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Everyone around me says "It'll be better tomorrow."

But what about today?

When you died, a little of me died too

As I sat there looking at the Casket you are lying in

I think about all our yesterdays and I smile

Our friends probably think I'm going insane

But what I'm doing is getting ready to be with you

No I'm not going to kill myself, that would defeat my fate

But I was told by my doctor that I have Cancer and it's bad

I lie here with my body shutting down and I smile

You are standing beside my bed and you hold out your hand

So I guess that they were right what they said about tomorrow

Because yesterday you died and now it is tomorrow and we are

holding hands and walking to heaven together, and we are smiling.

Joey Wheeler Kaiba died exactly three months to the day that his life mate Seto Kaiba did. They will always be remembered and loved by those they left behind…..