you would think, if maybe, well if we asked Sam to waive her parental rights. She could go back to Vegas and do what ever she wanted, and we could take care of Maggie. And well, I still have a lot of money left from what my dad gave me a while ago, more than enough to pay for community college, and I was thinking we could give some to Sam." She was determinedly not meeting his eyes.

"Wait, so you're saying you want to buy my baby?" She looked up at him and blanched at the serious look on his face. "Jackie you've been living with me for less than a week, and you're already talking about committing felonies." He smiled approvingly. "Nice."

"It's not a felony, it's a settlement, Steven."

"Settlements are felonies that involve lawyers, it's all the same principle." He replied, still impressed that his fiancé had come up with such a devious plan.

"Well I talked to my lawyer yesterday," she blushed furiously, but then continued, "and he drew up this paperwork, and if you both sign it, and we write her the check, then Maggie is ours forever, and Samantha won't be able to come near her, with out our consent. So…what do you think?" She finished lamely.

"How much money?"

"I was thinking about ten grand." She looked shameful just at the thought of it.

"Is this what you really want?" He asked her, concern on his face.

"Of course!" Jackie said, shocked that he would think she wouldn't want to have little Maggie with them all the time.

"Well then I think you are the most wonderful woman in the entire world." He smiled at her and Jackie beamed.

Hanging out, down the street

The same old thing we did last week

Not a thing to do

But talk to you

The Burkhart-Hyde residence was full of the people they loved when Jackie and Hyde brought home Maggie May Hyde. Though they had all been expecting Sam to accompany them, Hyde and Jackie explained what the three of them had decided, and Hyde supposed that Sam and her ten grand were probably boarding a plane to Cabo. But she had signed the paper, and Maggie was theirs. Jackie even planned to adopt the baby as soon as possible.

"Well, Hyde, I have to say, you really lucked out. You got a baby, and you got a wife, and since the baby isn't technically Jackie's, you know it's not devil spawn. That my friend is what I would call having you cake and eating it too!" Eric said to his best friend, as they sat on the couch watching the festivities around them. Out of nowhere, Jackie popped up and frogged Eric on the arm.

"I heard that, string bean!" She cried, before calmly taking her daughter back from Donna. Eric held his shoulder, and turned to Hyde in surprise.

"What have you been giving her lessons, because, man, she's evil enough with out your corruptive influence." Donna gave Eric a quick kiss before sliding into his lap.

"I think the two of them are a match made in heaven, I mean come on, Jackie bought Hyde's baby!" The group of friends laughed to Jackie's complete indignation.

"I did not buy her, it was a settlement!" Jackie stomped her foot and huffed before walking over to Mrs. Forman who had been trying to spend at least as much time with little Maggie as Jackie and Hyde.

The front door suddenly burst open, and in came Kelso and Fez, covered in mud and grass stains. Jackie was across the room in seconds, barring them further entrance into her pristine house.

"Damn, Jackie! We just trenched old man Shinskys' yard, and if I get caught again, I'm probably not going to be able to get out of it!" Exclaimed Kelso, by way of explanation. Fez was bouncing up and down on the soles of his feet next to Kelso, when Jackie turned her wrathful gaze on him.

"I really need to pee!" Jackie shook her head and pointed to the front door.

"Michael Giovani Kelso and…" there was a pregnant pause, "Fez!" You are not coming one step further into this house. In fact you just get out right now. I'm a mother now, and I will not permit the harboring of criminals under my roof" she grabbed them both by the ears, "out, out, out!" Kelso looked at her reproachfully, and then glanced at Hyde.

"Before you knocked up Sam, Jackie used to be nice!" He turned his attention back on Jackie, "What happened to you lady?" But his only answer was a door slamming in his face.

We're all alright!

A few hours later Hyde walked up stairs to find Jackie in the beautifully decorated nursery, rocking a semi unconscious Maggie into dream land. It was her off key voice that had brought Hyde to the room, and he leaned against the door frame to watch the perfect picture before him.

"Oh Maggie I couldn't have tried any more

You lured me away from home just to save you from being alone

You stole my heart and that's what really hurts"

Hyde had to smile to himself. In all his life he had never really, truly felt at home. It had been a long time coming. But now, watching his daughter and his beautiful fiancé, he just couldn't see how his life could have turned out any better.