AN- I love this plot! The movie was really funny too! But I'm not following the movie's whole story line, just taking the base plot, a guy that can hear women's thoughts. This story is gonna have some couples you may consider REALLY odd, but hey, that's just the way it is! Oh yeah, they also don't have to wear school uniforms. Enjoy!

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Insert speech will show what the women are thinking, when we get there.

What Women Want

Tai Kamiya sat on his couch in his house, rather impatiently, waiting for Kari so they could leave for school. The fact of the matter is, Tai didn't understand his sister. How could a girl with such short hair take so damn long? Tai had at least three times as much hair and it took him seconds!

Tai tapped his fingers as he rolled his eyes. He liked to get to school early so he could roam the halls. And eye the pretty chicas...

"That's it!" Tai yelled mentally.

"KARI! I'M GONNA WAIT FOR YOU IN THE CAR!" Tai outloud. He grabbed his keys and bag from the table and made his way to the door.

"GIVE ME 2 MINUTES!" Kari yelled from the bathroom. She heard the door slam and rolled her eyes. "Brothers!" she muttered under her breath.

Tai unlocked his jet blue convertible and hopped in. He pulled out into the street outside their apartment. It's only been 30 seconds, but it felt like 2,000,000,000. Tai honked the horn.

"Come on Kari! Okay Tai think of something else! Let's see; today is Monday, so Emily will be wearing something provocative, but not too much, probably a short skirt. The girl with the locker next to mine will be wearing that bright red sweater and a plaid skirt with braided pigtails. Kari will wear pink, even though I don't think TK likes it. Yolie will wear... man, I don't know! She wears something different everday! I haven't seen her wear the same thing once! Mimi will wear jeans and a bright color, maybe pink, to show how cheery she is. Sora will be wearing something comfortable because she doesn't like to get up early on Mondays. Ten bucks says Matt tells her she looks good, no wait, he'll say cute, like a teddy bear."

Tai shuddered as he thought of Matt and Sora.

1 minute 30 seconds.

"I'm gone."

Kari heard a car peel out as she picked up her bag from the table. She feared the worse as she swung open her door. She did it just in time to see the last part of Tai's convertible round the corner in the direction of school.

"HE DID IT AGAIN! DAMN YOU TAICHI! DAMN YOOOOU!" Kari yelled after her brother.

It was the 3rd time he did that this month, and it was only the 4th today. Now she had to walk all the way to school, and if she was lucky, she might get 5 minutes to talk before class.
Ms. Ferguson, the old lady next door, looked at Kari, shocked. Kari looked back and glared.

"Oh leave me alone you prying old hag," Kari mumbled as she walked by her to get to the elevator. Only a mile and a half to school.

"Damn Tai!"

Tai walked into school with plenty of time to spare. He walked to his locker. On one side was his best friend, Yamato Ishida, and on the other was the red sweater girl.

"No surprise!" Taichi smiled, as he's prediction showed true.

"What up Matt?" Tai asked as he leaned against his locker.

"Not much. Did you ditch Kari again?" Matt asked, exasperated.

"She took too long, dude! I needed to leave!"

"Why do you need to get here 30 minutes early?" Matt asked, raising his eyebrow skeptically.

"Because of what's gonna walk by in 5..4..3..2..1.." Tai said looking at his watch.

At 0, Emily Daisy walked by Tai and Matt. Emily Daisy was only the biggest, how do you put it nicely? Ah, hooch, in the school. She had played every football player and was working on the soccer team now.

"Looking good, long legs!" Tai whistled after her.

"Shut up Kamiya!" she yelled back, pulling at her short white mini skirt.

"Tai, do you have any common sense? Why in the hell are you going after a girl like that?" Matt asked.

"Because you took the other girl, ya dip wad!" Tai yelled mentally. He actually said outloud, "You saw her legs!"

Matt rolled his eyes at Tai.

"Hey, here comes Sora!"

Sora walked down the hall to where Matt and Tai stood. She was wearing a green sweatshirt with the school initials "OHS" on it and black running pants.

"Hi Yama-chan!" Sora came and hugged Matt, planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Hi Sora. You look cute today! Teddy bear cute," He smiled at Sora.

"Oh get a room," Tai muttered.

"And Tai, where were you on Sunday? I thought you said you would help study with me for the big exam in biology today!" Sora said as she turned to face Tai.

