Chapter 9

The plane touched down in Tennesee. RAW was back in the U.S. as of tonight. Amber smiled as she felt John squeeze her hand. She was a little nervous, she had an interview scheduled with Vince just as soon as everyone was settled into the hotel.

"Don't worry babe, this will be a no brainer. All you gotta do is go and talk to him."

Amber felt pretty sure of herself. Vince had sounded like he had good news for her when he had called to set up the interview, all she had to do was go in there and impress him. It wouldn't be hard for her to do. Her resume was impressive, it included the fact that she had attended a school for the performing arts during her teenage years. Amber could, sing, dance, and act really well, and these were all things that she could use to help her career with the WWE.

She and John got to the hotel, and began to unpack their bags. Just as they were finishing up there was a knock at the door, and Amber answered it to find Stephanie McMahon there with a big smile on her face.

"Amber, my father is ready to see you now." Steph told her.

Amber stepped out of the room, and followed Stephanie down the hall to the elevators. They rode to Vince's floor in silence and then they stepped out of the elevator and Amber followed Stephanie to Vince's room.

"Just go right in, he's expecting you." Stephanie told her.

Amber went through the door, and called out a "hello" as she went in.

"Ah yes, Amber, come in." Vince said to her.

"Would you like some coffee?" he offered.

"No thanks, upsets my stomach."

"Allright then, let's get right down to it then. John's told me that you're interested in possibly being a WWE Diva."

"Yes sir, He suggested to me that I join the Diva Search, I'm looking for a career change, and it sounds exciting for me especially since I'm an entertainer."

"Yes he told me you're quite a talented dancer, he says that you can also sing a little too, have you had any training in the arts?"

"I attended a performing arts High School." Amber told him. She smiled, so John must've heard her singing in the shower on some mornings...ah well, she was glad he thought her singing was nice.

"I see. So when would you be available to start training?" Vince asked her.

"You're hiring me?" she asked him.

"Yes. I think you have everything we're looking for in the next WWE Diva. But you'll need some training. Luckily enough I've already arranged that for you. Are you familiar with the name Trish Stratus?"

Amber's mouth dropped open, and she nodded her head.

"Trish has agreed to show you the ropes, and train you so that you can be the best Diva you can be. It's a long process and takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but Trish is an amazing woman, and she was one of the best Divas this company has ever seen."

"Awesome. Thanks so much Mr. Mc Mahon." Amber said to him.

"Vince." he told her.

Amber left the room, and headed for the elevator with a spring in her step, she couldn't wait to give John the awesome news.

Amber hurried back to the room she and John were sharing. Ever since they got together and fell in love they'd been rooming together on the road. Amber liked it. John was such a sweetheart on the inside. He played a rough and tough soldier type of guy in the ring, but when he was with her, he was different, he was sweet, and loving, and so good to her. She adored him, and she couldn't wait to be spending a lot more time with him when she started work.

When she went through the door, she tried to keep the huge smile off of her face. But John soon saw through that and turned to her looking serious.

"All right, out with it." he said to her.

"Vince hired me! I start training in 2 weeks...Trish is going to come back to train me. Which I think rocks!" she told him with a big grin.

"That's fantastic babe. I knew you'd get hired. You're gonna love working with Trish...she knows alot about this business, listen to her and you'll learn some good things." John told her.

"Well I think we should celebrate." She said to him.

"I think so too, how about a nice romantic dinner, and then some cuddle time back here tonight, after the show?"

"That sounds perfect." Amber agreed.

She and John spent the rest of the afternoon talking about the future and what it held for Amber as a WWE Diva, she was excited about this new career change and she was hoping that she would not regret taking up Vince's offer or letting John into her heart. She was in with both feet now, and there was no where else to move, but forward.