Note: This is a de-aged!Harry fic, though the focus is on Draco and his problems surrounding the upcoming war with Voldy. The fic is set in sixth year, which means I ignore HBP. This is a slash fic, but there is no sex (mainly because Harry is a kid throughout most of the story, but also because I just can't write it).

It should be said that I got the idea after reading several de-aged Draco fics. I haven't found a de-aged Harry fic yet, but I'm sure there are just as many of them out there. If you know of a good one please feel free to email me because I would love to read it.

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Second Look

By: Elpin

Chapter 1: The Perfect Prank

I have found the perfect prank, Draco Malfoy thought as he made his way to Potions that day, the last class on a Thursday. He had been wearing the same smug smirk on his face all day. Draco had decided to take the Gryffindor Golden Boy down a few notches. Not just in ego, but in stature. At the end of summer Harry had arrived at school very much changed. He had finally had his growth-spurt, and instead of being too thin Harry had managed to grow some real muscle from working at the Dursleys' all summer. The girls had of course swooned, and Draco had become more than irritated that he no longer was the only hot guy in school. That was when he came up with his ingenious prank. Not only would he remind the school how horribly skinny, short and awkward Harry had been when he arrived at Hogwarts, but everybody would remember what a complete show-off he had always been. Draco remembered perfectly how Harry had refused his hand before first-year, acting like royalty itself. Well, Draco would now show them all. And of course it is vital to remember that Draco was not at all frustrated over how Harry looked, and when he watched Harry is was to contemplate pranks, nothing else, at all. Nope.

Snape came round the corner, opening the door without a word, and disappeared inside. The students quickly pressed inside while Draco ever so discreetly made sure to bump into Harry and slip his little bottle in the Gryffindor's pocket. His smug smirk turned into a grin as he sat down at the front of the classroom. He wouldn't be able to watch the transformation back to an eleven-year-old, but it wouldn't do for him to look too pleased or else Snape might suspect him. Then again he doubted anyone except Granger could brew the de-aging potion perfectly, wait, no he did not just admit the Mudblood was good at potions. Draco started working on his potion, waiting for his self-destructing bottle to explode.

"BANG!" The back of the Potions classroom was suddenly filled with smoke. The students clamoured to get out of the green cloud, coughing and waving their hands in front of them to try and breathe. Snape didn't even bother to move. He stood at his desk while he waved his wand and the smoke cleared. A collective gasp was heard as the person who had been in the middle of the cloud of smoke was revealed. Harry Potter was standing wide-eyed on his chair, his robes many sizes too big. Instead of the normal sixth-year Harry Potter, there now stood a five-year-old version with almost impossible green eyes staring at them, his glasses almost falling off his nose. The silence lasted only a few seconds. A roar of laughter erupted from the Slytherin side of the room, while the Gryffindors remained shocked, though a few snickered quietly. At the front only one Slytherin remained quiet, wondering what the hell had gone wrong with his potion.

"Silence!" Snape snapped, but the situation was too funny and many continued to snicker and some were shaking with repressed laughter.

"What's funny?" the little boy asked suddenly, effectively silencing the students Snape had failed with. Harry looked around at all of the students, finally landing on Snape. He abruptly pointed. "Is it because of his big nose?" He asked innocently, causing the laughter to return with full force, now including the Gryffindors. There seemed to be a shared mentality that if everyone laughed surely Snape couldn't give detention to all of them? Harry suddenly jumped out of his chair and fell to his knees. He crawled away underneath the many desk, the students too busy laughing to notice.

"Silence!" Snape shouted and the students made every effort to do so. Snape rarely shouted, indeed he rarely had need to, but now he looked livid. He strode over to Harry and Ron's desk; the latter still in quite of bit of shock, and looked down where Harry had been a moment ago. "Where did he go?" Snape said angrily, his glare directed at Ron. The redhead shrugged helplessly. "Everyone check under your desks, now!" Everybody moved to comply, even Draco once he shook himself out of his daze. He stepped away from his desk and bent down to look under it. What he saw caused him to make an indignant sputtering sound, very un-Malfoy-like. Harry was sitting underneath the desk, a grin on his face, and seemed to be studying another one of Draco's round little bottles, one filled with the de-aging potion in case the first one didn't work. Draco was nothing if not thorough with his plans.

