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The Murderous Kind

Bella's P.O.V.


I was in a place that should never be seen. And I screamed louder than I had ever screamed before.

The Murderous Kind

Chapter 15


Edwards P.O.V

She screamed.

"Bella! What's happening! Stop it, Bella! Come back! COME BACK!" I screamed furiously at her, frantically looking around the room at my awe struck siblings. She was hurting herself for them all, and

no-one was doing anything to stop it from happening. "Alice! What's going on?" I spat. But all I could do was watch Bella writhe in pain.

Bella's P.O.V.

Darkness was crashing in around me. Pulling me, tugging me, ripping at me. It called to me, wanting me to go further towards it, to let myself become the darkness that now surrounded me. I had

succeeded in entering Carlisle's mind, but I regretted it immediately. Images flashed before me, of burning bodies and endless blood, of dying faces that were crying tears of black rain. People cowering

and people being seduced by the scent and the look of the creature that Carlisle was. I caught glimpses of the Volturi advancing on Carlisle, Rosalie and Esme, teeth barred, ready for combat. I could

see their flight through the forest, running to escape an impending doom. Carlisle moans as I delve further in, breaking down barriers that he placed to stop Edward from ever realising his true


The darkness was excruciating. Yet somehow, it wasn't dark. I could see flashes of colours and shapes, and most of it, I didn't want to see. Images of broken corpses, failed experiments. Of Carlisle,

finding Esme and turning her. Of his realisation that Esme wasn't like other vampires. Esme's brown eyes slowly becoming a glowing red, boring into my skull, blinding me. I could feel Carlisle

attempting to stop me delving further into his memories and thoughts. It was pointless though; I was going to find out the truth.

I began looking for particular scenes that could help us. I saw Rosalie, and her malicious grin, and I stopped. I watched in horror as the scene before me unfolded.

"Rose," esme called. She had in her hands the body of a young man, chest still rising and falling slowly.

" What, esme, I'm in the middle of something!" Rose growled at esme. She was in the process of draining the still warm blood of a small deer. Yet she stopped suddenly when she heard the feint

heartbeat of the boy in Esme's arms.

"What are you doing, esme? You know we can't-"

"Oh, no, not to eat! I just wanted to do another experiment. Considering the fact that this one is still alive, I figured that that he was somewhat stronger than the others."

"Oh, right then... Carlisle, what do you think?" Rose said, slightly disappointed. My mouth started moving.

"I think, well, we should at least try. But if this works, esme, promise me you will tell us before you decide to pick a random individual from a crowd? People will begin to realise what's going on sooner

or later..."

"Oh, I'm sorry Carlisle, dearest. I didn't realise that it was in your best interest that we remain inconspicuous.

"Yes, well, last time it didn't go down so well. Stealing a seventeen year old girl from the middle of a busy cinema probably wasn't the brightest of idea's..." rose mumbled. She seemed slightly

hesitant as to who she should be siding with. "But, if you think you can do it this time, do it... I mean, you're the boss."

"That's right. And don't forget it. Either of you." And with that esme threw the body onto the floor and stood above it, hands thrust out in front of herself, facing the boy's chest. And then the

strangest thing occurred.

Rings, waves, of energy, nearly invisible to the even vampire eye, were radiating out of Esme's hand, and were being pushed into the boys' chest. The young boy was shuddering and jumping under

the energy, spasming and writhing on the floor. If he was in a conscious state, there would be bloodcurdling screams escaping his gaping mouth. I wanted to jump out and stop Esme from hurting

him anymore, but I couldn't. It was impossible. Because it was just a memory.

And then it stopped. Esme took several steps back, stepping away from the boy, as if giving him room. And the boy followed her. He stood, and blank look on his face, and Carlisle's face turned

towards Esme. A small grin had appeared, almost non-existent.

"And we have success."

Light flooded back, and Edwards face came into my vision. Concern plastered over his face, hands shaking whilst holding my back. I look around and see Carlisle's face, panicked and scared.

"What can Esme do, Carlisle? I saw what she did... but what... what does it mean?" Carlisle looked away at my question. "Answer me Carlisle, God dammit!" his head snapped towards us, a wide grin

appearing on his face.

"It's the end of our secrecy, Bella. Esme is the end of it. Can you imagine the kind of power you would have, when you can change people within minutes, to take away their human lives and have

no-one else realise it? Esme can do that. Sure, it took a few hundred years, but know, it has begun.

"It's the end Bella."

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