Chapter1-new hero

New metropolis was busy as always but in one part the legion of superheroes was busier than usual fighting a big plant which every time one head got cut off another five grew out
"Brainy, are you finished with that yet?" asked Saturn girl
"almost, it should minimize the plant making it easier to beat." he explained
"don't need the info, but we do need the machine." stressed Timber wolf
"I'm working." he stressed back. The plant noticed that Brainy was working on the machine and it smacked him away and over into a different street. Unfortunately he landed on a teenage girl with long sky blue hair and a human like face.
"ouch." she yelped
"oh, I am so sorry." he apologized and got up quickly
"no, problem. What happened." she asked as she cracked her back, still not facing him
"big plant knocked me over, oh crud, I need to get back before it stomps the machine." he remembered and she turned round, she had lilac eyes and pale skin she wore a long cloak with light purple pants/boots on and a purple tight sleeveless top, with a few green markings just showing above the black gloves that covered her arms she also had a small rare stoned ring on her finger
"maybe I could help?" she asked hopefully
"it's dangerous, sorry I can't let you." he said and flew off
"nobody lets me do anything." she said sadly "oh who cares, I know that plant, he's a monster." she stated confidently then disappeared from sight. Then reappeared behind the now working Brainy
"so, still sure you don't need help?" she asked as she looked at the plant who was growing bigger by the minute.
"Where did you come from?" he asked shocked
"doesn't matter. Do you want my help or not?" she asked
"fine, what can you do?" he asked
"well I know that if you put that wire there and attach that little port to that circuit you will get a ray that would destroy his roots." she said fiddling with the machine
"what, HEY!" he yelped at his invention being tampered with
"one minute. HEY CABBAGE FACE!!" she yelled at it and it turned its' 25 giant heads towards her "yeah, it was me!" she exclaimed and ran behind it. It followed her as she ran
"who is she?" asked Saturn girl
"I don't know." answered Brainy truthfully
"wait, you don't?" asked Superman shocked that he didn't know something
"no, I really don't." he repeated, then she did it she unleashed a wave of green energy that paralyzed the plant.
"what if it doesn't work?" he asked
"wait, are you questioning my intelligence. SHOOT THE BLOODY LAZER!!" she yelled now annoyed, he did so and it shrunk the plants roots just as she said and destroyed the plant. She walked up to him clearly peeved off
"NEVER! Insult my intelligence, got it? You owe me, that fall hurt." she stated at him
"fine fine, never insult the intelligence." he said slightly scared

"Good. Well check ya later." she waved and disappeared
"seriously…who was she?" asked Lighting lad. Later on Brainy was searching the city for the girl when Superman came in
"so found her yet?" he asked
"her name is Roxanne Collins AKA Phoenix. Her powers are very interesting, I don't know…" and he trailed off into space
"ok…" he said and walked out. Then bumped into Saturn girl
"have you found anything out yet?" she asked
"yeah. Do a city scan for a Roxanne Collins also known as Phoenix." he instructed she nodded and her eyes shone pink then quickly went back as she held her head
"ouch." she said as she shook her head
"what?" he asked
"I found her, but I'm never doing that again." she announced clearly
"why?" he asked confused
"she shocked me, she sent a shockwave through into my brain." she said holding her head as it hurt
"ouch, that has got to hurt. Where is she?" he asked
"wow, very sympathetic. She's in the middle of the city near your museum." she said and walked off
"BRAINY!" he yelled and the green android teen came out of the screen room
"what?" he asked annoyed
"she's near the museum, are you coming?" he asked
"no, take Lightning lad and Timber wolf." he instructed
"fine." he said and ran off then he went back in and looked for pictures of the girl. Meanwhile the gang was on their way to the location where she was waiting for them tapping her foot impatiently. When the jet landed she looked at the group with an eyebrow raised
"hey, where's the green guy?" she asked then smirked at their shocked faces
"you knew we were coming?" asked Lightning lad
"of course, I may have sent the shock, but I also sent the location. Why didn't you just ask, you had to probe my mind, very impolite." she teased while laughing
"who are you?" asked Superman
"hasn't the green dude already told you? Oh well. I'm Roxanne Collins, also Phoenix, I'm the only one in my family to have powers…except my dad but he's no longer around and I've been an outcast in every place I've been in. my intelligence of you guys in high enough, and the green dude, tell him I said hi." she said and disappeared again
"this girl is very strange." stated Timber wolf
"you're telling us." commented both Lighting lad and Superman in unison.
"HEY I HEARD THAT!" yelled the invisible Phoenix
"what the….?" asked Timber wolf and all that was heard was a laughter that was disappearing into the distance.
"Lets get back, we have to tell brainy he has an admirer." smirked Lightning lad
"how can you tell?" asked Superman
"I don't, it'll just be a laugh." he said laughing as they ran into the jet then flew off. Then she reappeared and sighed
"why can't I just be normal." she said sadly then flew off with her cloak flowing in the warm breeze. Back at HQ the gang had gotten back and Brainy was explaining something
"listen, we have try-outs tomorrow, I overlooked them after you lot made me busy whilst looking for the girl." he explained in a monotone
"wait, we have to sit through that…Again?!" asked Lightning lad moaning
"yes we do. Now get some rest, we have an important day tomorrow." he said and walked out while the others looked at each other confused at why he was missing so much.