"Give it here!" Draco demanded, thrusting out his hand to try and grab it. Harry was quicker and started backing up.

"No!" he said, putting the bottle in his pocket and crawling away towards Snape's desk. With no sign of the Dursleys Harry wasn't about to let go of the first interesting thing he found. He was used to having to look in strange places for toys, but they always ended up confiscated once he got back to the Dursleys' house. Draco righted himself and was about to go round his own desk to get the potion, but Snape beat him to it and hovered over were Harry was hiding.

"Potter, come out this instant!"

"No! Leave me alone big-nose!" came the squeaky reply, along with a few more snickers from the class. Snape shot them a glare before taking a few deep breaths to calm himself. This was a five-year-old after all. He crouched down so he could look at the child under the desk. Harry was turning the bottle in his hands, watching the green liquid with fascination. Snape frowned.

"Where did you find that, Potter?" he asked, trying to keep the edge out of his voice. Harry clutched the bottle to his chest possessively.

"The blond one… he gave it to me!" Harry lied, quite unsuccessfully, though Draco shook his head thinking how absurd that statement really was. Technically he had given a bottle just like that to Harry. Snape immediately rose and rounded on Draco.

"Mr. Malfoy, you will accompany me," he said before taking out his wand and pointing it at the small child. Without a word uttered the spell hit Harry and the boy fell asleep, the bottle still clutched in his small hand. Snape spelled the large robes so they fit Harry, along with the glasses. He grabbed the bottle and tucked it inside his robe before lifting the skinny boy quite easily. He walked over to Draco and handed him the boy roughly, Draco only just managing not to drop him. Snape turned and walked briskly out of the classroom, making sure to glare at Ron who looked like he wanted to protest. Draco followed quickly, holding the sleeping child tightly and wondering what on earth he had gotten himself into.

"Ah, Severus, and Mr. Malfoy, what may I do for you?" Dumbledore asked with a twinkle in his eye as the three entered. The Headmaster noticed the sleeping boy and his eyes actually went wide for half a second. "I see Harry has had quite the Potions lesson," he said gesturing for Draco to sit. The Slytherin was quite tired, despite the lightness of his burden, and gladly sat down with Harry in his lap. Snape remained standing.

"I am afraid, Headmaster, that Potter here has been the victim of a prank. I am also afraid that it is Malfoy here who is the brewer of the de-aging potion Harry has been subjected to." Snape's voice was icy cold and Draco shivered from it.

"I see," Dumbledore said, smiling at the sleeping Harry. "I will of course leave punishments up to you Severus. How long until you can brew an aging potion?" Snape sighed.

"That is why I came. I am still short of a few ingredients because my normal supplier is missing. It will take at least a week."

"Well, then perhaps we should wake the boy up and start explaining a few things to him." Snape and Draco stared at the Headmaster.

"Surely, Headmaster, it would be better to simply keep the boy asleep for the week?" Snape pointed out, but Dumbledore just kept smiling at the rather adorable child in Draco's lap.

"No, I think a whole week is too long to keep someone in a forced sleep. Now, would you be so kind as to wake the child up?" Snape looked like he was about to protest again, but then he sighed and pointed his wand at Harry. A spell later and the child was blinking and looking around. He sat up abruptly and stared at Dumbledore.

"Where am I now?" Harry asked. Snape frowned.

"What is the last thing you remember, Potter?" Harry looked at him suspiciously. Snape sighed again. Clearly he had no way with children.

"How old are you Harry?" Dumbledore asked kindly.

"Five," Harry said, but without the usual enthusiasm a child would show when announcing their age.

