The Murderous Kind

Chapter One.

A Real Whodunit

A tears and rain rolled down my face as I stood by the grave of Jacob Black. Edward pulled me closer, and wrapped his arms around my waist, and started to walk me back to the Volvo. My best friend… the person who was there for me when Edward wasn't, had been murdered.

Charlie was having a hard time on this case, because he found Jacob floating along First Beach, blue, naked and covered in seaweed, which was a change from his usually warm self. Billy had reported him missing a week before they found him. The only problem was that there was no DNA or clues of who actually did it. It was a real whodunit. Now, because the town of Forks and La Push are quiet, small towns, the news of the murder travelled around quickly, and complete havoc had erupted. The police station had received a record amount of calls from people who thought they knew who the murderer was. No-one was ever close. Charlie had been down at First Beach four days in a row now, and still he was clueless about what happened. He was on the verge of calling in forensic scientists from the heart of Washington, but he was wanting to figure it out himself.

As we reached the Volvo, I heard Billy call my name. I turned around to se his eyes red and puffy from all the tears.

" Bella, I just wanted to thank you for coming today… I know that Jacob would have really appreciated it," he said to me softly. He then turned to Edward, with anger in his eyes, and immediately I knew that an argument was about to break out. I stood in front of Edward to stop him from arguing, but Billy started to speak. " Edward I know what you are, and you know that you are not supposed to be on our territory, but I must say thankyou." Edward and I were stunned. We were not expecting this to happen. " I'm glad that you came, because you came to pay respect to my son, and because you did that, I know that you are worthy of taking care of Bella." I was about to bite back and say that I didn't need taking care of, but I knew that it really wasn't needed. Edward nodded his head in recognition, and got into the car with me, and the silence in the car became intense.

"Edward…" I start, and he looks over at me, without even veering the car of course.

" Who would do such a thing? That's just not fair! He was my best friend…" and then the tears started to stream down my face. But my troubles soon left me, because Edward lent over and placed his lips on mine. I pushed him away, for the fear of driving off of the road was stuck in my mind. But when I looked out of the window, I saw that we were already at the Cullen household. I looked back at him and his golden eyes, and kissed him back. Just as our boundaries were being pushed, there was a loud tapping noise outside the car. I start blushing furiously as I see Charlie standing there, with his mouth open wide in shock. Edward starts chuckling as he opens the door to get out.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING WITH MY DAUGHTER!!!???"Charlie began screaming at Edward.

"Dad! Don't yell at him! We can do what we want, okay? I'm not your little girl anymore… I love Edward, and if you really must know, I was kissing him back," I bite back at him. And just to prove the point, Edward leant down and kissed me again.

" Bells, your best friend has just been killed! I thought you loved him!"

" I did dad… once at least. But I never really loved him. You just have to understand that I love Edward." And as I said this, Carlisle and Esme walked out of the front door.

"Charlie! Wonderful to see you! I didn't know that you knew where we lived," exclaimed Carlisle.

"I don't… I followed Edward and Bella, although I must say, Edward was driving well over the speed limit," and as he said this, he looked at Edward and frowned at him. " I came to say thankyou to Edward for driving Bella, but that I must take her home know- you do remember that she is grounded." And with that, he took my wrist and basically dragged me back to the car. I couldn't believe that he would do that to me! Drag me away by the wrist and chuck me into the back of a police vehicle (mind you, the police vehicle is Charlie's mode of transport  ), just because I was supposed to be grounded- Edward would be waiting for me when I get up to my room.

"Bella, what exactly do you and Edward get up to when I'm not around?"

"Dad! That is my own personal and private business!"

"I'm sorry, but after what I saw today, I think that I have the right to know," Charlie replied. I don't think that he has quite gotten used to me biting back at him when he asks those sorts of questions.

"Dad, I just really think that you should stick to working out who killed Jacob, and let me live my life," and with that, I jumped out of the car, and started to stumble back to Edwards.

When I got to a roadside phone, I called Edward and asked him to come and pick me up. By this point in time, I was completely soaked to the skin from the pouring rain, and I was becoming extremely grateful of the black clothes that I was wearing. I knew that I wouldn't have to wait long, what with Edward speeding way over the speed limit, but I had to think things through. I had just lost my best friend to a murderer, and I had to find out who did it. It couldn't be any of the Cullens, they all knew that Jacob was my friend. I don't think that anyone would have a grudge against him, he was just too nice to even hurt. I heard the low purr of a Volvo and I turned around, but instead of seeing Edward, I saw Carlisle and Esme. I smiled and went over and hoped into the car. Esme smiled and passed me a towel.

