Their bodies where so close to each other Barty could feel Layla breasts press against his chest. His heart beated faster then it ever had done in his life. And then he suddenly broke the passionate, furious kiss. His face remained close to hers, his forehead touching hers.

"Layla.. I.. we," he said breathless, but Layla cut him off: "Shh, don't speak."
And she pressed her lips against his once more. Layla could feel his breath stuck in his troath when she did so, and she smiled while she kissed him. And he kissed back, tongues exploring each other's mouth. His hands where now wandering over her body, desperate to touch everything he never could've. Barty could feel Laylas hands wandering too. They moved, both heading for the same room. Now Laylas back was pressed to a door, and one of Bartys hands was seeking the doorknob.

It was Bartys bedroom they entered, which was directly connected with the small livingroom.

Layla broke her long kiss, catched a breath, looked at Barty, which looked back with fire in his eyes. They had gone darker brown, not the sweet chocolatebrown Layla was used to look at. They looked almost evil. She started to unbutton his shirt, he started to unbutton her robe. His hands where shaking, and he had difficulties with her robes. His feverish movements made Layla smirk. He was never a guy who would lose control over his movements, but now he was. Layla was coasing it, and she loved it. It showed how much Barty wanted her, she was in control of him.

His shirt was now completely gone, and Layla kissed his neck, up to his ear and nibbled it. Barty moaned deeply and whispered in her ear: "You don't know what your doing to me."

Her robe fell on the floor and his hands started to wander underneath her shirt, which was very soon to be removed. When her shirt was gone too, Barty kissed her again, and pushed her down on the bed, he landed on top of her. Her bra was gone soon after that. Layla started to pull Bartys belt, and soon also his trousers lay down on the floor. Soon they both would be naked and with the thought of that Layla moaned loudly. She could feel his heart beat faster and faster. Her trouser lay down on the floor now too. He lay on top of her, she felt his weight on her, his hands carressing her entire body, except for the place she wanted to. She would now take total control over him, grabbed his hand and put it between her legs. The feeling was undescribable, she moaned, as did he, as her hands went down too.

They were now naked. Layla could feel him go harder under her touch. She whispered in his ear: "Now, Barty. I need you."

And he obbeyed. They both moaned as he came in her, and he started to move. She grabbed his hips, and he was kissing her. It did not take long for Barty to come, and not much longer after that, Layla came too.

Their breathing was heavy, and their heartbeats still did not slow down. Barty lay his forhead on hers, and kissed her. Now not with pure animal lust, but slow, sweet, and maybe even loving. He moved out of her, still laying on top of her, his head on her chest.

"Do you realise what we have done?" Barty said, almost not hearable. It was a question without answer. The silence was presuring.

"I hate you," Layla said, while stroking his hair.

"I hate you too," Barty said, he moved up and kissed her tears away.

Would you mind if I killed you
Would you mind if I tried to
Cause you have turned into my worst enemy
You carry hate that I feel
It's over now
What have you done

So, did you think it was good? I could make a sequel, if you guys beg me and stuff.. :P
nah, but I'd like to make one, so; say it if you want to..