"I see. Obviously Harry does not remember anything that happened to him after the age of five. Which means we have a lot to explain," Dumbledore said, frowning slightly. "Well, I suppose we shall just have to jump in. Harry, you're a wizard." The little Gryffindor's eyes went wide, along with the eyes of Draco and Snape. Suddenly Harry frowned and started shaking his head.

"No, I can't be that… I'm just Harry. It's not true."

"Albus do you mean to tell me this boy does not know he is a wizard!" Snape rounded on Dumbledore. "The most famous boy in the magical world and he doesn't even know magic exists?"

"Severus, please understand it really was better this way."

"Better?!" Harry clamoured out of Draco's lap and climbed up on the chair next to him. Draco didn't do much to stop the child. Harry sat up and stared at the two men, obviously used to keeping quiet while grown-ups yelled, perfectly happy to watch as long as no one took notice of him. Draco studied the boy with a frown. How could Potter not know he was a wizard? The idea seemed utterly absurd to Draco, and obviously to Snape as well. Draco leaned over to Harry, a smirk forming.

"Harry, don't you want to see some magic?" he asked conspiratorially, ignoring the still yelling Snape. Harry looked at him, a good amount of fear showing in the boy's eyes for the first time. He shook his head fervently.

"Not suppose to talk about that," he whispered, shying away from Draco.

"Why not? Magic is fun." Again Harry shook his head. "Come on, I'll show you some."

"No!" Harry suddenly put his hands over his eyes. "Magic isn't real!" he cried, causing the two adults to stop and look at him.

"Of course it is," Draco said. Harry pressed his hands to his ears, keeping his eyes closed.

"I can't hear you! There's no such thing as magic! There's no such thing as magic!" he shouted. "There's no such thing as magic!" Dumbledore, Snape and Draco stared dumbstruck as Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived and future Saviour of the wizarding world, shouted at the top of his lungs that there was so such thing as magic. Harry stopped abruptly and climbed out of the chair, only to crawl under it. "I want my cupboard!" he cried. "I'm supposed to go there when I talk about magic!"

"Cupboard?!" Snape exclaimed incredulously.

"Severus, you must understand. I could not show up and demand that they treat him differently. They could very well refuse to keep him at all, and you know he needs their protection," Dumbledore said calmly, though a little sadness could be heard in his voice.

"There was no danger for him when he was this age! The Dark Lord wasn't ever close to rising again!" The two men started arguing again while Draco kneeled down in front of Harry, peaking under the chair. Harry lay on his stomach, looking up at Draco fearfully.

"Harry, why can't you talk about magic?" Draco asked, genuinely interested in knowing the answer, and not so he could spread rumours about his rival's childhood fears.

"I… I'm not allowed. Uncle Vernon says it's my fault when something strange happens. I always tell him it's not me, but he says that he knows it's me!"

"How does he know it's you?"

"He… he says only freaks make strange things happen. That's why he uses the belt. So he can get the freak out of me." Harry's voice had dropped to a whisper and Draco gasped softly when he heard the last part. Draco would never admit to anyone that he had a soft spot for children, but he did in fact understand what Harry was going through. He had a rather troubled childhood himself, and wasn't a stranger to physical punishment. He was suddenly very angry, but kept it from showing. Without thinking he smiled kindly at the little boy.

"Well, Harry, you don't have to worry anymore. Your uncle is far, far away from here. He can't get you." Harry looked hopeful immediately.

"Really?" He asked, lifting his head slightly. Draco nodded and rose to tell Dumbledore what he had heard. He wanted to yell at the Headmaster for making Harry stay with those horrible relatives. The two adults stopped speaking and looked at him expectantly. He was about to open his mouth to speak when someone tugged on his robe. Draco looked down and saw Harry looking at him, his eyes wide. "They aren't here?"

"No, Harry. They're not anywhere near here. You're free from them and you don't ever have to go back." An adorable grin spread across Harry's face and the little boy suddenly started clapping and jumping up and down.

