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Chapter 1

It was another bleak Saturday in Forks, Washington, and I didn't appreciate the weather. I never really did appreciate the weather in Forks. It was too cold for me. I liked the heat, and brightness that Forks did not offer. The only place I experienced my ideal weather was in Phoenix, Arizona, but I couldn't go back there for a couple more years, until I left for college. Charlie would never leave Forks, ever. And he wouldn't go to Phoenix if he did… He wouldn't want me to experience unnecessary pain, but I wouldn't anyways. I had a knack for blocking out unnecessary painful memories, and having a death of a parent falls under that category.

I sighed as I sat up, and wondered if it was going to be a good day. Of course it wasn't going to be an excellent day, but I still wondered if it was going to be good. Even though I was slightly depressed, I still wanted to make it good for Charlie. The women he always loved, who left him with his only child dies years later, and has to now live with his 14 year old daughter. It wasn't fair, but life wasn't really fair.

I sighed again as I laid back down, and put the blanket over my head, trying to keep warm. Even though it was September, it didn't feel like it. It was never this cold in Phoenix, not even in the dead of winter.

"Are you up yet Bella?" Charlie yelled from the foot of the stairs, his voice rough. I knew it was time to get up now, so I sat back up, but brought the blanket with me—it was warm. I glanced at my alarm clock, and sighed in defeat. It was time to get up. "Yes, I'm up. Thanks," I shouted back, not wanting him to come up and wake me up himself. I hated when he did that. I love my dad and all, but coming in my room to shake me awake? No thank you.

I heard Charlie go back into the kitchen, and put his cup in the sink. I knew he was leaving for work soon, and I was to some extent glad. A day without a parent? Fun, even though I never did anything bad. Heck, the only times that I would consider something bad is not doing 1 of the 4 chores Charlie assigned to me when I moved here. Pathetic, but I don't really have a life.

I hummed to myself, glad no one could hear me. I was musically inclined, really, I was. But I also did enjoy singing or humming to myself when no one was around… I mean, who doesn't? I laughed a little when I got up, dragging my blanket with me. It came with me everywhere in the morning… It was the warmest thing I had.

As I walked to the bathroom, I walked past the stairs, and looked down. Charlie was sitting on the hallway chair, and putting on his work shoes. "Have a good day at work," I called down. Even though I said that every morning, he always looked surprised. I think he had more trouble adjusting to the move then I did.

"You too…," he called back up, hesitating at the end. It sounded like he wanted to say something more, but went back to his shoes. Charlie and I, we weren't exactly verbose. I turned around slowly, watching my feet carefully. I was near the edge of the stairs, and I did not need it to end badly. Charlie and I, we didn't just have the fact we weren't verbose in common, we had a lot more. Including the fact I got the Swan curse of being a klutz. Yes, Charlie was a klutz, but not nearly as bad as me… At least he could walk across a flat surface without tripping. Me on the other hand? Impossible.

As I walked to the bathroom, I heard the front door close quietly. I knew what to expect in a few moments, the sound of his car starting, and then him driving off. Of course, it did not fail me. I heard it every morning for the past month.

A month since I moved here. It doesn't seem that long, but it's true. A month and a week since my mother died. Don't think about it. I shook my head, clearly not wanting to have one of those days.

When I returned to my bedroom after the bathroom, I moved my blanket from around my shoulders, and placed it on my bed. "Time to get dressed," I said to myself, looking in the closet I owned. Even though Charlie bought me new clothes for grade 9, to add to my wardrobe from Phoenix, it still wasn't big. A lot of my clothes I had before were too summery for Forks, so I had to give a lot of them away.

As I stared in it, I decided to wear an outfit that I only wear around the house, strictly for family eyes only. Even though I was turning 15 next week, I was still glad puberty came early for me. I didn't really want to go through anymore changes now that I was living with Charlie. I mean, how embarrassing to get my first period living with him?

I shuddered at the thought of the embarrassment when I took off my pajama bottoms and replaced them with some grey nondescript pants. Even though they were too long for me, I still bought them. Who says short people have to shop in the petite section all the time? I chuckled at the thought, and replaced my long sleeve shirt with a white short sleeve shirt. It's too cold in this house.

