Synopsis: Harry gets drunk and sleeps with the man he has lusted after for 2 years, at the Graduation Ball. What will be the consequences? And what does it have to do with Sirius and Remus? HBP didn't happen and Sirius never perished! SLASH, HPSS, SBRL, MPREG, OOC.

Warnings Etc: SLASH (HPSS, SBRL), MPREG, OOC. Please no flames as you have been forewarned.


Chapter 1: Graduation Ball

"Hey Remus," Harry greeted before scanning his eyes over Remus' shoulder. "Where's Sirius? I thought he was coming."

Harry had been expecting to see his godfather with Remus. It was his Hogwarts Graduation Ball; tomorrow he would be travelling on the Hogwarts Express with all the other seventh year students, back to Kings Cross Station in London, ready to start their new adult lives in the real world. Remus had to come to the Ball as he was the Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, but Sirius had promised he would come too.

"He couldn't make it Harry, I'm sorry."


"It…" Remus paused, looking at the ground briefly to gather his thoughts before looking back up at Harry.

"It was two years ago today that he had the miscarriage," Remus managed to convey without breaking down, although not for the first time that day, he had to swallow a lump that had formed in his throat.

"Oh Remus, I… I should have remembered, I'm sorry."

"It's ok," Remus smiled at Harry. "Sirius really did want to come tonight, but its hit him a lot harder than he thought it would."

"It's so unfair," Harry sighed. "There are so many idiots out there getting themselves knocked up who don't even want their baby and then you and Sirius, who would make the best parents in the world… it just isn't happening."

"Thanks Harry. All we want is a family of our own, but we've been trying for over three years now. We may have to accept that it will never happen for us, that we'll never… be parents."

"Have you discussed the option of adoption?"

"We have and unfortunately, what with me being a werewolf, we would never be considered."

Harry didn't know what to say. What could you say? He really felt for Sirius and Remus. He saw Sirius as a father figure and hated after everything he'd been through at Azkaban, he still couldn't be completely happy. Harry gave Remus a hug instead of saying anything.

"I'm only going to stay for the dinner, then I'll get back to Sirius," Remus told Harry as they broke apart.

They both made their way into the Great Hall which had been transformed and decorated for the occasion. Tables had been arranged and set for their lavish feast. Harry found Ron and Hermione and sat down on the spare seat between them. He just felt like this was going to be the best night ever.


The Graduation Ball was in full swing. After the dinner, the tables were cleared away and a dance floor put in their place. Hermione was busy chatting to other girls, whilst Harry and Ron were sat at a round table drinking butter beer.

"What are Seamus and Dean up to?" Harry asked, pointing over to them. They were huddled in a corner and had two rucksacks bursting at the seams.

"Don't know," Ron replied. "But they look shifty. Let's go and find out."

Harry followed Ron over to their fellow Gryffindors. Seamus and Dean immediately tried to look nonchalant and smiled at the pair as they got closer, trying their best to keep the rucksacks out of sight.

"What you two up to?" Ron asked.

"Nothing," Seamus and Dean said together. Harry and Ron laughed.

"Come on, tell us. What have you got in those bags?" Harry said.

"Oh all right," Seamus sighed. "But you can't tell anyone or they'll all want a piece of the action. We've got beer and firewhiseky, nicked it from the kitchens."

"Cool," Ron replied, bending down as Dean and Seamus stepped aside, to help himself to a bottle.

"You can take as much as you like," Dean told them, ignoring Seamus' frown of disapproval. "If we drank all this we'd end up paralytic and in the hospital wing."

Harry and Ron both took a few bottles each, thanked their friends and returned to their table. After a couple of beers Ron got up to speak to Hermione, leaving Harry alone to survey the room. He spotted Professor Snape leaving the Great Hall and sighed to himself. He couldn't believe he'd probably never see his Potions Professor again. He'd had a crush on Snape for two years, pretty much since he realised he was gay. Potions went from being his worst nightmare to his favourite classes of the week. He loved listening to Snape's voice, watching his mysterious glares and fantasising about the two of them staying behind after class to… well you know. And he actually looked forward to any detentions Snape gave him, which happened to be fairly often. Harry hoped that when he was away from Hogwarts he would start to meet other men and forget all about Snape.

"Blimey Harry, how many beers have you had?" Ron asked, as he returned ten minutes later.

"Er, only a couple," Harry replied, been then he looked at the amount of empty bottles there were on the table. Ron looked kind of hazy and his voice seemed far away.

"And the rest," Ron replied. "We better hide them; Hermione is coming ov- shit."

"Where did you two get those?" Hermione asked disapprovingly, as she reached them.

"Hermione don't give us a hard time," Ron pleaded. "It's our Graduation Ball; we should be able to let our hair down and have some fun."

"There's ten empty bottles here, what are you trying to do to yourselves?"

"Hermione leave it!" Ron begged.

Hermione walked off in a huff towards the dance floor. Ron scowled after her and Harry laughed. He was fed up of the pair of them. He wished they'd just admit their feelings for each other and have a fuck, all their bickering was clearly sexual tension. Anyone with half a brain could see it.

"Fancy doing some dancing?" Ron asked.

"You go," Harry replied. "I going to find Snape an tell im I love him," Harry declared, slurring his words.

"I don't think that's a good idea mate," Ron told him.


"Well, you're drunk and would probably regret it. And Snape will probably kill you. I mean, literally kill you."

"But I love im."

"Nah you just want to fuck him."

"Ron!" Harry exclaimed, almost spitting out the beer he had just gulped.

"Well it's true. Come on, let's dance."

"I'll join you after this," Harry said, lifting up his beer.