"I'm free! Ha! I told them! I told them!" He turned and actually did a small cartwheel across Dumbledore's office. Draco raised his eyebrows. Being a good pureblood son he had never learnt to do anything like that. "I told them I'd escape! And I did! Ha! They can't catch me now!" Harry did another cartwheel, but this time he wasn't as successful and landed on his arse. He didn't seem to mind and only sat on the floor, grinning like mad.

"Yes, Harry, you are quite free," Dumbledore said. "Now, if you would like to sit down we would be happy to explain how you got here." Harry grinned and got up. He ran to the chair and climbed up again, sitting cross-legged and waiting expectantly. It wasn't every day that grown-ups actually wanted to talk to him, let alone explain something to him. Dumbledore opened his mouth to speak, but was suddenly stumped. How do you explain to a five-year-old that he is a wizard who was the victim of a potions prank? Draco, again without much forethought, knelt in front of Harry and looked into the boy's eyes.

"You see Harry, you are a wizard," Draco began.

"I am?"

"Yes," Draco said, nodding. "Have you read any mug- I mean have you heard anything about wizards?" Harry thought hard for a moment.

"Well, sometimes I sneak outside and hide under the window so I can see what my cousin is watching on the telly. Sometimes there are wizards there." Draco didn't understand everything in that sentence, but he understood enough to become even angrier.

"And have you seen them do spells?" Harry nodded. "Well, sometimes spells can go wrong. And that's what happened to you, but don't worry, we're going to put you back to normal in no time."

"I'm not normal?"

"Of course you are, that's not what I meant… you see you aren't really a five-year-old. You got hit by a spell that made you young again." Draco thought this was perhaps a bit much for a little boy to handle, but Harry just frowned for a while before resigning himself to the fact.

"So, how old am I suppose to be?" he asked. Draco raised his eyebrows. Harry was obviously smarter as a five-year-old.

"Sixteen," Draco answered and Harry's eyebrows shot into his hairline.

"Wow! Cool!" Draco laughed.

"Yes, very cool."

"I think it is time we discuss Mr. Malfoy here," Snape drawled, brining Draco back to reality. He got up slowly and turned towards his Head of House.

"If I might make a suggestion, Severus?" Dumbledore asked, his eyes twinkling disturbingly. Snape looked like he would rather punch the man, but nodded nonetheless. "Perhaps it could be Malfoy's job to take care of Harry for the next week. He would also have to make sure Harry has notes for all his classes so he doesn't fall behind. Harry would of course sleep with his friends, who I'm sure are worried about him." Snape opened his mouth to speak, but seemed to actually reconsider.

"Very well." Draco was about to protest automatically when he was interrupted.

"I have friends!?" Harry exclaimed as though this was the strangest news until now. Draco frowned and grew even angrier, but he quickly schooled his features into a kind smile.

"Yes, Harry. At sixteen you have lots of friends." Harry gaped at him, it was almost as adorable as the grin if not for the reason he was so shocked.

"Are you my friend?" Now Draco was stumped. He really wanted to say yes, but that would be lying and he doubted Potter would be trilled to remember that when he aged. Then again if he was going to be taking care of the boy he might as well make friends. The week would be easier if Potter trusted him.

"Yes, Harry. We're friends. I'm Draco Malfoy. We are in the same year in this school, called Hogwarts, and it's full of magic." Harry seemed absolutely trilled at the news.

"Really?! You're my friend?" he cried, looking very much like he wanted to jump up and down again. Draco chuckled. He knelt down in front of Harry again.

"Yes, we're good friends, but you have loads more. In fact, don't you want to meet them? And you can see where you sleep now."

"I don't have to sleep in the cupboard?" Harry asked. Draco suppressed the urge to scream.

"No, Harry, you're never sleeping in a cupboard again." Harry grinned and Draco couldn't help but grin back, it was too adorable, even for a Malfoy.