"No socks for me," I muttered as I walked down the stairs, my feet cold from the floor. When I made it to the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was the strawberries. I love strawberries, very tasty. "Ah ha, good." I got out my favorite bowl, blue plastic and placed a handful of strawberries in it… plus a little more. "Can't have enough strawberries," I muttered as I walked with them back to my room. It was a Saturday morning ritual I made in Forks. Eat my breakfast in bed, while reading a book. I knew it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I didn't really care. I adored reading; it was my favorite thing to do. That's why it isn't a surprise English is my favorite subject.

When I made it to my room, I placed the bowl of strawberries on my dresser; clearly making sure it wouldn't fall. That wouldn't be good, although the bowl could handle it. A reason the plastic blue bowl is my favorite? Non breakable. I walked slowly across the room, making sure I didn't trip on my pant legs. Just because they were comfy, did not rule over the fact I could break my neck wearing them.

When I made it to my bed, I picked up my blanket and through it on the floor, so it was there when I needed it. I was going to make my bed, and I needed the bed to be cleared off. As I placed the pillows on top of the bed, I decided to change the sheets. "New week, new sheets," I said slowly to myself, walking into the hallway, not even bumping into the door. As I walked down the hall to the linen closet, I sighed. I didn't really like the other sheets. But I knew it didn't really matter, but yet, it did. At home, I always had my favorite sheets.

When I opened the linen door, after controlling my emotions, I gasped. All my sheet sets from home, well, were there. There were 4 in total, and just with those sets, I wanted to cry. Not just because they were there, yes, that was a reason, but it was because they were there. Before I left Phoenix, I had a breakdown. I ripped my mothers' sheets, and I stomped on mine, and just… ruined them. But here they were, clean and ready to be used. "Charlie…," I spoke quietly, I was surprised I said it. He did this. He found something familiar from my childhood that I could have here, in my new home.

With that in mind, I knew I was going to thank him, big time. I smiled as I grabbed for my favorite ones, basic, but yet my favorite. They were just light green, worn and perfect. As I walked down the hallway, dancing a little, which, obviously put any ballerina into pride for being so much better, I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. Charlie was a great father. When I made it into my bedroom, I removed the sheets that were from home, and placed them by my feet. "I'm going to wash you today," I said slowly, putting the new sheet on my bed... it fit perfectly. I smiled a big grin, and put my blanket on top. I added the pillows and turned around, forgetting about the sheets at my feet—I tripped.

Of course, this happened on a daily basis, but I still never got used to it. It was embarrassing, but I was glad that nobody was around to see me. I sat up slowly, and rubbed my forearms, which got the most banged up—they always did. "Ouch." It looked like bruises were going to show up, and I wasn't happy. The gym uniforms at Forks High were of course, white short sleeve shirts, and knee length black shorts. Sound's okay? Not one bit, the uniforms were. The shirts were too tight, no matter what the size and the shorts were just clingy. Plus the fact everyone was going to see the bruises… or one person was going to see them.

Mike Newton. I groaned at the thought, and stood up. Not that Mike Newton was mean or anything, he was the total opposite. Ever since the first day of school, he was always near me. He always sat near me in class, and wouldn't leave me alone. Even though it was just a week so far, he never gave up. He asked if I needed help in English, and when I told him no thanks, because of it being the 3rd day in all, he thought I was brilliant. I thought he was annoying.

I sighed but knew better then to let Mike get on my nerves. I should be glad to have friends here… I mean, I didn't have any in Phoenix, and everyone was just so nice. Especially since I wasn't anything special, I mean… My hair is brown, my eyes are brown, I have very pale skin, even though I just moved from Phoenix a month ago, and I'm average height. I'm not plump, nor am I too thin, I'm just… average. I mean, I don't even have any curves… I'm just average. I sighed and walked to get my strawberries. Finally I can have my ritual.

As I sat down with my strawberries, I reached over to get my one of my favorite books—Sense and Sensibility. Jane Austen was my favorite author, and I had a collection of her novels that Charlie got for me when I was in grade 7. It wasn't brand new of course, but I still loved it. As I sat down on my newly made bed, I laid back and started to enjoy the strawberries and book, the phone rang.

I hated when the phone rang. Usually it was for Charlie, getting a phone call from the station, but sometimes, it was for me. Jessica Stanley, a girl with very curly hair, always seemed to phone me after school, 20 minutes after Charlie dropped me off. She wanted to usually talk about some guy in one of our classes, or anything really. She was okay, but rather talkative. I didn't mind that though—less for me to say.

