Readers! This is Kage of Seireitei speaking…..er……typing.

I am NOT abandoning Meet the Yuki Family. So don't worry.

Right now I'm in the process of rewriting the 7 chapters that are already posted.

It will be more awesome and the plot will change a bit. But no worries Alex and Jenny will still remain themselves.

The reason I am doing this is because I've noticed that my writing style really sucked at the beginning of this story. Compared to my latest submissions of, for example, Revenge of the New Generation a Naruto fanfic, the writing quality of Meet the Yuki family just isn't adequate enough to meet my standards. So I'm redoing the chapters of this fanfic to produce a better quality story.


I want to ask the readers something.

Option 1: Would you guys like me to finish redoing the 7 chapters and then post an additional chapter or two to give you all nine chapter of Meet the Yuki family at once, before I continue the story?


I will first redo the first seven chapters and then post chapter 8 and 9 at the same time as the redone chapters. And I will continue the story on from there. It will most likely be longer than 9 chapters.


Option 2: Would you like me to post each redone chapter once I'm done with that chapter?


Once I'm done with rewriting chapter 1 would you like me to post the redo before starting chapter 2?


You guys choose option 2 then I must delete the remaining chapters of Meet the Yuki family before I can post the redone chapter 1.

The reason is because the plotline will change enough to affect the entire story and the other chapters that are on right now won't make sense after the redo of chapter 1.


If you readers have another suggestion of how I should post the redos you can just tell me in a review (recommended) or in a PM.

If there are any questions review this "chapter" or PM me.


If there are any suggestions for redoing the story review or PM me again.

Also for those who watch the Japanese version of Yugioh GX. Could you PLEASE give me a place/website where I can watch the English SUB version of episode 162-Face Down Card of Hidden Emotions FOR FREE. Just from watching the Japanese non-subtitled version (which I couldn't understand a word of), I can tell there was a lot of Jaden x Alexis/Judai x Asuka moments in that episode (especially the ending) and I'm dying to know what they said to each other. (I think Asuka might have said Aishiteru somewhere at the end to Jaden but I'm not sure. T.T)

This would provide a lot of help in my efforts to redo this story and it would get the whole process going faster.

Now the alternative to this is that I have to wait until the people at Janime . info are done translating the episode, which won't be done for like another week and a half at least.

So if the readers could be kind enough to provide a website where I can watch the English sub or translation of episode 162 for free, it would be greatly appreciated.


Kage of Seireitei