TitleThe Cake of Impending Doom

Author: iP

Summary: In desperation, Raito decides to do the inevitable: bake a cake. And Raito will surely make it his way.

The rules:

Pairing: Light(Raito) x L
Time set: Make it AU or sometime when they were cuffed
Rating: T (too light?-then you decide:)
Topic: How to make a cake
Genre: humor-crack-romance
…And, there are others, but it would totally ruin the whole story. D: So could that be enough, thenightwanderer? XD

A.N.: It's a bit AU dammit, for goodness' sakes. Takes place after Raito has been supposedly freed of any guilt or whatever. Just a little interlude on my part. Lol. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO BAKE A CAKE; AND SO RAITO DOES NOT KNOW TOO. XP. This is an answer to thenightwanderer's challenge and I can't think of any plot when I chanced upon the post… voila. Not? xO

"See you tomorrow, Ryuuzaki-kun!" Matsuda waved at the lanky, haphazard frame of the great detective L as he ran down to catch up on the elevator. Nodding, L bade the others goodbye and closed the door with a soft click.

It was a very pleasant evening for the Kira investigation team and L was feeling happier. With the tips he'd received and with his ingenious deduction, finally, he was going to hunt Kira down. Judging from Kira's past actions, he knew where the killer and his next target would be.

"I hope I hadn't made you wait that long, Yagami-kun." He spoke as he watched Raito Yagami took a seat on one of the hotel's cozy chairs. "I just bid them goodbye."

"Not really," Raito idly replied as he lifted his gaze to meet the other's eyes. "What on earth did you want me for, Ryuuzaki? If it's something about the Kira case, you should've—"

"These." He sat next to the young Yagami, and then drew out a pair of handcuffs.

"W-what?!" Raito sputtered, completely taken aback of the lad's actions. L took this chance of a Raito still thinking what on earth was happening and ended the story—or the situation—with a clink of the handcuff.

Raito glared with such intensity at the evil contraption, clearly not too happy the least. Oh, he was the least unhappy. This was a shameful state, pitiable even, that he was bound to the detective because he was suspected of being Kira. Again. Still glaring enough to bore holes in a wall, he faced L and demanded for an answer.

Like, L was going to give it.

"I see you've reverted to your doubts of me being Kira—again." He spoke, seething; wanting to kill the dark-haired lad the instant he saw a possibility. He spat the last word with tremendous dislike, such as one would say 'disembowel'.

Mulling over his thoughts, L continued ignoring the auburn glower that could've beaten an X-Ray. The dark-haired detective stood up—making Raito stand up too, in the process—and grabbed the remote control on the small table. Nonchalantly, he flipped over the channels to look for something he always watched.

"Cooking show?" Raito asked in disbelief. "You're tying me up for a cooking show?"

"Yagami-kun." L spoke sternly, definitely a first for Raito. "You're chained to me and we're going to watch a cooking show together."

That absolutely did not make any sense, Raito grumbled as he stared at the infernal device which linked them together. Oh, could he annihilate the existence of an object, too? That might work. Or maybe he could research on who created handcuffs, that nefarious creature. His thoughts were interrupted when the chef of the show that L was watching spoke.

'…There! You have a splendid, exquisite, and scrumptious strawberry cake within a few minutes! You can choose what you would like to be the cake's decoration, of course; just remember not too many on the sugar!'

That chef's simply insane, Raito mumbled again as he struggled to sit comfortably with this… position. You're just adding on to this fool's temptation—sugar addiction.

Meanwhile, the detective was busy having thoughts of his own.

Strawberry, L thought sadly. He pouted; he wanted to eat that cake. And he was going to order it now.

"Wha—?!" Raito managed to sputter as he was being half-dragged, half-pulled by L toward the phone. He was finally standing when he decided to stop thrashing about. It was becoming unlikely of him, but then decided against it; the odd detective always made him become something unlikely.


"Ryuuzaki—?" Raito somehow forgot his temper when he saw a downcast look on the lad's face. "Is there something wrong—"

"No phone." Black hair shadowed the detective's eyes, which might have revealed sorrow.

