Fitting. Born in these desolate wastes, only to return to them to die.

He didn't want to look up at the sun. He'd seen too much of it in his life, and the harsh winds billowing across the top of the tower were all too familiar. Sweat gathered under his brow; they hadn't bothered removing his armor or other gear, and even adapted to the desert, it was uncomfortable. He gnashed his teeth, his wrists aching as his arms were pulled apart by the chains, and instead directed his ire ahead, at the six who stood before him.

"The justice of Hyrule," he growled. A dark smirk spread across his face as they stared impassively. "No trial for me? All this vaunted talk of justice . . . Hypocrites."

"Your crimes far exceed those of any common criminal," answered one of them. He wasn't sure which that one was; they all looked the same, white-clad servants of the pathetic Goddesses.

"You have invaded Hyrule, and attempted to usurp the rule of the Royal Family," another declared. "All in order to invade the Sacred Realm and claim the sacred Triforce for your own."

"We have forseen what destruction you may bring to the world should that happen," a third spoke, and he chuckled.

"Little kid tattled on me," the prisoner growled, shaking his head. "I didn't think that forest boy was that dangerous . . . ."

"Your powers of sorcery and dark intentions are clear," spoke the first of his captors. The Goddess-blessed spirit raised a hand, and a gleaming white blade of light appeared, and hovered in the air, whirling to face the prisoner.

"Ganondorf, King of the Gerudo, by the will of the Goddesses and the Royal Family of Hyrule, we Sages have ruled that you cannot be allowed to live. We do not condone death such as this, but you are too dangerous, and both your crimes and the will behind them have made your life forfiet."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Ganondorf muttered, clenching his teeth in anger. This was not how he was going to end, was it? Executed while chained to a slab of rock in this desolate place he had lived in for all his life?

Without another word, the Sage gestured, and the sword of light flew forward, lancing into the middle of his chest. Ganondorf reeled backward, the blade bursting out his back, and slumped in his chains, snarling a curse at the Goddesses, the Sages, that damnable Princess of Hyrule, and most of all, at the little blonde boy in the green clothes, who had brought him down to this.

His rage grew as he felt his life force ebbing away, and his hatred flared. Ganondorf's mind raced with a thousand negative emotions, a refusal to accept his death at the hands of these masked spirits. The harsh desert wind, the sandy, hot currents he hated so much, blasted against his face, and Ganondorf clenched his fists, pure wrath and hatred filling his body.

I am not dying here! I am not going to be killed by you! I will rule Hyrule! I will kill you! I will kill you ALL!

The chains shattered, and the Sages recoiled as Ganondorf shot to his feet, the King of the Gerudo snarling in enraged triumph. Shining light burst from right hand as he reached up to his chest and grasped the holy blade. With a savage, inhuman laugh, the King tore the blade from his chest and raised it into the air, howling with victory. Gleaming illumination burst from the chest wound as the light from his right hand intensified, and power surged through his entire body, intoxicating and impossible.

"But . . . How did . . . ." one of the horrified Sages gasped. "Where did he get . . . ."

Ganondorf didn't know where this sudden surge of raw, unmitigated power came from, but he knew what to do with it.

In an instant, the Gerudo had leapt across the distance between himself and the Sages, and the sheer strength surging through his hand pulsed and attacked as his fingers closed over the face of the nearest spirit. With casual ease, he simply snuffed the Sage out of existence, blasting him apart in a shower of broken light.

"I am Ganondorf!" he shouted. "I will not be denied!"

But the Sages, those damnable, Goddess-blessed spirits, weren't called such for no reason. Even as he raised his stolen blade to cut them down, Ganondorf felt something pulling on him, and realized why they had chosen to execute him here, at the Arbiter's Ground.

The Twilight Mirror!

The ancient artifact that had been used to banish criminals to the underworld hummed to life at the bidding of the Sages, and Ganondorf railed in fury as he was driven backward, his body and spirit being dragged toward the very stone he was just chained to. The Sages had not intended to use the Mirror in this manner, but they were taking no chances. There was to be no escape for one as evil as Ganondorf.

"Banishing me . . . ." Ganondorf snarled as the sword was torn from his grasp and swept into the gateway. "The darkness won't be able to hold me forever, Sages!" he roared.

And then, even his new, mighty power could not hold him in place, and Ganondorf's body was swept up, lifted into the air and hurled backwards into the breach between realms, screaming in denial and fury as he was banished from the world of the living . . . .

. . . and cast into twilight.

A/N: While I was writing my Ocarina novelization, I kept listening to the Twilight Princess soundtrack at some points to help me do some work, and as I did so, I started getting . . . ideas.

As I've stated in other works I've been doing, sometimes, you just get a feeling while experiencing a great story, a feeling of "this is so awesome, it needs to be made into a movie or book!" Twilight Princess, like Ocarina of Time, is one of those games that just made amazed me when I played it, an epic adventure story of spectacular scale and with a beautiful, cohesive storyline and an arsenal of characters that all stood out as unique and individual people. After some thought and consideration, I hammered out this prologue, to give me an idea of whether I want to write this or not, possibly in conjunction with my Ocarina work; Twilight has a somewhat different approach than Ocarina, making it a fun side diversion to work on as I write other stories.

I will be working to bridge Ocarina and Twilight's stories, as well, taking advantage of the numerous references to Ocarina in Twilight's main story, while working a healthy bit of my own interpretattion and ideas in as well. Expect updates to be sporadic, as they usually are for me. :P I'll be focusing on Ocarina more than Twilight, but I'll try to get some work done on this end too, and I might eventually update one of my FFVIII or Halo fics XD That muse of mine sure is nuts.

So, as the Orks would put it, "'ere we go!"

Until first chapter . . . .