"Come, we shall take him to his friends," Snape drawled, walking out of the room without another word. Draco felt the urge to reach out and lift Harry, he had rather liked carrying him before, but Harry just scrambled out of the chair and grabbed Draco's hand. The little boy was surprisingly strong for someone so little. Harry and Draco followed Snape outside and walked down the corridor after him, Harry looking everywhere at once it seemed.

"Wow," he kept repeating as they made their way towards Gryffindor Tower. Outside the portrait Draco tried to let go of Harry's hand, but the boy just held on tighter. Professor McGonagall appeared soon, having been informed of the situation beforehand, and ushered them all into the common room, including Draco. Ron and Hermione immediately got up from their chairs and came towards the group, the rest of the common room falling silent at the same moment. Ron looked like he wanted to shout, but McGonagall headed him off and explained the situation.

"You can't leave Malfoy in charge of Harry!" Ron exclaimed incredulously once she was finished. McGonagall fixed him with a pointed gaze.

"Mr. Weasley, Mr. Malfoy will not be bringing any harm to Mr. Potter. If the Headmaster suggested it then I suggest you accept it quickly. The boy will be sleeping in his own bed, and only during meals and classes will Malfoy be taking care of him." McGonagall nodded at the students, along with the gaping Ron, and left with Snape. Draco felt very, very uncomfortable suddenly. Harry was still clutching his hand, looking about in awe.

"What the bloody hell are you up to Malfoy?" Ron spat. Draco glared at him.

"Nothing more than what I was told to do, Weasel."

"Why on earth would they put Harry in your care as punishment?! It probably hurts him more than you!"

"I'm punishment?" Harry asked suddenly, drawing attention to himself for the first time. He looked on the verge of tears as he realised what Ron had said. Draco quickly knelt down and turned Harry towards him.

"No, Harry, Weas- ley was just being stupid."

"But you said we were friends!" Harry cried, cutting Draco off before he could explain further. Suddenly Harry pushed all he could and Draco fell backwards. Harry quickly got on his knees and crawled under the nearest couch.

"Thanks a lot, Weasel!" Draco snapped as he rose from the floor and automatically dusted himself off.

"Ha! Serves you right! Harry knows a Malfoy even as a five-year-old!" Ron declared triumphantly.

"Things would go a lot smother if Harry and I were… friends," Draco said very carefully so Ron would understand. Apparently he didn't because he just narrowed his eyes.

"What are you playing at, Malfoy?" Draco rolled his eyes and ignored the redhead. He went over to the couch and knelt down so he could look under it. Harry stared back at him with tear-filled eyes. Draco's cold Malfoy heart seemed to melt even more.

"Listen, Harry, we are friends. Wea- Ron simply misunderstood." Harry sniffed and studied Draco for a while.

"Really?" he said, sounding a little hopeful again. Draco nodded.

"Trust me," he said as he reached out his hand. Harry hesitated only for a moment before taking it. Draco helped the boy out from under the couch and took out a handkerchief from his pocket to dry off Harry's tears. "There, now don't you want to meet more of your friends?" Draco asked. Harry looked up at him with those wide eyes again.

"I have more?" Draco nodded, pleased that the little incident was forgotten.

"Why of course, Harry. See the one with the red hair?" Harry looked at Ron with a little fear.

"He's redder than Uncle Vernon," Harry whispered, but the silence carried the voice throughout the common room, producing giggling along the way. Draco looked up at Ron to see the Gryffindor did indeed look like he was going to pop.

"Control yourself, Weasley," Draco ordered, trying to keep the drawl out of his voice. "You want your best friend to be afraid of you?" he asked darkly. This seemed to get through to Ron, who took a few steadying breaths and smiled down at Harry.

"My best friend? Aren't we best friends, Draco?" The Slytherin was stumped for a second time by Harry's question, but this time because Harry had said his given name. Harry had sounded so innocent when he said it Draco was at a loss for words. Harry looked up at Draco almost pleadingly. Hermione discreetly whispered something in Ron's ear, who for once seemed to catch on quickly, for Harry's sake no doubt.

