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Kage of Seireitei

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inner thoughts/conscience/monster spirits

Chapter 1: Entrance Exams

(Duel Academy: Slifer dorms, Jaden's dreamscape)

A teenage boy of seventeen is seen standing in the middle of an endless field of grass in the hazy morning light.

'Huh? Where am I' the boy wearing red, asks quietly to himself. The boy is none other than Jaden Yuki, number one duelist at duel academy and Slifer Slacker.

'Jaaaadeeeeen' a feminine voice echos throughout the mindscape.

'Who's there?' Jaden asks as he looks around.

'Jaaadeeen' the same voice calls out.

'Who are you?' Jaden asks desperately as he begins running to the source of the voice.

'Jaden its me. Come to me' the soothing voice calls out. Jaden can't help but be attracted to the source.

The voice seems to get louder and closer as Jaden runs desperately through the meadow.

'You're getting warmer' the voice giggles magically.

Jaden continues running. 'Just beyond this hill'.

Jaden reaches the top of the slope and looked down the hill to see a beach and a vast ocean. But what was surprising the most was the woman standing there facing out to the open sea.

She had long golden hair and was wearing a white and blue Obelisk Girls uniform. She was about Jaden's age.

Jaden was stupefied by the image. 'Are...are you an angel?' Jaden asks hesitantly.

The woman giggles once again. Jaden's legs grew weak and his insides churned when he heard that angelic voice.

'Jaden. Its me' the woman calls out as she slowly turns around to face the Slifer duelist.

Jaden's heart started racing as he realized who the 'angel' was.



Jaden woke startled at the sound of his alarm clock.

"Huh? What time is it?" he asks aloud with a yawn.

"Hey Jaden's finally awake!" exclaimed the bluenette Ra Yellow, and Jaden's best friend, Syrus.

"Bout time Slacker" grumbled Chazz, the only Slifer to wear black instead of red. The reason of course is because Chazz had previously left the school only to return later after losing to Jaden in a school duel. When a student transfers from one school to Duel Academy, they are put in Slifer Red. Despite his arrogant and stubborn attitude he is still one of Jaden's friends.

Jaden eventually got up and got dressed.

"Hey guys, ready for the new school year?" Jaden asked excitedly.

"Yeah! I hope I can prove to be more of a match this year" Syrus said somewhat confidently.

"Hm! You guys can never be more than Slifer Slackers" said Chazz.

"Chazz you do remember that you are a Slifer as well right?" Syrus questioned.

Chazz's eyebrow started twitching in frustration. "I am not a Slifer Slacker! You had better remember that you are talking to last year's GX champion!" Chazz exclaimed with pride.

Which was immediately shot down after Syrus said "But Chazz, Jaden beat you. After all Alexis, Bastion, and the others all believe that Jaden deserved the title. He was too busy saving the world again."

"That duel didn't count! I am way better than that Slifer!" Chazz yelled.

Jaden continued to watch Syrus defend him while Chazz struggled to find reasons to explain him being better than Jaden.

Hassleberry, the army talking, Ra yellow, ran into the room halting the entertaining argument.

"Hey guys! The ship leaving the island is here. You know the one that takes students to go see the new recruits try and duel to get in the academy" Hassleberry explained.

"Really! This gives me the chance to see the new competition! And maybe meet some new friends!" Jaden said excitedly.

"Come on! Everyone else is going. Let's go!" Hassleberry commanded as everybody walked to the docks.

Before they knew it, they were all in the exam stadium seated in the crowd and watching various students duel to be accepted into the school.


"Hurry up Jenny! We'll be late for the entrance exams!"

"Hey! We wouldn't have to be running if you didn't sleep in! Its your fault Alex!" exclaimed Jenny as the two ran to the stadium.

Alex sighed as he was once again reminded of his twin sister's short temper. Although they may be twins they definitely have different looks. Alex is a 15-year old boy with short, thick, dirty blonde hair with a few strands of brown in it and also had brown eyes. He is the lazy one of the two and is always scolded by his sister. However when it comes to dueling, he is excited and active...sometimes.

Jenny is a 15-year old girl with long brown hair that reach her legs with a few strands of blonde. She also has brown eyes and her temper is one not to mess with. However she can be nice sometimes.

'Yeah? Well I haven't seen that side of Jenny ever.' thought Alex.

Both kids were wearing dark grey clothes and were wearing their duel disks.

(In the stadium)

"So guys. Do you see anybody with potential?" Bastion asked.

