Authors note.

: O

Anyways, hey.

Sorry for like, going away for the longest time and NEVER updating.

For those who actually decided to read this fan fiction, of which I was looking at... I failed at writing it.

So, I'm going to redo it.
With, the same idea, but better written/grammer/etc.

I might just do it on my new account
eww, I know, right?

Amelia Kenya Thats it, the account.
But, I might stay with this account.
I still have to decide.
I might stay with this one, but change my username, etc.

A new start. OH YES. But then, this story will be deleted and started over.
Because, I like the idea and all that stuff, but, I'll fer seriously need to do a lot of fixing.
YEAH, I know.

I read the reviews.
lol, but thanks for them. I mean, I do appreciate them, and I adore people who tell me what I need to approve on.
aka: spell checking? YEAH, I know.
>. But, I improved on doing that, yay, so that's good. right?

Anyways, I'll be redoing this, after or before September 4th.
Its when I start school, and I have to do some stuff this weekend.
But, have no fear.
Some way, this story will be finished.

--if I do delete the story, it'll be later on.
I want to see who actually replies to this authors note -review style- to see if I should just chuck it, or finish it. -

im out.

looking forward to finishing it.