"Now, Harry, don't you think you can have more than one best friend?" Ron asked, crouching down so he could look Harry in the eye. Harry's eyes were wide in shock again and Draco wondered whether Harry was related to any owls.

"I have more than one?" Harry asked in awe. Ron grinned.

"Sure, Harry, we've been best mates since our first day at Hogwarts," Ron said cheerfully. Harry beamed at him.

"And are you are wizard too?" Harry asked, his voice dropping a little.

"Of course," Ron said. "We're all wizards here." Draco glanced about the room nervously and he saw a few students go wide-eyed when they realised what Harry's question meant.

"And… can you do magic?" Harry whispered, looking about nervously as if Vernon could jump out any second.

"I think it's time you got to bed, Harry. You go with Wea- Ron and I'll see you tomorrow at breakfast." Harry looked up at Draco and the Slytherin thought he was about to protest, but Harry just nodded and looked at Ron expectantly. Obviously Harry didn't dare question bedtime, nor did he ask for a hug or anything else a normal child would. Draco frowned, but nevertheless said good night and left the Gryffindor common room, leaving a stunned silence in his wake. Ron cleared his throat.

"So, Harry, before you go to bed I want you to meet 'Mione. She's your best friend too." Harry looked up at the bushy haired girl and grinned. She smiled back and knelt down in front of Harry.

"Hi, Harry. I must say you make an adorable five-year-old." Harry blushed at the compliment. He hadn't actually gotten one before and didn't know what to say. "Could I give you a hug?" Hermione asked, opening her arms to him. He eyed her suspiciously for a moment before throwing himself into his very first hug. "Oh, Harry." Hermione whispered, standing up and taking Harry with her. Only she and Ron really knew anything about Harry's childhood. They didn't know everything, but they knew the Dursleys had ignored him. She carried him upstairs, Ron following and leaving the stunned students behind. Harry clung to her tightly, having never had a mother figure to hug before, let alone one to carry him to his bed. They reached the dorm and walked over to Harry's bed. "Harry? Look, it's your bed." Hermione whispered, causing Harry to lift his head off her shoulder and look down at the four-poster bed. He was wide-eyed again within half a second. Hermione set him down on the bed and he immediately began stroking it like some kind of pet.

"This is my bed?" he asked, crawling around and examining it from every angle. Ron chuckled.

"Yeah, but let's see if we can't shrink some pyjamas for you," he said while opening up the trunk at the foot of the bed and grabbing a pair. He laid the pyjamas on the bed in front of Harry and Hermione spelled them small. Harry gaped at the now shrunken pyjamas.

"Wicked!" he exclaimed, causing the others to laugh.

"I'll leave you boys to get ready for bed. Good night Harry," Hermione said, leaning down and kissing Harry on the forehead. Harry stared after her as she made her way to the door. Suddenly he leaped off the bed and ran to catch up with her.

"Can I have another hug?" he asked, holding up his arms to her. She smiled and picked him up again, hugging tightly and swallowing the lump in her throat. When she set him down again she quickly wiped away a tear.

"Good night, Harry. I'll see you tomorrow." After another quick kiss she left and Harry came back to Ron.

"Want me to help you with the pyjamas?" Ron asked. Harry shook his head.

"I can do it," he said and climbed back onto the bed by himself. Ron watched as little Harry did everything himself. Laying the school-clothes to the side when he was finished and crawling up and under the sheets. "Wow, it's so soft," he said, stroking the bed.

"Right. Well, Harry, good night." Ron wasn't about to kiss his best friend on the forehead; he would never live it down, and instead turned to leave.

"Wait!" Harry cried. Ron turned back and frowned at the slight panic in Harry's eyes. "What if it's a dream and I wake up at the Dursleys'!"

"Don't worry Harry, you'll wake up in your bed right here," Ron assured him.


"I promise, Harry. I wouldn't lie to my best mate now would I?" Harry beamed at him and nodded, settling down into the bed and going to sleep almost instantly. It had been a long day for a five-yea-old after all.


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