"Not really. It seems that this year's batch of recruits are just plain average. Nobody seems to stand out" said a disappointed Hassleberry.

"Awww man!" complained Jaden.

"Don't worry about it Jaden. We already know that whoever shows up, you will end up beating them anyway" Alexis said trying to cheer Jaden up.

"Thanks Lex" referring to Alexis' nickname. Jaden gave Alexis one of those heart warming smiles and taking the chance to look at her looking at him. They hadn't changed much over the past two years that they knew each other. They may have grown a little taller and older, but inside they were the same.

When they realized that they were staring at each other, they turned away quickly, both with a tint of red on their cheeks from embarrassment.

Unknown to them, Bastion, Syrus, Hassleberry, Mindy, and Jasmine were looking at the interaction between Jaden and Alexis.

'When are they going to figure out that they were meant for each other? The way they look at each other. The way they comfort and support one another. Its painfully obvious that they are more then just good friends' Mindy thought with a sigh. Everyone else had similar thoughts on the two teen duelists.

You see it is common knowledge around Duel Academy that Jaden and Alexis seem to act toward each other in a way boyfriend and girlfriend would, except for the romantic kissing part. Everybody seems to agree that Jaden and Alexis were meant for each other and that deep down they secretly loved each other. In fact, those who were not close friends with either Jaden or Alexis would think that the two were boyfriend and girlfriend. Unfortunately the only two who don't notice this are Jaden and Alexis.

"Attention everybody! That ends this year's entrance exams. Please be ready to leave the-" the announcer was cut off as a staff member came rushing toward him and whispered something to him.

With a slight nod to the messenger the announcer spoke once again "It seems we have two last minute entries. So as common courtesy we ask that everyone remain in the stadium to watch the final match."

"Not again. It seems that no matter how many new students we get, there will always be slackers" a voice said.

Jaden, and Alexis looked down to the front row of seats to see that the voice belonged to none other than Crowler.

"Maybe we should teach them a lesson on being late" suggested the short man sitting next to Crowler. He was recognized to be Vice Principal Bonaparte.

Jaden and friends noticed the growing smirk on Crowler's face before he finally said "that is an excellent idea. You know it would be nice to show all these new students how professors duel at their best."

Bonaparte smirked in agreement before saying "I'll go get my deck."

Crowler and Bonaparte departed from the bleachers to retrieve their duel decks.

"I can't believe that they are going to duel the new kids without using the testing decks!" Syrus exclaimed.

"Those newbies don't stand a chance" Chazz said with his all knowing smirk.

"Don't be so sure guys. Remember there was one student who was also taking the entrance exams a few years ago and defeated Crowler who was using his best deck at the time" Alexis stated.

Hassleberry was now confused as he looked to see Bastion, Syrus, and Alexis smiling proudly, while Chazz had an annoyed looking expression. Jaden was now looking out at the arena with his full attention at the final duelists.

"So who was the guy?" Hassleberry asked.

"Oh you know him! He has brown hair, brown eyes, slacks off in school, is the best duelist in the academy, and loves to wear red" Syrus hinted.

"coughJadencough" Bastion added.

Hassleberry's eyes widened in realization as he looked at Jaden with a newfound respect.

I knew Jaden was good at dueling. But he beat a professor before he was even a freshman! Hassleberry thought.

Well I guess you got to be good to save the world...twice. He added mentally.

"The final duels will now begin!" the announcer called out as the students looked to see Crowler and Bonaparte on the field wearing their duel disks.

"Please enter, Jennifer and Alexander...hmmm it seems there is no last name."

The doors opened and walked in two students. Both were wearing black shirt, and gray jackets, the boy wearing gray pants, while the girl was wearing a gray skirt. They walked to the opposite side of the stadium from Crowler and Bonaparte.

Jaden's friends gasped at the sight of the new students. Bastion finally asked "Jaden, Alexis, are they your relatives because they look almost exactly like you."

Jaden and Alexis could only shake their heads for they were surprised too.

"First up will be Bonaparte vs. Jenny. Will both duelists step forward."

The girl smiled happily and was practically jumping up and down. "Alright! Its time to get your game on!" she yelled as she excitedly ran to the center of the arena where Bonaparte awaited.

Jaden and his friends were floored by the 'get your game on' comment.

"Are you sure she's not related to you?" Syrus asked Jaden who only shook his head again.

"Don't expect me to go easy on you young lady" Bonaparte said.