"You're soaked Bella! You really shouldn't be walking around when it's raining like this. Your father called to tell us that you had run off after jumping out of a moving car. I think he knew that you would contact Edward to come and get you. Alice already seen all of this, so we took that advantage to steal all of the car keys so that Edwa-"

"BELLA!!!!" I look out the window to see Edward running towards me, now running at a human pace. "You guys just had to take the Volvo, didn't you…" he got into the car and looked at me. He put his hands on my face, thumb tracing along my chin. "Don't you ever do something that stupid again! You could've gotten so hurt jumping from the car like that," he said to me, his eyes never leaving mine. The car started moving as Edward moved towards me. He wrapped his arms around me, as I rested my head against his chest. I could feel his lips on my hair, and I could hear him murmuring words of comfort in my ears. Only when did the car come to a slow halt, did we move. We climbed out, never letting go of each others hands. I was too captivated in Edwards eyes to notice where we were. After I heard Carlisle knock on a door, I knew that we weren't at Edwards house. I swear that I could almost hear the anger bubbling inside of Charlie after he opened the door.

"Isabella Marie Swan, you have just earned yourself a ticket to Jacksonville," he said to me, his face slowly turning into a puce colour.

"Don't worry dad, I already have two tickets to Jacksonville. I'm going with Edward so that he can meet mum and Phil," I snapped at him. " And anyway, I wouldn't go without Edward.. you should know that by now. So save yourself some money and get back to your job- I want to know who killed Jake." And with that I stormed up to my room and got out my suitcase. I could here Edward coming up to try and calm me down.

" Bella… are you really sure that you want to leave your dad?"

"Yes Edward, I am sure. I just hope that your family doesn't mind me staying for a little while."

" Bells, you know that they don't mind their little toy staying!" I glared at him for calling me a toy, but I could see that he was in a serious mode. He leaned down to me.

" Bella, I love you, and everyone knows that. You can definitely stay."

"Thankyou," I said as I closed the gap between our lips. I could hear Charlie storming up the stairs, but I really didn't care any more. I was more than old enough to leave, and that was exactly what I was planning on doing. This same moment had happened twice before, but this time I knew that it was for good.

"ISABELLA!" Charlie was screaming as he saw Edward and I kissing again. Edward tried to pull away, but I just kissed him harder. He finally got the idea, and started to kiss me more passionately. I heard Charlie move over to us.

"Hey! That hurt!" Charlie had just punched Edward in his side. But it wasn't Edward that yelled out in pain- it was Charlie. "What have you got under your shirt!?" as he was saying all of this, Edward had put some space between us and was grabbing my suitcase, and I was trying to get my heart rate back under control. Edward grabbed my hand as we ran down the staircase and into the waiting Volvo. As we drove off, I could basically see the tears running down Charlies face.

"Carlisle, Esme, I hope that you don't mind me staying," I say.

" You know that you are always welcome. Rosalie and Emmett are still in Europe, so there wont be any fights," replied Carlisle. I shifted closer to Edward. I was feeling really tired- too much had happened in one day for my liking.

"What are you thinking Bella?" asked Edward.

"I'm just thinking about what happened today," I said as I watched the green blur that was the forest go by. "I'm just thinking of a way to find out what actually happened to Jake."

"I'm sure Alice will eventually see something. Till then, we'll just have to work out what to do with you," he murmured to me. I started to get lost in his eyes. "C'mon Bells, we've been sitting in the car for fifteen minutes now and someone is wanting to see you." It had only just occurred to me that we were in front of his house, and that Alice was staring at us from an open window. She saw me look up at her and her face disappeared, only to see it reappear a second later outside of the car, her smile radiating off the car.

"I'm so so so so happy that you are staying with us! I have another sister now!" Her wind-chime laugh rang out into the open air. Edward and I got out of the car, and I was embraced in a tight hug from Alice. "I'm so sorry about Jacob, but you must know that none of us did that to him. We all knew that he was the one that saved you and Edward, well… sort of Edward." She looked at me, and I saw that her eyes were a pitch black.

"Well, I'm going off hunting with Jasper, so hopefully Charlie doesn't come to take you away before we get back," she said as I took a step away from her. I had gotten used to the vampires so much, that I knew to step away when any of them had black eyes- even Alice. "I'll keep my mind open for anything about Jake, k Bella?"

"Thanks Alice"

"Toodlepop guys! I'll try not to have too much fun without you!" she yelled as she started to skip off down the road, going at a human pace for Jasper. Edward grabbed my suitcase, and had started moving towards the house. I ran after him without much success. After about two steps, I had managed to trip over my own feet, and about a second before I hit the ground, cold hands caught my waist.

"What am I going to do with you… hmmm… I think that I'm going to carry you bridal style!" he picked me up without a struggle, still holding my bag, and carried me up to his room. He put me down on his bed and started kissing me. He started at the base of my neck, and started slowly working his way up, kissing my ear, my hair, my forehead, my nose and then my lips. I started to part my lips, and this time, he didn't try to stop me, he actually started to part his lips as well. That was where it all went wrong- for Edward at least. His razor sharp tooth grazed against my lip, and I could taste blood. But that didn't worry me- there was a burning pain through my whole face. I tensed, as did Edward as he tasted my blood.

"No! Bella, I knew that this would happen soon enough! CARLISLE!!!" and I heard the door swing open. "Carlisle, I cut her with my tooth…"

"Edward! My face is burning!" I screamed at him. I could see their mouths moving, but I couldn't hear anything over the volume of my screams. Edward put his hands on my face to cool me, but the pain became to intense- I blacked out.