Ron went off to the dance floor. As soon as he was out of sight, Harry hurried out of the Great Hall and walked towards the dungeons. He didn't know where Snape would be, but figured this was the best place to start looking. He walked all the way to the Potions classroom but found it empty. As he made his way back he saw Snape up ahead, walking towards him.

"Potter, what are you doing down here?" Snape spat.

"Looking for you," Harry replied stopping still in front of Snape.

"May I ask why?" Snape asked in a bored tone.

"Cos you is really… I like… you."

For a few seconds Snape gave Harry a very curious glare, trying to work out what was going on. Was this a joke? Had he been dared? Is he really as drunk as he seems? Either way, he wasn't interested in carrying on this conversation any longer.

"How eloquently put, now if you excuse me."

Snape went to walk pass Harry, but had an arm put out stopping him in his tracks. Harry gripped his hand around Snape's arm.

"Potter, take your hand off me before I-"

"I've fancied you for ages."

Snape could smell the alcohol coming off Harry but still couldn't work out whether this was a joke or not. Occasionally, very occasionally a student developed a crush on him, but never a guy and Potter? It just didn't seem right at all.

"Potter, you are drunk."

"I not drunks."

"Yes you are and you're acting like a complete imbecile. I think the best course of action would be for you to go back to your dormitory and sleep it o-"

Severus stopped speaking. Harry had removed his hand from Snape's arm and grasped his crotch instead, massaging it slowly through his clothes.

"I can think of something more interesting to do... than sleeping," Harry whispered into his ear.

Snape froze. He could feel his cock hardening and what Harry was saying was hitting all the right buttons. He did fancy Potter; he was a good looking young man and knew that most gay men would probably jump at the chance to fuck him. But he couldn't, Potter was drunk and he was the adult. For heavens sake he was the Professor. He couldn't take advantage like this. Vut the longer he tried to talk himself out of it, the more he didn't want to. He was thoroughly turned on.

"Have… you ever had sex Potter?" Snape asked.

"Loads," was the whispered response. "I love getting fucked, especially by older men."

Snape was in far too deep now. All rational thought had left his brain and he grabbed Harry's hand away from his crotch and led him back down the dungeon, stopping at a large oak door opposite the Potions classroom. He whispered a password and he and Harry went into his private quarters. Harry didn't even have time to look around, and he didn't even want to. He was about to have sex with Snape, he couldn't believe it, he'd dreamed about this for so long but never in a million years thought it would happen.

"Get on the bed," Snape instructed as they entered his bedroom.

Harry lay back on the bed and let Snape rip all his clothes off. He was already rock hard when Snape got down to his underpants. Smirking at him, Snape grabbed it, stroking up and down the length. Harry was in heaven, throwing his head back against a pillow and instinctively bucking his hips forwards. He hoped to god he didn't arrive early.

"Please… get on with it," he cried, when it was becoming too much.

Snape stopped, flipped Harry onto his front and proceeded to remove his own clothes. Snape's fingers, coated with a cool substance were applied to his entrance and he gasped out loud in pain when he felt something a lot bigger than a finger thrust all the way inside him. He thought he was going to pass out from the sheer pain and pleasure. He breathed heavily and once he'd recovered Snape started fucking him hard, showing no mercy.

Harry gripped the sides of the bed, moaning and shouting with every thrust. It was fucking fantastic. He'd spent two years imagining Snape inside him, but his fantasies never came anywhere close to this. Snape's cock was hitting the right spot each and every time.

Harry could feel his orgasm building and Snape must have cottoned on as he started fucking him even harder and sure enough a few seconds later they both exploded in climax.


"So, where did you get to last night?" Hermione asked. The trio were sat on the Hogwarts Express on the way back to Kings Cross Station in London. The train was full of very excited, but apprehensive seventh years.

"Nowhere," Harry replied, putting a hand to his head. He had a massive headache.

"You've only got yourself to blame for that!"

"Hermione, please don't shout."

"So what are we all going to do?" Ron asked, changing the subject. "I can't believe we'll never go to Hogwarts again."

"I'm really gonna miss it," Harry said sadly. "But I'm looking forward to the future."

"I think I might go to the Ministry tomorrow, see what job opportunities there are," Hermione replied.

"Don't you want to have a break first?" Harry asked her.

"Well mum and dad are working and I don't fancy sitting around the house all day on my own."

"Why don't we go travelling for a bit, just the three of us," Ron suggested.

The carriage went quiet as they all mulled over the idea. Look for a job or go on a holiday? Was there really anything to think about? They all looked at each other and smiled, their minds made up.

"I think that's the best idea you've ever had Ron," Hermione said.

"You say it like you think I'm thick or something" Ron retorted.

"Oh for goodness sake Ron!"

Both Ron and Hermione folded their arms across their chests and stared moodily in the opposite direction. Harry rolled his eyes. He was really getting sick of this, the sooner they got it on the better.

"If you two are going to be like this the whole time, it will be a very short holiday," Harry remarked. They all laughed.


"How can I help you today?" the Healer asked as Harry sat himself down in front of her desk in St Mungos Hospital.

"I've just got back from three months travelling and I'm applying to play Quidditch for the Chudley Cannons, so I need a basic medical report to give them to prove my fitness."

"Oh right, well lay yourself down on the bed and I'll check you over."

Harry got up and did as he was instructed. Once he was laid down, the Healer stood over him, waving her wand up and down his body. As soon as she stopped, the sound of a printer could be heard, and sure enough, on her desk, a piece of paper came shooting out of a machine.

"You may sit back down Mr Potter." Harry seated himself again and watched as the Healer scanned the report. "Well, everything seems to be in order. You're in very good- oh…"

"What is it?" Harry asked anxiously, he didn't like the look on the Healers face.

"Um, Mr Potter, were you aware that you're three months pregnant?"

"I'm what?"


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