Jenny 'humphed' and nearly yelled "I bet your no challenge at all! I won't even use my best deck!" She smiled triumphantly as Bonaparte scowled.

"Without any further interruptions, let the duel begin!" the announcer commanded.

The duel disks activated displaying their life points.

"Alright I'll go first!" Jenny exclaimed as she drew the first card.

"I'll set one monster card face down and end my turn!"

"Now its my turn! I summon Toy Soldier in attack mode (ATK 800/DEF 300). Go attack the face-down monster!"

The large toy soldier fired its rifle and struck the face down card. It revealed to be

"That was my Cyber Petite Angel and by its flip effect, I can get one ritual of machine angel from my deck and place it in my hand!"

"Lex isn't Cyber Petite Angel one of your cards?" Jaden asked. Everyone noticed Alexis's shocked expression as she remained silent.

"Fine, then I set one card face down and end my turn" Bonaparte finished.

"Alright well, I draw and then summon my Blade Skater in attack mode (1400/1500)!" Blade Skater appeared and skated around the arena once before coming to a halt in front of her master.

Jaden and Alexis's eyes widened at the sight of the monster that once took part in the duel they had in their first year, when Jaden was caught in the girls dorm trying to save Syrus. Alexis challenged Jaden to a duel and bet that if he won he would be allowed to remain at the academy. Of course he won but Alexis would never forget what he said to her that night.


"So are you impressed yet?" Alexis said.

"Impressed? I think I'm in love" Jaden responded.

End Flashback:

Alexis blushed at the little memory. Why am I thinking about that now? Its not like he was serious when he said he loved me.

She pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind and continued to watch the duel.

"Attack his toy soldier!" Jenny commanded. The monster skated at the soldier but was stopped.

"I activate my Negate attack which halts your advance!" Bonaparte said as Blade Skater was stopped by a force field.

"Fine then! I end my turn!" Jenny said with a scowl.

"Okay. I draw, then activate the special effect of my Toy Soldier which allows me to summon two more toy soldiers from my deck to the field!" Bonaparte explained as two more toy soldiers appeared on the field.

"Then I activate the spell card: Drum and Fife Platoon, which doubles the attack of all of my monsters with attack points of 1000 or less for this turn."

The toy soldiers attack points increased to 1600 ATK.

"Go attack my soldiers!" Bonaparte commanded. One of them destroyed Blade skater while the other two fired their rifles directly at Jenny creating an explosion.

When the dust cleared everyone saw a panting Jenny who seemed to have struggled a bit with that last hit. The students shook their heads in disappointment at the fact that Jenny was no match for their vice principal.

Bonaparte: 4000LP

Jenny: 600 LP

"Well then. I end my turn! Your turn little girl."

Jenny's scowl returned full force as she drew her next card.

"I activate the ritual spell: Ritual of Machine Angel. By sacrificing cards with a total level of 6 or more I can summon Cyber Angel Benten in attack mode (1800 ATK/1500 DEF)!"

"I can't believe it! What is she doing with my cards?" Alexis exclaimed as she looked to see that everyone was as shocked as she was.

"Cyber Angel Benten, attack his Toy Soldier!" Jenny ordered. The Cyber monster moved in and destroyed a toy soldier causing Bonaparte's LP to fall.

Bonaparte:3000 LP

Jenny: 600 LP

"I activate Cyber Angel Benten's special effect, when she destroys a monster, you take damage equal to that destroyed monsters defense points" Jenny explained. Cyber Angel Benten came up to Bonaparte and struck him directly.

Bonaparte: 2700 LP

Jenny: 600 LP

"I set one card face down and end my turn!" Jenny declared.

"Not bad, but you can't win! For I now activate the spell: The Emperor's Coronation. It allows me to sacrifice one Toy soldier to summon one Toy Emperor from my deck to the field. So come on out Toy Emperor (2300/800)!" The new monster appeared riding horse back.

"Attack her Cyber Angel Benten!" Toy Emperor completely destroyed the Cyber Angel in another explosion.

Bonaparte: 2700 LP

Jenny: 100 LP

"When Toy emperor destroys a monster, I get a trap card from my deck and move it to my hand but I won't need it."

"This duel is over! Finish it off Toy Soldier!" Bonaparte commanded.

Toy soldier was about to finish the duel when

"I activate my trap: A Hero Emerges! You randomly select one card from my hand and if it is a monster I get to summon it!" Jenny quickly said.

