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"Neh, shall we go?" Yannie asked as she shouldered her backpack. She glanced back at her friends and Christine smiled at her before going back to trying to see if she remembered everything.

"Water, ramen, milk…" Christine listed out loud.

"I'm huuuuungry!" Sarah whined and Cho laughed.

"You just ate half an hour ago, nya!" Miru commented as she tried to catch butterflies with Kiku-chan!'s tennis racquet.

"I'm stiiiill huuuungry." Sarah said with a pout and tossed her backpack towards Link and Emo Sasuke.

"Eggs, cups, plates, rice…"

"How can you be hungry so quickly?" Yannie asked jokingly, "At this rate, we'll never leave town. Honestly, how are we going to cope without Kate here to feed you?"

Sarah pouted further. "She could have not left us and join our group!"

Cho laughed, "She's a SPAI. There are missions she has to do. We can't tag along. It'll be dangerous."

"She could quit."

"Forks…. Oh my god, did I remember forks, Sephiroth?"

The smexy villain turned to his trainer, hugely tempted to say 'No' just to see her reaction. "Yes."

"Highly doubt that would happen. And I'll feel unsafe if she really did quit." Autumn explained, feeling much more secure if she knows Kate and her army of bishies is working to protect them and all the other thousands of trainers out there. Briefly, she wondered if they will bump into Demoonica along their travels - since she's is apparently now assigned to 'field research', which is just travelling with special permissions.

"Are you sure? I can't find them!" Christine screamed.

"They're in the capsule of kitchen stuff Kate gave you."

"Urgh! She gave us all so many different capsules, it's hard to remember everything!"

Sarah pouted some more and nearby Sasuke tried to unpeel his arm from Naru-chan's imprisonment. "Get off me!"

"Don't be so meeeeean, dattebayo!" Naru-chan whined with a flutter of her blonde lashes, "you're just unhappy because I didn't let you kiss me on our first date, dattebayo!"

"Shut up! I didn't want to kiss you!"

"You're so cute when you blush like that, Sasuke-kun!" She teased, "When's our next date then, dattebayo?"

"What?! I'm not…"

"Neh! Au-pin, aren't they cute together?" Fay said and ruffled his trainer's hair, "but I think Au-chan is cuter!"


"No, Au-chan! I'm not Fay-san anymore! I'm Fay-sama! I'm Sama level now!" Fay corrected.

"Kiku-chan! the racquet doesn't work! It's keeps whacking the butterflies further, nya!" Miru complained and her Lelouch shook his head at his teammates immaturity.

"Feh! Woman! Can we go yet?" Inuyasha grunted, annoyed and impatient.

"Yes. Yes."

"How about teabags? Did I bring teabags? I've forgotten teabags, haven't I?"

"This is why I don't like travelling in groups." The dog hanyou grumbled.

The End

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