When Charlie lived alone, he had 1 phone, and that phone was in the kitchen. Even though I came there in the summertime's, that didn't mean I used the phone. I only phoned it to phone my mom every evening and talk to her, but now, not so much. Charlie offered for me to get my own phone in my room, but I didn't see a point. But now, I wish I did have my own phone in my room, I mean, I had to walk all the way down stairs, and then come all the way back up, just to tell them Charlie was out… They should know, I mean, chief police? At home on a Saturday morning? Ha.

I marked my page, and put down the strawberries, not wanting to leave the comfort of my room, but I knew I had to answer it. Or it would be a panic when I didn't. Girl home alone not answering the phone? Charlie would be home in a second. So, the phone was already ringing for about 4 times when I walked down the stairs—and tripped.

The only thing going through my mind was; stupid pant legs.

When I landed, I felt a very sickening crack, and then unexplainable pain. The only thing that I could do was let out a scream. Because the pain I was feeling was not pleasant, and in the background, I heard the phone ringing. Damn phone. But, it went dark, and I guess I must've passed out.

Because, when I woke up again, Charlie was over me, worried. I was still laying at the foot of the stairs I noticed. "Bella, are you okay? Bella?" His voice was strained, and I could tell. He was worried, about me. I tried to sit up, but it felt impossible. My ankle was throbbing with pain, and I didn't think I could handle it. "Dad…," I whispered slowly. I wasn't allowed to call him Charlie to his face. His face broke with relief, and then he sighed. "I thought you landed on your head for a second there." I shook my head, and then sighed. "I landed on my ankle… Does it look bad?" I knew something was broken… I mean, your body just doesn't make that sound for no reason.

And, apparently I was right. Charlie was hesitating to answer, I could tell. "It… doesn't look that bad, but we're going to the hospital to check it out." He was standing up now, leaving me lying on the floor. Before I could say anything, he came back down and scooped me up. "Hey!" I didn't like not having my 2 feet firmly on the ground, and getting picked up by your dad when you were nearly 15? No thank you. Charlie ignored me, and slowly walked to the police cruiser, which had the lights flashing on top. How embarrassing…

When we reached the car, he put me in gently, and I got a look at my ankle, and I almost burst into tears. Without the sock, I could see the skin clearly, and it did not look pretty. It was purple all over, and it was at a weird ankle… I was pretty sure it was broken. Thank god it wasn't bleeding, or I would be passing out by now. By now, my pant leg was at my ankle, and I was silently thanking myself for shaving them last night. With gym though, you had to shave them. To take my mind off of my ankle, I looked at Charlie. He was already in the car, and turned off the lights. Good. "How'd you know I fell down the stairs?" I was curious, and I wanted to know. He glanced at me, but then looked back at the road. He was a cautious and careful driver. "I was phoning you, to ask if you wanted to go to the bank party with me tonight, since you're friends with Jessica Stanley, and when you didn't answer the first time, I tried again. You didn't answer." He was worried about me. "I'm sorry," I said quietly.

"Why are you apolozing Bella? You didn't do anything, except go to answer a phone! Don't put the blame on yourself." He said it gently, but I knew he was serious. I tended to do that, put the blame on me. I looked away then, and out the window. The hospital was not even a 15 minute drive from Charlie's house, but it seemed only 10 this time. By the time we got to the hospital, the pain in my ankle was almost unbearable, but I kept quiet. I knew Charlie was putting the blame on himself, as I was doing to myself, and I didn't want to make it worse. If only I wasn't such a klutz.

As he drove into the emergency area of the hospital, I started to become embarrassed. I was wearing the one outfit I didn't want anyone seeing. I could feel my face start to warm up, especially when a nurse came outside, with a wheelchair. No! "Uhh, dad, can't I lean on you when we walk in?" My voice was filled with panic, and he noticed this. "Bella, I think it would be better for you to get into the wheelchair. I have to park now; I can't be blocking the entry to the emergency room." I knew what he was saying, but I didn't want to hear it. "I don't even have a jacket to wear," I noticed, and he noticed too. "I'll go back to the house to get it. Just, please go with Claire and get fixed up, please?" He was begging, and I knew I wouldn't win… Plus, I did want some pain killers for my ankle. Let's just hope not many people are in the emergency today.

