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Fukai Mori (Inuyasha 2nd Ending)

Do As Infinity

(Deep Forest)

Fukai fukai mori no oku ni

Ima wo kitto

Okizari ni shita kokoro

Kakushiteru yo

Sagasu hodo no chikara mo naku


Hitobito wa eien no

Yami ni kieru

Chiisai mama nara kitto

Ima demo mieta kana

Bokutachi wa ikiru hodo ni

Nakushiteku sukoshizutsu

Itsuwari ya uso o matoi

Tachisukumu koe mo naku

Aoi aoi sora no iro mo

Kizukanai mama

Sugite yuku mainichi ga

Kawatte yuku

Tsukurareta wakugumi o koe

Ima o ikite

Sabitsuita kokoro mata

Ugokudasu yo

Toki no rizumu o shireba

Mou ichido toberu darou

Bokutachi wa samayoi nagara

Ikiteyuku doko made mo

Shinjiteru hikari motome

Arukidasu kimi to ima

Bokutachi wa ikiro hodo ni

Nakushiteku sukoshizutsu

Itsuwari ya uso o matoi

Tachisukumu koe mo naku

Bokutachi wa samayoi nagara

Ikiteyuku doko made mo

Furikaeru michi o tozashi

Aruiteku eien ni

Tachisukumu koe mo naku

Ikiteyuku eien ni

After being wounded in battle by his half-brother, Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru decided to just take a rest and sit down by the trees in the forest.

To Rin, he told her to go off and play, and to Jaken, he told him to take Aoun and find Rin some food, and maybe even make her a present, too.

At last, he was alone. He allowed his mind to wander, since he didn't want to think about the wound.

A picture of someone kept flashing in his mind.

"Kagura." He muttered under his breath. That wench.

A gust of wind blew the leaves off a nearby tree. Kagura floated down on her big feather.

"Sesshoumaru. Fancy meeting you here."

Speak of the devil. "What do you want, Kagura?" he demanded.

"Nothing." She replied. "Do you have a problem with me dropping by for a visit?" she glared at him.

He didn't flinch; just stared back t her.

"You're no fun." She sighed, reminding Sesshoumaru of one of his previous opponents, Jakotsu.

"Spit it out, Kagura. You wouldn't just come here for no reason."

"And why not?" she retorted.

"Because you're not exactly the friendly type and neither am I."

Kagura pretended to gasp. "Oh, I'm shocked. Me, not friendly?" she said sarcastically.

She leaned against the tree that Sesshoumaru was sitting near.

How can I tell him? How on Earth can I tell him my feelings when I know that he doesn't like me??

Sesshoumaru caught Kagura staring at him. "What do you want, Kagura? I'm tired of repeating the same question."

"No-nothing!" she cried nervously and turned away so he wouldn't see her blush.

What the? Why is she so uptight? Feh. Who cares about her anyway?

He got up and started to leave.

"Wait!" Kagura called. "Sesshoumaru, I-I…" she just couldn't get her words out.

Sesshoumaru walked off. "Kagura." He said, not bothering to look back at her. "You have feelings for me, don't you?"

Kagura looked down at her feet. "Y-yes." She replied in a voice that was barely audible.

Sesshoumaru obviously didn't like her back. Well, of course he didn't like her! What was she thinking?

She sighed and looked up towards the sky. Pulling the feather out of her hair, she flew up towards the sky.

Sesshoumaru met up with Rin, Jaken and Aoun. They continued their journey together, their quest to defeat Naraku.

Rin, being the little mind-reader, asked the question that was lingering in Sesshoumaru's head.

"Master Jaken, what's love?"

"Well, how am I supposed to know? I've never been in love before! Don't waste your breath asking such silly questions!" he snapped back. "Lord Sesshoumaru has never been in love either before, right milord?"

Sesshoumaru didn't answer back. He just stared up at a little point in the sky that seemed to be flying away.

"Let's go." He said to the others, leaving them slightly confused.

Within the deep, deep forest

Surely, now

The spirit that was left behind

Is hidden

Without enough strength the search,

And worn down,

Everyone has vanished

Into the eternal darkness

If it's still so very small,

I wonder if I could even see it now

As we live on,

We lose more, a little more at a time

Wrapped in falsehoods and lies,

Unable to move, with no voice

Never even noticing

The blue, blue sky

Every day goes on by

And goes on changing

Going beyond the exhaustion,

Living here and now,

The rusted spirit

Moves about once more

If I know the rhythm of time,

I can fly once again

As we wander,

We go on living, anywhere

Believing, searching for the light,

Now I'm walking along with you

As we live on,

We lose more, a little at a time

Wrapped in falsehoods and lies

Unable to move, and with no voice

As we wander,

We go on living, anywhere

Looking back at a closed road,

Walking on eternity

Unable to move, with no voice

Living on eternity