That's a move I would do! Jaden thought.

"I choose the card on the far right" Bonaparte pointed.

"Good choice, for me that is! I summon to the field Etoile Cyber (1200/1600) in attack mode!" Jenny then summoned the cyber dancer to the field in full glory.

"I cancel my attack then end my turn" Bonaparte finished.

"It seems this duel is over, she can't win" Chazz said as he laid back in his chair.

"Don't judge my sister so quickly" a voice said causing everyone to jump.

They turned around to see Alex standing and watching the duel.

"Hey how did you get here?" Chazz questioned.

"Its too troublesome to explain, but if you must know, I climbed the stairs" Alex said pointing out the obvious.

Chazz grumbled under his breath about no good kids.

"Wait, you said she is your sister" Bastion inquired.

"Were twins actually. But back to the point. My sister is not one to give up easily and usually shows her strength when backed into a corner. It is her bond with her cards that allows this" Alex informed the group.

Everyone looked back down to the duel, while Alex muttered to himself so as nobody would hear "just like our father."

"That was some pretty nice dueling. No wonder you are a vice principal. This duel is so much fun. Too bad I'll have to beat you!" Jenny exclaimed.

"What are you talking about? You only have 100 LP! And my Toy Emperor is the strongest monster on the field!" Bonaparte excalimed.

"I'll show you. I activate the spell: The Warrior Returning Alive, which allows me to bring back my Blade Skater to my hand. Then I activate Polymerization and fuse my Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater to summon Cyber Blader (2100/800) in attack mode!" Jenny declared as Alexis's trademark monster appeared on the field.

Jaden and the gang were not as surprised anymore since they figured that she must use the exact same deck as Alexis.

"That monster still doesn't have enough attack points to match my Toy emperor" Bonaparte pointed out.

Jenny smirked and said "Oh then you probably already know of my Cyber Blader's special effect."

Alexis's eyes widened in realization before she said "If Jenny is gonna do what I think she is doing then she just won the duel." The rest of the gang was surprised to hear this and decided to focus back on the duel.

She is doing exactly what I would have done in that situation. Alexis thought surprisingly.

"Since you control two monsters on your field, which are Toy emperor and Toy soldier, then my Cyber Blader's attack points double, giving her a total attack strength of 4200!"

Bonaparte seemed to sweat in fear of the new attack strength.

"That's not all I activate the spell: Fusion weapon which I equip to Cyber Blader boosting her attack points another 1500 ATK (5700 ATK)! Go Cyber Blader, attack his Toy Emperor! And end the duel!" Jenny finished.

"W-wait just a s-second" Bonaparte stammered.

Cyber Blader aimed and fired the attack, obliterating Toy Emperor and reducing Bonaparte's LP to 0.

Bonaparte: 0 LP

Jenny: 100 LP

"And the winner of the match is Jenny!" the announcer said. Most of the crowd was shocked at the fact that their vice principal was defeated by a new entry.

However when they heard Jaden and the gang cheering, the rest of the crowd followed suit.

Jenny smiled and waved back to the crowd while blowing kisses.

When the commotion died down, Jenny was walking her way up the stairs to where her brother was.

"Will Alex please report to the stadium for the final test duel" the announcer called out.

"Well it looks like its your turn bro!" Jenny said excitedly to her brother.

"Man, this whole thing is too troublesome. I don't think I want to duel" Alex muttered to himself. He was about to forfeit when Jenny pushed him off the bleachers sending him crashing onto the arena below.

"You better duel or I will seriously beat you into a pulp!" Jenny yelled out.

Everyone in the surrounding area sweatdropped.

Alex muttered something about troublesome sisters and slowly made his way to the center of the arena.

"Well now it seems that this slacker needs to be forced to duel by his own sister nonetheless" Crowler insulted.

Alex seemed to ignore the comment and just activated his duel disk rather boringly.

"Let's just get this over with" he said with a yawn.

Crowler's eyebrow twitched in frustration before he exclaimed "If you think I'm anything like Bonaparte then your seriously mistaking. I'm at least ten times better than him and I will not go easy on a slacker like you. Duel academy doesn't need students like you who are lazy and don't do work!"

"Whatever, since you were busy talking, I'll start. I draw then summon Elemental Hero: Wingman in attack mode (1000/1000) and set one card face down. Then I end my turn" Alex said.

Jaden's eyes widened as so did everybody else's.

