Hi guys.

I know a lot of you are wondering why I haven't updated Pretend or What yet. About that, I'm really really very sorry. My brain somehow took a vacation ahead of me. Truth be told, I'm somewhat lost with what to write in that story. Frustrating, I know and I'm sorry.

Anyway, while I'm stuck with PoW, there's another idea that my mind seems to be interested in. It's a Troyella story. I'm actually a bit tired of reading stories where Gabriela is a girly girl and I was wondering how she would be if she was boyish. And so I came up with this. Mind you, it's AU. I hope you'll like this one too.


Troy is the captain of the East High Wildcats basketball team and the supreme one of the jocks. Gabriela is the boyish girl with an IQ exceeding 120 and whom everybody else perceives to be a tomboy.

With that for starters, many would automatically assume that this story would lead to both of the leads being number one enemies. But no, this is not that kind of fic. In here, they are friends, best friends.

The school is very much divided into cliques but these two don't care. They aren't secret friends.

They of course fall in love but then I'd have to pitch in a lot of insecurities and instabilities not to mention fun in shooting down the taunts of the school status quo.