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Chapter One:


I walked into the house. I knew that Edward wouldn't be here. He was always off with Bella. In many ways, being back was no different than being away. Edward was still never around. I called out to see who was home.

"Emmett? Esme? Alice? Jasper? Is anyone home?"

"I am in the kitchen." Esme called to me

"Alice and Jasper are going to be gone for a few days." Emmett said as he came down the stairs to me.

We walked into the kitchen together. Esme was watering a plant on the counter. She looked up and smiled as we walked in. "Finished tuning the car?" She asked

"Yes, I was having fun. I guess I lost all track of time." she smiled again. "since everyone is gone, how about a hunting trip?" I asked lightly

"Edward and Bella will be back later tonight." Emmett said skeptically "And Carlisle is just at the hospital."

"I will stay here. You two can go." Esme responded

"Are you sure?" Emmett asked her

"Yes, I will wait for Carlisle to get home. I will tell Edward and Bella where you are when they get back home. Don't worry Emmett." Esme looked to me then. "Rosalie, when you get back, could we talk?"

I didn't like the carefully concealed impatience in her tone. "Sure, we won't be too long. We should be back in a couple of days." Esme smiled again. I realized that now that Edward was around again she was smiling at the drop of a hat.

"Take your time." she said waiving her hand dismissively "I just wanted you to know that I needed to talk to you."

Emmett grabbed my hand and kissed it. "We will be back in three days." He said, then he kissed Esme's cheek and walked out the door. I turned and followed him. He waited for me on the front porch. "So, where do you want to go?"

"Let's just see where our legs take us." I shot off the porch. And around the house like a bullet. Emmett was close behind me. I just kept running and running. I was secretly glad that Emmett was the only one to come with me. I really wanted to talk to him alone.

I noticed that Emmett hadn't overtaken me yet. I was wondering why. There was no way I was actually faster than him after all of these years. So I slightly veered to the right so that I was directly in front of him. I did it so quickly that I don't think he even realized what I was about to do.

I stopped dead in my tracks as I turned to face him. He slammed into me with an Earth shattering crash. I wrapped my arms around him and put my head on his chest. He put his arms around me too. "What is the matter Rose? I know you just wanted to talk away from home. But why did we have to come so far?" We were almost to Rainier by the time we stopped.

"Carlisle and Esme are so happy for Edward." I started after a moment "They have always had a soft spot for him in their hearts." I couldn't believe that I was finally telling him this. I love my brother. I really do. It just pained me so much that … No I could not think things like this. I had to keep it to myself. Even Edward did not know how I truly felt. "Emmett, do you think it would be better for us to just turn her, and make him have to deal with it?"

"No, Rose, I do not. Edward has always been extremely complicated. I think that he needs to get over his own selfishness. He can't have both her blood and her body. He will have to choose. I know he loves her deeply. I would venture to say as deeply as I love you." He stroked my face lovingly and smiled. "With the way that he talks about how he feels when she touches him. That electrical current that just pulls two people together. I think that he is afraid to lose that." He smiled wryly "I don't think he realizes that that stays. But I really don't know his true feelings. We may need to ask Jasper. Then again Edward is very good at hiding things. Jasper may not even know."

"That is true." I said "He is the only one truly able to keep a secret. Though it is no secret that he loves her." Emmett looked at me pensively then. "I just thought of something. I thought you didn't want her changed? Or was that just your way of giving in to Edward?"

I skipped over his questions. I didn't want to answer them just yet. "Do you really believe that?" I asked him "That he would rather keep her soft and warm for a few years. Rather than spend eternity with her?"

We both were lost in thought for a long while. Then I broke the silence by asking "Emmett, how much could he really love her if that is true? Maybe you are right, and even Jasper can't comprehend his true feelings. You know that Edward has always been the type to know everything. While simultaneously keeping everyone else in the dark. But I think... I think he really does love her. I also think that the only way to prove it is to change her."

"I think that we need to stop talking about this." Emmett said as he brushed the hair off my face that the wind had just put there. "But first I have a quick question for you. If he does do it? Or shall I say. When he does do it, are you going to be nicer to her?" I scowled at him "You realize that she is hesitant of you most of the time. You really should treat her better. If only for Edward's sake." He laughed loudly. Obviously my annoyance at his question was amusing to him.

I knew that Emmett liked spending time with Edward and Bella. Though if I asked him not to he would stop. He wouldn't oppose me. He would do anything to make me happy. I loved that power over him. As it was the only one I had. I took a step back from him and rolled my eyes. "I said that I didn't mind her. I will treat her like a sister. Should he ever change her. But who knows when that will be?' I shrugged

"You forget Rose. Carlisle will change her in a few weeks. After she graduates. If Edward doesn't do it first. And I doubt he will. He can be just as stubborn as you sometimes." He laughed again.

I took another step back from him and went to turn around. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him. Then he kissed me passionately. The kiss lasted so long that had we been human we would have died from suffocation. When the kiss finally ended we stared into each other's eyes. I could see myself so perfectly in his dark umber eyes. I started to fix my hair.

"Stop that!" he said as he closed his eyes to stop me from using them as a mirror. "So do you really need to hunt? Or was this just about getting things off your chest?" I could tell by the way he phrased the question that he already knew the answer. I didn't want to answer him though. I was a bit like Edward. Though I would never admit that fact. I hated that he knew the truth, even when I tried to lie. Yet I loved it too. I really didn't know what I would have done all these years without him.

He understood that I would not be answering him. He put his arm around my waist and said. "Let's just go down to Rainier. Then if we find something worthy of the hunt, all the better."