"Jaden, what is he doing with your cards?" Syrus asked the question plaguing everyone's mind.

"I have no idea Sy!" Jaden responded as he looked upon Wingman, one of his most loyal monsters.

"I'll start by activating the spell: Confiscation. By paying 1000 LP I can look at your hand and send one of your cards to the graveyard. So I choose your Monster Reborn" Crowler stated.

Crowler: 3000 LP

Alex: 4000 LP

"Then I set two cards face down and activate the spell Heavy Storm destroying all spell and traps on the field!" Crowler exclaimed as a whirlwind appeared and destroyed the set cards on the field.

"Why did Crowler destroy his own cards?" Hassleberry asked.

Crowler then explained his reasoning for that. "You see those two cards were both the Trap: Statue of the Wicked. When they are destroyed and sent to the graveyard, I get to special summon two Wicked Fiend Tokens in attack or defense (1000/1000). But, now I will sacrifice the two tokens to summon my strongest monster Ancient Gear Golem in attack mode (3000/3000)!"

The monster arose from the ground and stood tall nearly reaching the ceiling of the stadium. "Attack his Wingman." The monster complied and sent a crashing fist into Wingman destroying it and reducing Alex's LP.

Crowler: 3000 LP

Alex: 2000 LP

"Does this duel seem familiar to you guys?" Jaden questioned out of nowhere. Everyone except, Hassleberry, and Jenny did an anime face-vault.

"What?" he questioned.

"You honestly don't remember Jaden?" Syrus asked.

When Jaden shook his head, Alexis said "Well then, you better watch this duel so maybe it will help you remember."

"One more turn and you lose slacker!" Crowler exclaimed.

Without a word Alex drew a card. Suddenly, Jaden's winged Kuriboh appeared next to Jaden and pointed toward Alex's shoulder where Jaden was surprised to see another spirit form of his favorite monster:

"I summon my Winged Kuriboh in defense mode (300/200) and set one card face down, then end my turn" Alex said boringly.

Jaden already had a clue of what was going to happen when his winged kuriboh appeared on his shoulder but his eyes still widened in surprise as did everyone else's for like the tenth time that day.

"Go my Ancient Gear Golem! Attack his Winged Kuriboh!" The giant monster sent another fist crashing onto the card form of Winged Kuriboh.

"By his effect, when Winged Kuriboh is destroyed, I don't take any LP damage for the rest of the turn" Alex explained.

"What does it matter? Trash monsters like that are such a waste!" Crowler said.

Alex's personality seemed to shift suddenly as he now looked very angry.

"Uh-oh. That was a mistake. When anybody makes fun of my brother's monsters, Alex would get real angry and throw away his lazy attitude temporarily and ends up dueling seriously" Jenny explained.

"Then you guys should know what's gonna happen next" Bastion informed. Everyone except Hassleberry knew what was about to happen.

"Don't make fun of Winged Kuriboh or any of my monsters for that matter! I'll show you the true strength of my deck! I activate the trap Hero signal. When one of my monsters is destroyed I can special summon one monster with hero in its name from my deck to the field. So I choose Elemental Hero: Burstinatrix (1200/800). Then I activate the spell: The Warrior Returning Alive to bring back Elemental Hero: Wingman. Finally I activate Polymerization to fuse them together to summon Elemental Hero: Flame Wingman in attack mode! (2100/1200)" Alex exclaimed as he summoned Jaden's trademark monster.

"W-wait a second. Th-this seems f-familiar!" Crowler stammered as he realized what was going to happen next.

"I activate the field spell: Skyscraper. Now whenever a monster with hero in its name attacks a monster with higher attack points, its attack points increase by 1000 during damage calculation!" Alex explained.

"Attack him Flame Wingman!" The hero jumped off the skyscraper and burned right through the Ancient Gear Golem.

Crowler: 2900 LP

Alex: 2000 LP

"Now due to Flame Wingman's special effect, you take damage equal to the destroyed monster's ATK points!"

Crowler looked up and saw that his Golem started to crumble and fall right on top of him reducing his LP to 0.

Crowler: 0 LP

Alex: 2000 LP

"The winner of the duel is Alex!" the announcer said which cause the entire arena to erupt in cheer.

Jenny rushed down to meet her brother and gave him a big hug. Alex struggled to get her off but Jenny just hugged tighter.

Back with Jaden and the gang:

"That was surprising!" Hassleberry explained.

"You don't even know the half of it" Syrus muttered.