As Claire and Charlie helped me into the wheel chair, I could feel my face going permanently red. This was really embarrassing. I sighed, and knew I couldn't get out of this one. "How are you feeling dear?" Claire asked loudly, her voice naturally loud, like Jessica's it seemed. She was pushing me into the emergency room, passing through the waiting room. It wasn't really crowded, and only had a couple of people, but when they saw me, they looked at why I was in the wheelchair. I could tell when they noticed the ankle because a lot of them had a little gasp. Just great. "I'm fine, my ankle is hurting though," I said pathetically, not knowing what else to say. She gave out a laugh, and then muttered something I couldn't hear. "Of course it hurts. It looks totally busted!" She gave out a laugh, thinking she was funny, and I nodded once, indicating that I heard her.

"Well, here we are. You're going to have to wait. A lot of things going on today," she giggled when she said that, and I looked up at her. She was patting down her hair. Claire was a slender women, but was tough looking. You could tell, just by the way she was. Her hair was light blonde, and all her features were in the correct places, and she looked average, just as Bella looked, but she was older—in her mid 30s. "What's going on?" I asked curiously. Why was Claire patting down her hair? Claire looked at me, looking like she forgot I was in the room, and then let out a sigh.

"We've got ourselves a new doctor here just today." Her voice was quiet, and I was surprised. A new doctor in Forks? Almost impossible. Most doctors liked the big cities or the cities with sun at least. Plus, her voice was quiet. "Oh, do you really?" I was interested, and wondered how old this one was… 40? 50? I chuckled to myself, forgetting the pain in my ankle, but just for a moment, and then I winced. Claire noticed this, and then sighed. "I'm going to get you some Tylenol for that ankle. Just you wait, after Charlie comes back, we'll get you some x-rays then you can see a doctor." Her voice was brisk like, and I could tell she liked working in the hospital, and not because of the "new" doctor.

As I waited for her to come back, I fixed my hair. It was in a horrible mess from the fall down. I sighed and wished I had a shower this morning, but I didn't. The last one I had was yesterday morning, before school. Before I could regret anything more, I put my hair in a ponytail. At least that helped to keep it out of my face, and out of the way. My hair is long, and thin. Manageable to the extinct that all I am doing is blow drying it till it straightens, but other then that, nada. I sighed, and waited for Claire to come back, and I knew I was going to be welcoming those Tylenols.

Claire came back a few moments later, and her face was happy. "Here you go dear. I've got some nice cold water for you with iced chips in it." I nodded, and took notice she was acting more… professional? She handed me the water and Tylenols, then turned back around. "Charlie is here, and is talking to the secretary, filling out papers, and he told us to bring you to the x-ray room, so come on now." I just finished taking the pills so I nodded—grateful this was going faster then I expected. "What time is it?" She looked down at her watch, and then started pushing me out of the room. "It's 11:14." Wow, emergency room before lunch… great. I rolled my eyes at the thought and then grimaced at the pity looks I got in the hallway. Now, everyone will know I'm a klutz. Great.

As Claire was helping me back unto the bed in my room, Charlie came in. His face was masked with worry, and I didn't want him to be worried. "Is she okay? Are you okay Bells?" He didn't wait for Claire or me to answer before walking towards me. "I was so worried. They said you had to get x-rays and then you had to see a doctor, and…," He didn't finish his sentence because he took me into a hug. I was surprised, but hugged him back. Charlie and I weren't exactly the hugs family.

"I'm fine dad," I finally answered as Charlie let go. He smiled down at me, and I smiled back. He looked at Claire for confirmation, and I sighed. "She's fine. The x-rays are ready… and we're just waiting for a doctor to come and check them out, and then her ankle itself." I grimaced at this part, because I hated doctors. They were always telling me something unfortunate, and the last one I spoke to, gave me the worst possible news a doctor could tell you, the patient did not survive.

I shuddered and felt tears will up in my eyes at the memory, and shook my head. I will not have that kind of day. Just because you probably broke your ankle, does not mean it will be a bad day. I wiped my eyes before anyone could notice, and good thing I did at that moment, because my doctor finally arrived.

"Hello Claire, Charlie, Bella." His voice was beautiful yes, and that even included the movie stars of Hollywood. He looked at Claire, Charlie and then me. His face was full of concern. "I'm Dr. Cullen, and I will be your doctor for this morning."

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