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Would you mind if I hurt you?
Understand that I need to
Wish that I had other choices
Than to harm the one I love
What have you done now!

Barty Crouch looked down to the floor as he bowed. It was the first time, the very first time he saw his master again, since Azkaban. It was so different of how it used to be, it shocked him. A little hump of human, which reminded Barty very much of a foetus, strangly enough.

"You are very loyal, Bartolomew, I knew you would come back," his cracking voice said, and Barty looked up. "Stand up."

Barty did what he was told. His shaggy clothes and poor looks where not yet gone, but he already had the fire of a Death Eater in his eyes.

"Not very much have remembered me."

"I would never leave you, Lord," Barty said.

"All said that, and look what became of me. I need proof, Bartolomew," his voice became louder. Wormtail entered the dark room. His appearance was still as it once was, small, scared, like a rat. He looked with envy at Barty, before he looked slimy to the Dark Lord.

"Wormtail, go make my food. I need to be fed soon."

Wormtail nodded and walked out of the room, back to where he came from, backwards, and bowing. The Dark Lord slissed like a snake.

"What need I do?" Barty now asked, while he bowed his head a little.

"There are some left who are loyal to me. I need you to find those, tell them the time has come."
"But, if I may be so bold, Lord. Why tell them, when you have created the Dark Marks?"

"Too dangerous, too dangerous. Telling them is easiest and safest. No one will find out in that manner. Now, I will not leave you on your own with this job" - A giant snake slithered through the room, ignoring Barty stature, straight to the Dark Lord. It slissed something and Voldemort laughed (or something like it).

"She is already here! Let her come in! Wormtail!"

Wormtail hastily walked through the room, wringing his hand, opening the door behind Barty.

"Now, Bartolomew, meet my third loyalest friend, Layla Jones," the Dark Lord said.

There she stood. Barty couldn't believe his eyes; it was Layla Jones.

Layla couldn't believe here eyes. There in front of her was Barty Crouch jr. His looks where shaggy and poor, and he looked like he hadn't eaten in years. But the sparkle in his chocolate brown eyes was still there, hiding the mischief he'd done. He walked towards her and said: "Layla Jones, pleasure of meeting you again."

She could see the sarcasm in his eyes and smile. She smiled too and said: "Same to you." One corner of her mouth found it's way in a little smile, hiding the feelings of hate. She could feel his confident handshake, which was almost hurting her hand, but she didn't make a sound. She just shook his hand a little bit harder, which deafened his smile.

"Well well, old friends reunited?" Voldemorts voice shattered the silence. Layla turned away from Barty and bowed a little bit, her robe touching the floor.

"Not exactly friends," she said. "More of old fellow students. We have had some complications in the past, but I'm sure we'll be a great team. After all, we were both great students, weren't we, Barty dear?"

Her sarcasm made Wormtail smile a little. Not much, but she was sure she saw a smirk. She also saw Barty's face, his smile now totally fanished from his face. After a moment of silence Wormtail said: "Master, you must be fed."

"Ah, yes. Well, good luck with your assignment, Bartolomew, Layla. Go to the Frosters in Manchester first."

Barty and Layla bowed and walked out of the room.

"So, we're a team after all," Layla said.

"I guess. We can not disappoint the Lord of Darkness, so let us forget the things that happened in the past," Barty said. They where still walked next to each other, eyes concentrated on the frontdoor.

"I am sure I will not forget them, but they can be put aside," Layla said. Her soft green eyes crossed his brown gaze for a moment, and she smiled, now without sarcasm. "We were friends once, Barty. What happened to that time?"

Barty was silent for a moment.

"We where just kids, we didn't know what to feel. That friendship is long and gone."

Barty now avoided her gaze. She sure had turned into a beautiful woman. Not like she wasn't beautiful fifteen years ago, on the contrary. But now she seemed more mature, more certain of her choices and the steps she made. Her brown hair fell over her shoulders, her freckles danced on her nose when she laughed. She may looked beautiful, and innocent, Barty knew the truth. She was a great witch, but harsh, and cold. You needed to do a lot to take the love out of her. And she clearly hadn't change a bit.

He could remember their days as kids. Their parents were friends, and so they spend a lot of time together. Shared the same sheets as babies, the same toys as kids. They shared practically everything a kid could share. But they became more and more annoyed with each other. Trying to blame each other for what the other had done, laughing at each other, sometimes even fighting when their parents didn't look. They were so similar, that they couldn't stand each other.

When they went to Hogwarts, true war began. Barty in Ravenclaw, Layla in Slitherin. They annoyed the crap out of each other, and where famous for their fights. One summer Layla went too far; the end of a long hate-relationship. They never saw each other since.