Jaden and Alexis couldn't get rid of the feeling that they knew the twins from somewhere before.

Back with Jenny and Alex:

Jenny eventually let go of Alex to let him breathe. Chancellor Shepherd walked to the center of the stadium and announced

"That concludes this year's entrance exam the departure for Duel Academy will begin shortly."

As everyone began to leave the stadium, Jenny and Alex looked up into the stands to see Alexis and Jaden stand up and walking toward the exit.

"So is that them?" Jenny whispered.

"Obviously" Alex muttered back.

"I can't believe its them! They look like kids!" Jenny exclaimed.

"Well they are only seventeen now" Alex explained.

"Well it is great to see them again" Jenny said smiling.

"Yeah" Alex added smiling as well.

"Mom and dad" they whispered to themselves.

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Cards played:


Toy Soldier (800/300): When this card is on your side of the field during your standby phase, special summon card(s) of the same name from you deck to the field.

Toy Emperor (2300/800): When this card destroys a monster as a result of battle, move one trap card from your deck to your hand.

Negate Attack Trap: When your opponent attacks with a monster, negate the attack and end your opponents battle phase.

Drum and Fife Platoon Spell: In this turn, the attack of monsters, with attack of 1000 or less are doubled.

The Emperor's Coronation Spell: After activation, Tribute one Toy soldier, special summon one Toy Emperor from you deck.


Cyber Petite Angel (300/200): Move one Ritual Machine Angel from your deck to your hand.

Blade Skater (1400/1500)

Cyber Angel Benten (1800/1500): This card is summoned by Ritual of the Machine Angel by tributing monsters on your side of the field and/or your hand with a level equal to 6 or more. If this monster destroys an opponents monster as a result of battle, inflict damage to your opponents LP equal to the destroyed monster's defense points.

Etoile Cyber (1200/1600): If this card attacks you opponents LP directly, increase the attack of this card by 500 during damage step only.

Cyber Blader (2100/800): Etoile Cyber + Blade Skater When your opponent controls one monster, this card is not destroyed as a result of battle. When your opponent controls only two monsters, double the ATK of this card. When your opponent only controls three monster, this card negates the effects of your opponents Spell, Trap, and Effect Monster cards.

A Hero Emerges Trap: When your opponent declares an attack, they randomly select one card from your hand. If it is a monster, special summon it on your side of the field, if not, send it to the graveyard.

Ritual of Machine Angel Spell: This card is used to special summon and monster that includes Cyber Anger in its name from your hand. You must also offer monsters from the field or hand whose total level stars equal the level of the ritual monster you are attempting to summon.

The Warrior Returning Alive Spell: Select one Warrior-type monster from your graveyard and add it to your hand.

Polymerization Spell: Send fusion material monsters that are listed by a fusion monster from the field or your hand to the graveyard and special summon the fusion monster from your fusion deck.

Fusion Weapon Spell: This can only be equipped to a fusion monster of level six or less. Increase the ATK and DEF of the equipped monster by 1500 points.


Ancient Gear Golem (3000/3000): This card cannot be special summoned. When this card attacks a monster with an ATK that is higher than the DEF of your opponents defense position monster, inflict the difference to your opponents LP. When this card attacks, your opponent can't activate any spell or trap cards until the end of the damage step.

Statue of the Wicked Trap: When this face-down card is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, special summon one wicked token (1000/1000) in attack or defense position on your side of the field.

Confiscation Spell: Pay 1000 LP to look at your opponent's hand. Select and discard one card to the graveyard.

Heavy Storm Spell: Destroy all Spell and Trap cards on the field.


Elemental Hero Wingman (1000/1000)

Winged Kuriboh (300/200): When this monster is destroyed in battle, all battle damage is reduced to zero for the rest of the turn.

Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (1200/800)

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (2100/1200): When this card destroys and sends a monster to the graveyard as a result of battle, do damage equal to the attack strength of the destroyed monster to your opponent.

The Warrior Returning Alive Spell: Select one Warrior-type monster from your graveyard and add it to your hand.

Polymerization Spell: Send fusion material monsters that are listed by a fusion monster from the field or your hand to the graveyard and special summon the fusion monster from your fusion deck.

Skyscraper Spell: When a monster with hero in its name battles a monster with a higher attack, increase the Hero's attack by 1000 points.

Hero Signal Trap: When a monster of your is destroyed and sent to the graveyard as a result of battle, special summon one monster with Hero in its name from your deck to the field.