"Oh," was the only thing the lad could say. "I suppose you have some cakes in your fridge—after all, Watari led me to believe that you have a humongous stock of sweets." He offered a hopeful smile, grabbed L's arm, and headed to the kitchen door.

Raito yanked the fridge open and did not attempt to hide his apprehension. "No cake?!"

L looked up at the still-open fridge and pouted. Then he shook his head sadly. His usually expressionless eyes were a bit blurry, Raito observed.

"Ryuuzaki—" Roughly Raito shook the other by the shoulders. "You've got something hidden somewhere, right? You possibly couldn't have eaten all—all…" His face grew more disappointed and possibly, a bit pale when L shook his head again.

Not good, Raito complained furiously. Leaving an L with no sweets was something everyone in the Kira investigation group wanted to avoid; it was plausible enough to believe that L could unleash his wrath when he craves for sweets badly. Definitely not good, Raito frowned since it all could only mean one thing: a catastrophe.

A catastrophe waiting to happen, Raito thought grimly.

"No internet," L muttered as his finger made a series of noises incessantly on the keyboard. "No phone, no internet, no cake." Raito was sure there was dejectedness in his voice. Which would lead to another thing: tantrums. And L was, in Raito's view, extremely good at throwing tantrums.

He was in for a night.

"…buy outside," He remembered himself say to L, just to console the childlike detective. "We can always go outside."

Once more, the black-haired lad shook his head.

"What do you mean?"

"We… can't. I instructed Matsuda to lock the room from the outside, so the only way we could leave is by tomorrow when everyone comes back."

"WHAT?!" Raito seemed on the edge of breaking down in frustration or hurling the other lad standing beside him over a precipice. Though, the latter one was far better than the other. As a rule, Raito would never, ever, break down in front of anyone, far more in front of his enemy. His friend rather, who was accusing him just as he thought his guilt was completely erased from the detective's doubts. Maybe he should kill the irritating detective with his Death Note. The only problem is he doesn't know his name yet. Raito furrowed his brows in thought. He would think of a way of disposing the simple-minded, sweet-loving fool and go on with the plan of dominating the world as Kira, but he decided it wasn't the right time for Kira domination or L killings, so he opted to shut up instead.

This didn't help at all.

"We can't leave." L repeated for him, making the student look stupid.

I'm not stupid as you are, you trusting bigoted fool— Raito nearly spoke out, but caught himself just in time. L saw him open his mouth and asked him what was about. He merely gave a sheepish smile.

Both went back to the couch and L resumed his crouching position, chewing on his thumb not-so-lightly. Raito concluded that he was thinking of what to eat since his stock of sweets were washed out—by the detective himself, obviously.

"I can't make a cake," L finally admitted.

Raito raised an eyebrow.

They continued to sit there in silence when L's raccoon eyes immediately widened. Then he turned over to look at his companion, buried in his own deep thoughts too. Scooting a little closer to Raito, he mumbled, "Yagami-kun?"

Raito hastily jerked away from his thoughts and noticed that L was closer to him by a few inches. "What is it, Ryuuzaki?" Fine. He was doing to do his damn best to show that he was not exasperated in any way. Or maybe it was too late for that.



"Could you bake a cake for me?" L asked, eyes begging adorably.

Adorably? Raito twitched as his description of the detective became quite… disturbing. He must have been suffering from fatigue or stress or lack of sleep; no he did not just think of L as cute.

Cute!? Moaning inaudibly in vexation, he finally decided to keep his brain from thinking things as such. It wasn't very good for his blood pressure, not the very least.

"What did you say, Ryuuzaki?" He forced an apologetic smile.

"Cake… Want…" L kept on murmuring, as if speaking in chants, like he was in a trance. Or a mantra. "Ryuuzaki… Wants… Cake…"

Raito decided that agreeing to L's meeting in the first place was not a good idea. He groaned and fisted his ears, hoping that L would actually take the hint.

And L, being the child-craving-for-sweets that he was, didn't take the goddamned hint; much to Raito's thinly veiled frustration.

