Where did all the Bishi-fics go? There use to be tons!

Anyways, my attempt of one. Tis set in Songwind's bishie world

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Bishi & Bashi

Chapter 1


"WAH!!!! NO!!!"



"Haha, loser! Loser!"

Sarah glared at her cousin as he continued to point and laugh at her.


"Auuuuuuuntie! Sarah just chucked her controller at me!"


Sarah grumbled loudly as she heard her cousin whine and cry his pathetic self out about the controller thing to her mum. It would only be a couple of minutes before her mum will demand her presence for an apology to her annoying brat of a cousin.

She stomped past the study and saw her sister had left the computer on again, deciding that she is too lazy to hide upstairs and then getting dragged back down by the ear by her mum she plopped herself down in the computer chair and idly began checking email.

Not that anybody would be emailing her… maybe she should write a complaint letter to Valerie about how she chucked the controller at… hey! Mail!

A normal Internet user would check who sent it first but Sarah being Sarah would skip that part and open away so she didn't see that part where the email had no name, address or subject.

An empty page with the exception of one line of site address - which made the girl frown as she remembered her sister's warning about junk mail - surely she never received any junk mail at all so this one must be safe, right?

Maybe it is just some friend of hers sending her an e-card.

So without further consideration she clicked on the site and squealed in delight as pretty colours started showing up. She squealed further as a Poke-ball floated up.

"A Poke-site, I bet Valerie sent me this…Bishonen?"

Underneath the huge picture of the oddly coloured black and silver poke-ball a brief description of a bishonen was given.

Bishonen (n) 1. Meaning pretty boy in Japanese. 2. A term given by fans to attractive masculine characters deriving from Japanese Animation. See also bishi.

Sarah blinked her eyes, "What's a masculine?"

There was a button below and she promptly skipped the rest of the reading, "Make me a Trainer"


Poke-ball? Bishonen? Anime? Trainer?


Sarah squeaked as she jumped halfway from her chair accidentally clicking her mouse in the process. Her computer started buzzing wildly and the screen started acting funny and fading out.

"Oh no! Dad's going to kill me if the computer needs fixing again," she panicked. She could hear her mum coming and she hurriedly tried to resolve the problem before she gets into more mess. "Please don't die on me, please… um…. Um… oh never mind"

She swivelled in the chair and made to escape.

At least she tried to that is until she found out that everything went still and silent and she couldn't move a hair much less try to escape her mother's wrath.

What's happening?

The computer screen swirled colours and she prayed that it means it's alive once more.

Then everything went black.

Oh… no…

Help me?


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