"Oh, well, ya see..." Tai said sheepishly.

"Hey guys!" Ken and Yolie said as they approached the group.

"Tai, that was an awesome game on Sunday, wasn't? Stupid football players thought they could play soccer!" Ken chuckled and shook his head.

Tai hesitantly looked over at Sora. Sora was glaring at Tai with a lot of anger and disbelief.

"You ditched me for a soccer game? Tai, this test is 92 of the final grade!"

"I'm sorry Sora really!"

Matt decided to change the subject. "Yolie are those new glasses?"

"Yeah, aren't they perfecto!"

"They look the same to me," Tai put in.

"Tai, they're like 10 times smaller!" Yolie exclaimed.

"Are you sure?"

Yolie glared at Tai along with Sora. "Come on Yolie, let's get to class." Sora said as she started to walk down the hall. The boys followed the girls, not wanting to get on their bad sides.

"Was it something I did?" Tai called after them.

The girl next to him shut her locker and looked at Tai in disbelief. Tai winked at her and walked the other direction down the hall. He heard some people yelling behind him so he turned around. Mimi was pushing her way through the crowed hallway, rather roughly.

"Oh no, the bitch patrol is roaming the halls!" A blonde near Tai said to Jai Taylor, Mimi's boyfriend.

Mimi walked up to Jai and slapped him across the face. She glared at the blonde and then turned and went to her locker. Everyone, including Jai and, what Tai figured, his new blonde girlfriend walked away so they wouldn't get caught in Mimi's anger. Tai turned back to Mimi when he heard her beating up her locker.

"Open you damn thing, open!" Mimi hit it again.

"Here, let me help you," Tai said as walked up to Mimi. Mimi looked up at him annoyed.

"Okay, I won't help..."

"I'm sorry Tai. I'm having a bad day. Really, please help," She tried smiling at Tai. He could tell she was really upset, still.

Tai looked Mimi over, and his prediction was off. She was wearing dark blue jeans and a black blouse. Her hair was sopping wet also.

"Okay, you can dry your hair with my towel," Tai reached in his soccer bag and pulled out a white one. "And while doing that, I'll get your locker open."

Mimi told him the combination while drying her hair. "Its not gonna open..." Mimi stopped talking when her locker swung open. "Figures!" Mimi smiled at Tai, her mahogany hair dry. "I'm sorry, now you don't have a towel." She said as she handed it back.

"No worries! I brought an extra! Plus now one smells like..." Tai held the towel up to his nose "...Strawberries! Maybe my bag won't stink as much!"

Mimi giggled. "Thank you Tai. I'll see you at lunch!" She grabbed her bag, gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and walked off.

"Well, at least I have one girl out of five that doesn't think I'm a pig."

That second, Kari walked into the building with Davis and TK. Kari saw Tai and walked up to him. She was about to hit him, but instead just glared and walked by.

"Okay, one out of six."

"And don't ditch your sister anymore!" Mrs. Kamiya scolded Tai.

"All right! Jeeze!" Tai walked into his room after scraping his dinner into Miko's bowl while his mother wasn't looking. "I fear for the cat!" Tai thought as he plopped onto his bed.

Kari walked in, reading a book. She held it open with one hand and pointed her other at Tai.

"Tnaw Nemow Tahw Wonk Dluoc Uoy Ylno Fi!" She said in an eerie voice.

"What the hell did you just say?"

"An incantation! It's a spell to make you more sensitive!" Kari said as she placed the book on the shelf above Tai's head.

"Yeah right, get out of here."

Kari left and Tai picked up his soccer ball and started tossing it up in the air. After a while that got boring so he threw it up one last time. Unfortunately, it hit the shelf and all the books came tumbling down, one hitting Tai in the head. Tai moved the thick book off his face. He recognized it as the one Kari was reading.

"What Women Want" by Ima Manhater.

Tai tried to sit up, but as soon as he did, he fell back down and blacked out.

Little did he know, something amazing was about to happen...

TO BE CONTINUED...(Obviously...)

Okay, I know he wasn't an ass to Mimi, because no one could be that bad. I really like Tai, so don't think I'm dissing him with the story. You'll find out why he treats the girls like that later. I know it's long, but I had to get the main plot in, because there wasn't another good place to stop. Well, PLEASE READ AND REVIEW! If you tell me your favorite couples, they might make it in there! Well, Cya peeps!


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