"Good heavens, Ryuuzaki!" Raito shouted now, bursting his bubble. "Can't you understand what I'm saying here? Because I think the only opinion that matters is yours, now that wouldn't be fair at all!"

L glanced at him for a few seconds before pouting again. "Ryuuzaki… Eat… Cake… Want… Cake…"

Raito wanted to knock the detective down. Who needs Death Note?

"Cake…. Want…"

And slit his neck, now that he thought of it.

"Ryuuzaki… Cake… Eat… Cake… Cake…"

Hmm, pull out both of his eyes, perhaps, as a souvenir?

"Cake… Cake… Cake… Cake… Cake…"

And the option of throwing him off a precipice for good measure is nice too.

"Ryuuzaki wants to… eat cake." L finally muttered the words and was able to form it into a sentence. "Ryuuzaki wants to eat cake, Ryuuzaki wants to eat cake, Ryuuzaki wants to eat cake, Ryuu—"

"ENOUGH!" Raito slammed his fist on the table. "Couldn't you just—" He gritted his teeth as he spoke, "—Shut up for once in your life?"

Raito's lips were twitching dangerously. Not good.


"…Cake?" L said finally.

"FINE!" Raito stood up, not caring if the other's hands hurt with the handcuffs. Hell, his hand hurt too. "I'm making your stupid cake."

L sniffed.

"What?" Raito barked.

L offered a small smile.

"Whatever," he grumbled. He noticed that he was grumbling most of the time. Very bad. It showed his lack of patience and perhaps, finesse. He should work on that. But now, he must tackle a new problem: baking a cake.

Raito made a mental note to kill all tantrum-throwing people as soon as he got out of the room.


Now he's dropped the Yagami-kun. Surprises, surprises. Raito narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

"…Thank you." L proffered a small, appreciative smile again.

"I haven't even done your cake."

"No, thank you." L insisted.

"If you're thinking you could get away with this," Raito grumbled as he grabbed some eggs, "Keep in mind that you won't. You owe me one."

L nodded; he'd do anything for his beloved cake.

"Ah," a thought flitted across the student's mind, "perhaps that should be applied now. Ryuuzaki, could you remove these handcuffs?"

L stared at him.

Raito just stood there, waiting for an answer.


Raito gave a triumphant grin.


"What?!" He screeched this time. Good grief, he must be losing all the sanity that he has.

"I'm not leaving you." L stated, decisive.

"Then don't expect me to bake your cake."

"You can bake with your other free hand," L offered.

"It makes me feel handicapped and I don't want to." Raito retorted sardonically as he took a step back.

"You don't have to feel handicapped." L declared, paying no attention to the last part of his companion's sentence. He raised his hand where the handcuff bound him with the other. "This shouldn't impair you at all. I'll help you; we can make our moves become one."

"Nghk," Raito replied intelligently. Did the detective say something as… tempting as that with a double meaning? He could almost feel his blood pressure skyrocket. He was certain the detective could hear it too. Bad move.

L placed hand to his forehead. "Is something the matter, Raito-kun?"

You shouldn't come nearer, Ryuuzaki, he wanted to say. I might just jump on you.NO, Raito instantly reprimanded himself. Bad mental image. What was happening to him anyway—

"…I'll help you."

"Pardon?" Raito inquired warily.

"We can bake the cake together," L smiled, thinking about nothing but the cake itself. "I know the procedures, but somehow it doesn't end up tasting good when I make it myself."

"…And so you thought I could bake a cake," Raito commented dryly.

L's ears perked up. "You don't, Raito-kun? I thought that your baking skills were excellent." He paused as he bit his lip.

Raito spoke up. "Who did—?"

"Anyway, that would be no problem at all." L nodded thoughtfully, as if battling with his inner conscience. With a new spark of determination, he grabbed a bowl and ladle and forced the younger lad to cooperate with him.

Yes, Yagami Raito would be in for a night.

A.N. FFNET::pouf:: I waited 2897423895294072 years just to post this Cake fic--and--and--it's not finished yet, lmao. This was supposed to be a oneshot, but um, I lacked the enthusiasm and yuh. Next part will be the other half; is this called two-shot? Um, no jokes intended. D:

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